Hot Tub Time Machine

Movie is fucking hilarious. Go watch it.


No links, no info? You can do better man.

Does it have any nudity?

Rob Corrdry’s bare ass can be seen a few times, and there’s some really epic tits in the middle part. But they don’t appear very long.

Also, this movie was amazing.

Is it funnier than ‘The Hangover’?

So it is worth going to see? This is good news rubs hands togehterexcellent…just as planned

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i heard it was just a jokey ripoff of BTTF

hell, even George McFly is in it

I thought so. I found HTTM to be a lot funnier than The Hangover.

Comedy is a very subjective thing, of course. And the humor in HTTTM is sort of a different breed than The Hangover. But I would say that I got about the same number of laughs, overall.

They stole this idea from Ducktales. So yeah, I will definitely watch it.

I saw the trailer and thought it looked okay. I laughed my ass off throughout the entire movie. And yes it is technically a more vulgar BTTF, but is that a bad thing?

also, great white buffalo

I haven’t seen it but, what the hell does that Cincinnati Box joke suppose to mean?

Wtf? Really?

The premise reminds me of this : [media=youtube]p0t8K5Sb8J8[/media]

Bath tub time machine!

I guess it doesn’t really mean anything at all.

great movie! i haven’t laughed this hard since reno 911 the movie!

Wow, no kidding.

oh wow… a hot time time machine

what an original concept


oh wait…

It is a time travel comedy with Crispin Glover in it, so yes. This also makes Memento a ripoff of LA Confidential, because it is a modern noir movie with Guy Pearce in it.

Surprised that this movie thread hasn’t gotten more love. Anyhoo, I thought the Hangover was just “okay” because I thought that all of the funny parts were in the trailer. I kind of felt the same way about HTTM, but I put it over Hangover because I liked HTTM’s concept better. And I also put HTTM over Hangover because it has one of the funniest scenes that I’ve seen in a comedy movie in awhile:

[spoiler=]When they lose the bet on the football game and Lou has to blow Nick. "It’s so black…it’s so impossibly black! :rofl: [/SPOILER]