Hot Tub Time Machine

I really enjoyed it, most likely because they travel back to the 80’s, and the 80’s equal awesome concerts and wonderful musical references. XD I want to go see it again actually.

can someone explain to me how john cusack meets up with the girl again? that didnt make sense to me, since she hopped on the bus how the hell did they meet up and got married?

it was alright, it really forces the comedy on you.

it had some notable funny scenes scattered in just the right places to hold your attention however.

I saw this. Loved it. And yes, I liked this much better then the Hangover, which I didn’t think was anything special. Of course, the going back to the 80’s plot tickled me inside. But this even funnier then I thought it would be. A true sleeper hit.

Well when they traveled back in time, they just seemed to enter their past selves mind/spirit/whatever. So I’m assuming when they left for the future, they kind of just entered back into their present lives, but their lives were being played out while they were time traveling… and I guess it’s just assumed that he eventually went out and looked for her. I don’t know if i’m explaining this well.

yeah i understood their lives played out from that day. just bugged me they never established how he met up with her again.

Fuck finally a DL out for this shit.

let’s goooooo