Hori's booth at TGS - HRAP V, Taito Viewlix, V3, VX!

Those look nice, but I think I actually prefer the old HRAP style to these.

They do look awful wide though, anything wider than a keyboard is a bit much for me.

I think the HRAPV would have been better like this:


Id pick up a v3. Wonder what the mounting space looks like.

What are the chances that the V3 would be common ground with quick disconnects? I hope hori knows how horrible the ex2 innards are!

I am digging that HRAP V escept the start button placement.

I like the vewlix model but the turbo section looks horrible on it. I wish companies would stop sticking turbo on every stick.

Real Arcade V looks nice, but the start button is way too awkward to be on the right of the main buttons.

I don’t really like the viewlix stick, has the same start button problem and it’s too wide. I like the design but it needs work. Not reason for having such a wide stick, although I know it’s supposed to mimic the cabinet.

dude, i’m so gonna get that vewlix and hrapv:wow:

The Vewlix mockup is sexy! At that width they should make it a bit wider and make a 2 player version.

Vewlix Mockup -DO WANT.

oh fuck you Hori

buys 2 of each


Prepares for broke-ness

Those look nice, but I hope that they don’t stop making sticks with the Sega Blast layout.

Thats what i’m saying haha. Vewlix one is dope. HRAP V just not sure about the start button on the right side. Either way still getting it when its available haha.

I’m not liking how all the non-gameplay essential buttons are close to the main 8. That and the lack of any real wrist room mean that I’m a bit dissapointed in the HRAP-V.

what’s the functional difference between the new VX and the FS EX2? other than th efact that the VX looks 10 times better

Hori’s answer to the TEs? Here’s hoping they’re just a mod friendly.

From the pics at least, iit seems that you can’t open them from the top. Hopefully they’ve got something that proves me wrong.

Man. Looks like Hori is staying away from the easy top access…:sad: Although the Vewlix mock up does look like it could be a flip top. One could hope.