Hori's booth at TGS - HRAP V, Taito Viewlix, V3, VX!

I passed by Hori’s booth at the show today. They had the previously mentioned VX as well as a mockup for the Real Arcade Pro V, some 360 controllers with real SNES-style d-pads and 6 face buttons, and some other stuff.

Some people can’t seem to load these pictures. Luckily, MarkMan did a nice writeup at SD TEKKEN, so you can check them out over there along with notes for each pic.

Taito Viewlix Mockup
VX (360)
V3 (PS3)
Tekken 6 (PS3)
Tekken 6 (360)
Tekken 6 (all)
360 Pad (White)
360 Pad (Black)
360 Pad (Both)
HRAP V and V3 comparison
VX Again

brochure 1
brochure 2
brochure 3
brochure 4
brochure 5
brochure 6

I asked when the HRAP V and 360 pads were coming out and one of the attendants said Winter. If I can talk to the same guy I talked to yesterday (he knew some decent English), I’ll ask about the others.

Day 2 info:

The HRAP V and Viewlix aren’t finalized and won’t be released this year.
The VX and V3 are finalized.
Viewlix does not have an official name yet.
HRAP V does have a storage compartment for the cord. The others do not. The storage compartment looked like it was half the size of the one on the Mad Catz.
Correction: I took a look at it again and I saw that the compartment is about the same width. Nothing to worry about!
They are well aware of the Mad Catz stick.
The 360 controllers were supposed to be out in October, but they ran into manufacturing problems.

They want feedback from their potential customers. The person that I talked to actually asked me then and there what people want, so I gave him the basics:

  • sticks with real arcade parts
  • the ability to swap out the stick and buttons with real arcade parts
  • the ability to lock the start button
  • quick disconnects for everything
  • sticks with real arcade parts

He gave me his card just in case I come up with more ideas. I’ll talk to someone that’s more knowledgeable about sticks and stick building to talk to them. It’s too much responsibility for me.

For some reason, he asked me whether or not there was a store that sold arcade parts to people in the US.

Great pics man. They look nice!

Thanks for the dope pics.

If only that Vewlix one was real…

did they totally just skip the HRAP IV, in terms of numerals? lol

great pics though

RAPV is so hot! like the Vewlix style one too…Damn, more things to buy…

All these new Hori sticks look excellent. The HRAPV looks particularly nice.

Hori vewlix is love :smiley: I’m also digging the 360 controllers

The V3 wins. Thanks a ton for the pictures!

Its about time Hori redesigned their sticks. I like the V series sticks, especially because of their 6 buttons and looks like there is ample hand room

Why do the HRAP and the Vewlix look so… wide?
Anyone have any info on what consoles the HRAP is gonna be for?

really, i think the “HRAP-V” would be just to show the design… they’ll probably make one for each console and it’ll end up “HRAP-V3” and “-VX”

that would be my guess.

Are the Pics down or something? because I can’t see them =(

Nope, all working fine.

The HRAP V does look seriously wide. I’m not liking the width of it or the start button position but the black V3 and the VX do look more promising to me.

Thanks for the pics!

i was thinking the same thing. I rather like the start and select on the face of the HRAP2. if its anywhere else besides the top, it seems like it should be off the face entirely.

and ill be getting either the VX or the V3… and i might be modding it for PS2 use (and ill get adapters).

btw, does anyone have info on when these might go on sale?

Cool stuff. Thanks for posting all the pictures.

You and I think alike sir. It will be like a VSHG/Namco hybrid.

Still up for me. Let me know if they go down and I’ll mirror them.

Besides the excessive width the HRAPV has even less wrist room than older HRAPs. Not good.

V3 seems nice but the normal V is… so wide and no wrist room…

That Vewlix Mockup looks awesome ._. also, I like the V3!

I just noticed the ‘no picture’ sign. Was anyone shouting at you in Japanese? :smile: