Hori Soul Calibur IV Arcade Stick (360 EX2/PS3 FS3) - Repackaged!


Hori Soul Calibur IV Stick (Xbox 360)

Soul Calibur IV Stick (PS3)

Jesus Christ, 08 Year of the sticks.

It is the same as the FS3 and EX2… The FS3 is longer/thinner.

do you know if the soul calibur ex2 stick uses the exact same pcb from the older ex2s?

And year of the fighters!

Its sort of a crappy tactic just to put new art on the same HFS3 and EX2 rather then to make new sticks all together… buy hey whatever.:looney:

Does the Xbox360 version even have the triggers?

The triggers are the grey face buttons. The bumper buttons are the small ones at the top of the stick.

I had sort of a strange question that maybe someone might know the answer to…

I have a HRAP 2 that I took the L1 and L2 buttons off from the end so that it only has 6 buttons (I generally play Street Fighter, but I plan on getting Soul Calibur 4.)

Anybody know if I’ll have to put the other 2 buttons back on or does the game only use 6 buttons?

If it does only use 6 buttons, does it use the L buttons (like it uses x, o, triangle, square, R1 and L1 or something.

Any info is appreciated.

There are in stock now at Play-Asia btw…
Hori Fighting Stick EX2 - Soul Calibur IV Edition (360)**

Hori Fighting Stick 3 - Soul Calibur IV Edition (PS3)

SC only uses 4 buttons.


^Thats the layout with x being on the bottom row and the other 3 being on the top row.

even tho i got the doa and vf5 stick iam still getting this :slight_smile:

Yeah me to man, gonna bust that thing apart and put some blue buttons in it with a new balltop. Hate those colors on the 360 one :arazz:

The Hori FS3 is by far the WORST stick they have ever made. The buttons die extremely quickly and the circuit board itself has a tendency to break down within a month of heavy use. Avoid it at all costs.

The Ex2 falls in the same boat as well

Damn. LOL. What a piece of crap that Hori FS3 is.

I had a Hori doa before - buttons are same as fs3 by the looks of it - worst ever!

looks like the ps version uses the standard layout
[] /\ r1
X O r2

thank god, cause the sc2 and sc3 sticks with the funko layouts of
[] /\ O
were pretty retardo for other fighters.

at least i hope its the good layout lol

PS3 mapping is fine, but the button placement is off, your fingers curve differently for the face buttons ;(

makes me sad sad panda

<3 insomnotek

sup homie!

wassup mark! sdt sighting at evo this year?

Hi there guys…
i have a question since i not own a PS3, but i like a lot the PS3 version of SC4 Stick.

This stick work in Windows? mainly for Mame, FBa, etc…