Hori fighting stick Pro N3 SA

source http://www.4gamer.net/games/131/G013166/20130501096/

Using Sanwa parts , will be released in summer in JPY $9800yen

Wonder the weight of this stick?

Hori, Why not sell the RAP N3 SA to the world???
I want this more



You’re a year-and-a-half late on this…

This joystick has been available since January last year. It was just branded as the Hori Soul Calibur V joystick and wasn’t officially an HRAP N3 SA until recently.

Between the official naming AND the original release of the Soul Calibur V version of this joystick, there have been at least FIVE production runs of this joystick (not counting the XBox 360 runs of the SAME joystick plus the Wii U Tekken Tag 2 Tournament joystick) – Soul Calibur V release, Dead or Alive 5 edition, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and now the HRAP N3 SA.

These joysticks are ALL technically HRAP N3 SA’s. They’re all-Sanwa parts (please look at the information threads above the User Posts; I’m not explaining what SA or SE mean)… It wasn’t until the generic/non-game licensed Hori “red band” release that Hori started calling it an HRAP N3 SA. I think they were worried about confusing their customers with the HRAP label because of the older case design releases in the not-so-distant past. They still manufacture the HRAP V3/VX cases, btw…

The “officially” branded HRAP N3 SA release is being carried in the States by ArcadeShock.com … It’s technically an Amazon.jp release but they negotiated for a number of units. ArcadeShock.com should have its first stock orders by the end of the monthy!

Well, to be fair, the stick linked at 4gamer is entirely different than the HRAP N3 SA (or the gundam, TTT2, SCV, DoA5). It is a much smaller form factor and not a HRAP but instead branded as a Fighting Stick with sanwa and very much like the recent Persona Arena or Wii U TTT2 sticks.


Never mind, he just did not Read the title and content, I know when those sticks be released , coz I study japanese language long time ago

I want the new N3 SA (smaller form factor one) !

goddamit if they’re using the same “casing” as the FS VX/V3’s. :slight_smile:

Looks very much like it. No 6 button though :frowning:

just realized, its this thing


kinda disappointing to see the SA monkier, would really have been a great chance to showcase the Hayabusa+Kuro/HLF-30 sets.

I’d like to know the complex business reasoning that has led to the decision to invest in developing new (and critically well-received at that) tech and then to not sell it to anyone.

Spoke to the Hori rep about this at last year’s SvB. His explanation was that it would be impossible for Hori to know how many joystick & button units to put on sale.

He seemed genuinely bemused when I started laughing.

For realz? I have no words for this.

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Yep, figured that out. Sorry.


This is definitely NOT the stick that Arcade Shock is selling.
I don’t even think it’s the new FightStick V3/VX model, either, but I’m really the last person to ask… I stay away from the FightStick line for personal reasons.
The Persona 4 joystick of last year was based on the FightStick V3/VX case if I’m not mistaken…

It’s nice to see Hori put better parts in what is acknowledged as the “low end”/“beginner” joysticks.
They really need a shot of improved quality and to get better reputations than they’ve had in the past.
Also, nobody’s really making portable joysticks much… unless you like to customize FightSticks or refurbish retro joysticks like the Dreamcast Agetec Joystick or PS1 Namco Joystick.
The more portable joystick is underserved… but probably because Hori and Mad Catz make more money off the pro joysticks than the Mad Catz SE’s and Hori FightSticks.

Decent price, though I’d be surprised to see this stick selling for that in Europe or the US (assuming it even comes out).

[quote=“GeorgeC, post:17, topic:161442”]

Persona Stick is based on the Fightstick V3/VX but is considerably higher to accomodate the buttons. They have effectively gotten rid of their budget line and replaced it with these type of full-featured stick. Nothing wrong with Hori’s quality recently…if anything they’ve stepped it up since MC entered.

I use the Persona 4 Ultimate version of this stick and I love it. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a first stick.


Honestly, shame this standard edition isn’t six buttons. I’d buy another in a heartbeat. I prefer it to my Hori RAP3.