Hori fighting stick Pro N3 SA

shits’ been out for ages. it actually looks pretty good. nice blue bottom. clean simple art.




Got confused until I saw the lack of “HRAP” on that box.

I know it says Fighting Stick but the fact that Hori also has an HRAP N3-SA doesn’t help end the confusion, either.

Their naming system is getting as bad Seimitsu’s! LOL

Its their typical naming convention they’ve been using this entire generation.

HRAP(real arcade pro) - V/N(button layout, vewlix or noir) 3/X (console) - SA/SE (hardware sanwa or seimitsu)

with obviously the VLX being the exception

Noir, not naomi.

derp right lol

That’s cool. Whenever you make a slight, insignificant error I will be there to point it out in public for you.