Hori Fighting Commander (PS3/PS4/PC Xinput) / Fighting Stick Mini 4 with Hayabusa-like joystick?!


Looks like revision of the FC4, makes the shape symmetrical for both hands, removes d-pad rotation feature.

the coolest part in my opinion is how it uses Xinput for PC (is that new? i’m not sure if FC4 also did xinput).

article source:

“Hayabusa” stick also shown


FC4…I just want dat PCB. wanna know allll about dat PCB.

It’s super uncomfortable to hold, lazy Hori, they’re recycling old shells again, I used to have the PS3 version. I hope that it has at least the switch at the top to reverse the shoulder buttons, cause the old model did not.


I just hope this gets released here at a cheaper price point, might be good for padhacks.

It’s actually quite cheap


The Hayabusa looks like it shows where the buttons are on the right side now so you can press it without looking.

I hope that they plan on releasing the Hayabusa buttons 24mm and 30mm separately.

Nice to see it’s comes out soon. I’m guessing, because I can’t tell from the photos in the article above, that the adjustable diagonals feature got axed as well. Not sure how I feel about them going back to the OG HFC3 design as I find the HFC3 Pro/HFC4 to be quit comfortable. I mean it is ~$15 cheaper than the HFC4 so there is that to consider.

The Hayabusa name only used for the joystick, and Kuro for buttons

I yet to see any Kuro 24mm buttons

The matte colored 30/24mm buttons are supposedly called Hayabusa now

That be new, even the 24mm start button on the VLX was the same cheap crap knock-offs that were on the early HRAP PS1/PS2 sticks
Its Hori, I still think all their in house stuff is just so that Hori can cut corners and they can make profit.


God damn Hori with their inconsistent naming schemes.
I bet you on the new Hori sticks people will still gut them out for Sanwa or Seimitsu parts

The lack of the flimsy pad rotate thing is a plus. That’s one of the first things to break on an FC4 Pro.

It’s comming too…

I hope it got a decent common ground PCB.
Delicious PCBs

the fs mini 3 is good for what it is tbh, i use it when im bed getting a few rounds of shmups. it also proved as good kiosk sticks when we have booths at anime cons and have a small setup of doujin shmups/games.

kinda sux the mini4 doesnt have a touchpad feature, lol

X-Input…nice to play PC OS

I love my Fighting Commander 4.


The FC4 is actually REALLY NICE. This one doesn’t look too good