Hoon x Neo Legend Joystick

things just got real lol


A pic of the insides?

I want one

Do Want

This would go perfectly with my apartment that smells of rich mahogany, and I would play games with it in between my readings of my many leather-bound books.

I want to do a light mod. I love lamp.

On topic, that looks kinda cool, not really my thing, but I see the appeal, however, the layout looks kinda funky; the stick and buttons are way over to the left compared to what I would expect. How is it to play on?

this is the classiest stick.

The joystick buttons and stick area are way over the left hmm. Also, is that an Astrocade 2P layout?

Just taking a look around their site and seeing belts that sell for 120 Euro, this stick is probably going to cost as much as a launch-day PS3.

Already secured mine.


Only one? :smile:

What number stick will this be? 250~?

yeah this is fancy quite classic. The custom stick maker might use this as some ideas. No pics of the internals since I just found it roaming online. Markman should post some pictures when he gets it in though

Wow that sets my tacky sensors soaring. That’s some serious nouveau riche right there.
Useless sticking out metal plate in the upper left? Well, sure, why not. Plexi covered with bolts inset plastic instruction card? Not so great, but since the thing is 3 kilometers wide , not to big a deal.

But OSTRICH leather? Really? C’mon man, that’s just gross. Calf, pig, croc, komodo dragon, just anything that isn’t covered in little dark nipples where feathers used to go.

hahahahahahahaha thank you, i swear its like anything a big company puts out people go crazy over and say it is so great. I swear people are lemmings, and to the comment that said this should give custom stick builders some ideas hmmmmm are you serious custom stick builders make better stuff than this in their sleep. Just because it is big does not mean its better sorry hahaha toodles always makes my day

I thought I was gonna be the first to say that it kinda makes me wanna barf. I dunno why, 'cause I’ve seen plenty of ostrich leather stuff before. Even though I’m kinda impressed by the stick, I don’t think I want one.

Yeah makes me smh too, but I’m the stupid guy that gets all the sticks. :wink:

Just made this lol:


That certainly looks cool and stylish, but something tells me it’ll come with a crazy price tag lol.

IMO a simple & sweet stick design, like an average TE or HRAP, or a RAP VX SA for those who like the lengthy “VLX” style, is good enough.

If i somehow came into the excess money to burn, theres plenty of other gaming stuff that would hold priority over this instead.

I prefer my sticks to be covered in leopard fur tbqh.

Also… that blue inset in the lower right corner looks hella tacky, and the stick looks really lopsided with how far to the left the stick and buttons are.