Honda HHS Tutorial Video

I use a 360 pad and i find doing HHS easy.

:lp:, :mp:, :lp:, :mp:, :hp:

Just slide between lp and mp then hit the hard punch at the end. I can do c.lp xx HHS every time like this, and Bla bla xx HHS, HHS xx Super easy as well.

I was thinking this to myself as well but I can see myself hitting both lp+mp and doing ex hands.

Turn your little turbo button on. One button magic :wink:

You could use the shoulder buttons? Now that I think about it…

Just lose the controller.

Mr.SNK thanks for the vids. Your method feels much more natural to me, especially when poking and in combos.

thank you thank you thank you. :pray:

Finally a way to practice that I know will eventually work.
your piano method feels way faster to me.

I’ve been learning Honda for a few days now and I started with the method taught in your video.

My fingers, being retarded, didn’t agree with the technique. Piano lp, mp, hp, then hp, hp has yielded a substantially better success rate for me. It’s interesting because there’s many techniques and it all seems to come down to personal preference for the same result.

Correct, as my old kenpo instructor use to tell me: I’m not here to teach you how to fight but instead your body how to move.

Nice. I found lp,hp,mp,lp,hp to be the easiest way for me to do it. :smiley:

Helpful vids, MrSNK, thanks for posting them. The more vids available on youtube, the less bored I am at work ;).

My method is a little more traditional. I follow the left to right piano method, but I split the timing slightly for the last two presses. So something like lp,mp,hp->lp,hp. It helps my timing a little bit, as I don’t feel comfortable trying to strum out all 5 buttons in succession. I treat the first strum (lp,mp,hp) as my lp or cr.lp starter, and the second strum (lp,hp) as the hhs. The difference in timing between this and the proper 5 press timing is only very slight, but it works for me.

I’ve tried your method, and I must admit going from right to left does feel a bit more natural, but I’ve already grown accustom to doing it my way, so I don’t want to break what works ;P.

I love this video, it taught me a scrub how to do HHs.

hey man I’m glad it helped.


my middle finger is retarded i swear.

“what does honda do when he hand meter?”


Fixed, my hands have been failing my as of late. I keep Billie Jeaning it(Ex Hands and moonwalking with them) instead of reg HHS.

My main focus right now since I’ve got an okay understanding of Honda is the whole don’t let any move go unpunished now. Before I’d slack and let it go but now when I see a screw up I either punish it with Hands or if I can Ultra. I.E. Blanka Balls/After the 2nd hit of Lariat with Gief or Tiger Knee Spam from Sagat.

I’m litterally practicing that sequence everywhere I go. On the desk, in the car, hanging with my friends (which bothers the crap out of them but I don’t care :razz: ) And the difference is starting to show. Honda feels more complete to me now.

I do too. Even when I play other characters I do HHS pianos during load screens and in between rounds.

Hahaha, so I got a little carried away this weekend. Got comfortable enough linking hands into hands that I started doing it in casual matches at the arcade. Somehow got it stuck in my head that I could keep Bison stuck in the corner indefinitely ;). Well, after about the third or fourth hhs, he decided to stop humoring me, hopped over it and proceeded to style me with viewtiful combos x_X. Lesson learned? Not really :x.

Repeated hands into hands is almost as addicting as full screen torpedo. I gotta kick the habit, but it’s so juicy ;<.

lol well that actually reminds me of when i would do hands into hands against a good gief…he would ex banishing hands before the second set came out so i would block and then throw haha its just another guessing game to your honda arsenal so many options

I use the rub method that your friend uses and I find it most consistent. In case people don’t understand what he did, you just rub your finger across the punches, LP MP HP MP HP. Doing it that way I can more easily do the HHS, HHS xx super combo. LP MP HP MP HP, then for the second hands I rub HP MP LP MP HP xx super. Also makes doing low fwd xx HHS easier, just press low forward then immediately rub HP MP LP MP HP. It’s just like sliding on a guitar. My honda is shitty but I can do those combos 100%. Learned to do it that way from practicing stand MK to hands with gen.

yeah! thats what ive been doing too. I used to follow up a FA with a hp.ochio but now its a nice and hefty BnB hands combo.

I’ve also been trying to get into the habit of charging a backcharge while using normals to keep my in place. nice change from the obvious down-back turtle stance.

Hands have definitely changed my honda and has opened up more options after pressuring with hands throughout the match, like a well placed jab… jab, ochio! jab… lp.HHS FADC ochio!

Let me enlighten you. First Oicho is to make them panic. The 2nd Oicho is to scare the living shit out of them and then the following BnB is to make sure they aren’t blocking.