Honda HHS Tutorial Video

Will be up and running by the end of the night Hopefully.

Stay tuned for my first attempt at making a somewhat legit How to video.

Video 1

Video 2

Excellent. Your pianoing method looks a lot more fitting to the way my fingers seem to work… gonna try later.

Good shit, that method is sick. I like both ways for some reason, I think since I been practicing lp~mp~hp~lp~hp so much that it just became more natural.

I find it easier to go from hp~lp drumming the other way than lp~hp in your way. If I go from lp~hp too slow it doesn’t give me the HHS even if I did the rest fast :(.

MrSNK I find hard to do ur piano… I feel more comfortable doing hp~mp~lp~lp~hp …
may be with some good practice I can do like you…

Now us poor people need a video for the XBOX controller.

I think your better off switching characters. Much better.

Since it’s possible to link HHS off a single jab without actually comboing into it, it’s a good idea to set the training dummy to ‘auto block’ so you’ll have a visual cue when you mess it up. Otherwise, you have to wait for the combo counter to pop up. If you don’t get 8 hits from close range, you didn’t combo it.

Configure your Microsoft pad so that X is :lp: and Y is :hp: and use your index and middle finger to quickly piano :lp::hp::lp::hp::hp:. This is what I do when I play at my friend’s house and it works if I really put some speed into it.

The downside to using your fingers rather than your thumb to hit the buttons is that you lose access to the right trigger buttons. To offset this, I set B to :hk: and the left trigger buttons to :mp: and :mk:.

If you’re a stubborn pad player, consider the Mad Katz SF4 controller. You can piano on it like you’d piano on a stick because it has 6 face buttons. I really hate the directional pad, though. You need to dig into it to find the diagonals.

Can someone give me a damage total of this (J.HP > lp > HP.HHS > HK) vs. a scrubby combo? (i.e. j.HP > st.HK)

The HHS combo does 342 damage. The second one does 250. As a point of comparison, a simple 3-hit combos like jumping :hp:, crouching :mk:, :hp: torpedo does 328.

I go for hands if it’s a neutral jump and crouching :mk:, :hp: torp if it is a clean jump in unless you want to option select and go for hands then cancel into Oicho throw.

Using hands instead of headbutt is also super important for staying close to the opponent (eg Sagat). Landing a headbutt (or having it blocked, for that matter), pushes you out, which is the last thing you want when fighting people that can keep you out.

Hands will keep you in (blocked or not), lands similar chip damage to headbutt, and pushes the opponent to the corner. I’m not sure which builds more meter, but I think the other advantages outweigh any potential drawbacks.

That being said, headbutt is great for when you want to stay back and force them to come to you (Cammy, Abel, Gief, etc), but that only works if you have the life lead…

Both are good options, but are better in different situations.

Thanks for the vid Mr. Snk!


holy shite! thanks so much! allthough i dont fully understand the finger flailing technique ur friend did, the piano is awesome.

As a pad player, I will have to sacrifice the 20 damage and go for into headbutt.

Also yea I have no idea how your friend was doing his super cancel, it almost looked like he was mashing out the hands lol. But it’s moot since I RARELY have a super w/ honda.

Does c.LP, HP HHS, c.LP, HP HHS work on everyone or just some characters? I haven’t been able to get it to work. Also, is there any reason to use it when not comboing into a Super?

Good work man, i was always wondering how to connect the super after hands.

As far as I can tell, **ALL **c.LP, HHS followups are character and range specific to some extent. The st RH link is much more difficult on Ryu than it is on Akuma, for example. With c.LP, HHS, c.LP, HHS often you will need to walkup briefly before linking the second.

Some of the easiest characters to do this vs are Blanka, Dictator, Cammy. Sagat is very difficult to link another c.LP, just stick with RH. Ryu is awkward all around.

Other advantages of linking a 2nd c.LP HHS are:
–more meter
–FADC options off the 2nd HHS
–better positioning
–often a much easier link

Great video! I’ve been fooling around with honda for months but never fully understood how people do the hhs so easily till i saw this. Still cant really connect the jab into hhs with your method but its easier for me to do it with the black guy’s method. Except i slide it lp, mp, hp, mp hp instead of lp, mp, lp, mp hp.

Just remember that Video 2 is more of an in-depth tell-tale of the Hands.

This is the same HHS method I’m using because I can’t piano lp~mp~hp~mp~hp well either, works a lot easier for me.