Hmm so normal wakeup ? AE possible changes

hi, dont know if this was worth a new thread but figured we have seen something of what could be changed for us regarding Adon.

the 1st is that his wakeup is normal. How do you guys feel this will change him ? its going to be pretty lame, I always considered his speed to be one of his best features, the faster wakeup ‘fit’ imo, but maybe thats due to me playing him haha.
Anyway whats your thoughts on this possible change?

2nd we have the change to ex jag tooth not flashing until he has hit the wall. I think this could be a good change, one thing I tend to play with is mixing up the jag tooths, ive caught many shoryus off guard by flying away and they end up doing an srk and eating a standing roundhouse, or jagkick if they do a heavy srk.
Having the flash almost last second would make them think twice unless they have really good reactions, thoughts ?

How was his wake up changed? Worse or better, I haven’t read much apart from “it was changed”.
To be honest, he wasn’t over powered or under powered, I thought he was pretty well done and balanced myself… <.<

i hope they don’t change his wake up time as it was unique for him and gave him personality. i see hardly an advantage from it at all that would be a reason to nerf it. i like the ex tooth change though, small thing that’s not overpowered and useful. now just give him command jutting kick and a tad faster top down please

It got worst. He gets up like the rest of the cast in AE. Right now, in console, he gets up 3 frame faster so most safe jump set ups don’t work on him. Having a normal wake up speed means he’s going to be free on wake up since his Rising Jaguar is very weak compare to other 5 frame anti wake/wake up reversals.

I definitely like the EX jag tooth change, will definitely help in the mindfuck department.

Not too fond of the wakeup change, as I like to dash under jumpins/crossups for easy escapes.

Stupidest change I ever heard of with the wake up, an ‘ok’ change with jagga toof

still would rather see a bigger hit box on toof or just something about it that normal moves can’t beat it.

I’d be happy with some minor changes. Jaguar Crunch being easier to combo into. More prior on jag tooth. Less push back on ground JK.

the JP wiki updated with more Adon info. Had a friend look at it and here’s what she can make out (she doesn’t play street fighter)

Crouching RH range increase?
Jaguar Kick’s hit box increased, height limit is more strict?


To me it looks like they don’t like how only good players are able to do low air jaguar kicks.

hmm thats annoying, I have spent ages learning low air jaggas :frowning: and now I finally have them down :frowning:

I think the devs just don’t like people doing instant air moves? Cammy can’t TK the cannon strikes as fast/low anymore, but giving more of a height restriction on Adons TKJK is stupid. A little annoying that by the time some of us finally get the timing down that we can do it almost consistently, its getting changed.

indeed, I was finally beginning to use it against people and combo from it. Previous I could only bait dps with it :frowning:

Ccan only hope it was someone who couldn’t do them. There were a few changes people were saying that turned out to be false, like guiles sonic booms not building meter.

I just yesterday started doing x-up/fake x-up TKJKs set ups after a back throw. Confuses the hell out of people.

could somebody explain what change did they noticed related IA/TK JK???

i could understand changing Cammy ones, but Adon ones???

Guile will be very tough. iAJK is the only reason adon evens the matchup.

His lack of health will be a major pain. His quick get up meant you were not worried often about safejumps and stuff, and in general had to endure less traps. The drawback is that adon is the male character with the least health in the game other than seth and akuma, so he kinda needed it.

Also, iAJK was far from broken and actually just complemented adon nicely, making him more interesting, if it’s gone he will be less fun.

Doesn’t fei long wake up at the same speed as adon? Why not nerf fei?
Yeah I saw it coming. A character they meant to be shit ending up mid tier? No way, let’s nerf him.

The sweep change could be nice. It’s already one of the “good” sweeps in the game, relatively safe, fast and whiffs fast too, sou you can, for the most part, RJ them when they jump over it. I use it alot because kinda sucks ass. Let’s bet that if they increase the range they’ll increase the neg frames on block.

Yeah I’m mad at the retarded changes, I hope this shit is not final, for the other characters too. We somehow ended with a good game with SSF4, why the fuck do you need to nerf everything.

I think we should complain a lot. Yeah a whole lot so they understand nobody is happy with nerfs. I don’t see a single thing in the game that requires a nerf. A few chars need minor buffs, a couple need a few more, but nobody needs nerf. Even chars like guile and chun are vastly overrated.

There is no way adon should be nerfed in anyway. Give him normal wakeup wtf is up with that?? I can see it now all they will have to do is empty crossup to bait out the rj and since they have more time they will avoid it easy for the punish.

The EX JT buff is pretty pointless imo as a hk.jt can be punished pretty easy anyway they will just reversal as soon as they see you jump at the wall. The only way this buff will work is if they put more priority on JT but then we will get the unavoidable JT is OP blah blah blah.

As for the iajk nerf that doesnt bother me too much as i cant get them consistent on a d-pad anyway. I can get em all the time on a stick but then cant do pretty much everything else :stuck_out_tongue:

All i want is faster startup on his jaquar crunch.

id settle for a new overhead in general. swap out adons close standing hk for an axe kick overhead

What adon needs…

[]FAKE KICK for st. rh like sagat. This is a must
]Better hit box on air jk (This actually isn’t so bad, I just wish it hit a bit lower and closer to the opponent for a better follow up on crouchers. Pretty good as is, just a little tweak.)
[]Link into sweep
]Link into st. hp
[]Better hitbox on cr. hp
]His wake up speed is fine
[]n.j mk should be his ioh rather than n.j hk
]qcf qcf for his ultra 1. I hate getting ex jk in the heat of battle.

[*]Grounded jks are dumb. Hk should be the only useful version. The other two are lame and I never use them. I think lk and mk grounded should be punishable on block.

[*]Jts are silly gimmicks. I have no idea what they could do for this move. I feel like it would be better if you could cancel it when hitting the wall, which would result in a flip animation and him landing that looks similar to his taunt 9. Then have the follow ups be lk as is and switch up mk and hk version so you can set up ambiguous cross ups like gen’s oga in vanilla. Obviously with this great changes they’d be punishable on block. As of right now this move is so lame. It needs flavor.

Lame nerfs, the buff means nothing if they dont add more invincibility to JT overall.
Why normal on wake up? If so, add HP to Adon, no fair to have him as only male with low HP and yet he can’t get a quicker getup.

Nerfs to TKJK and iAJK make no sense wtf-ever, Capcom needs to chill da fk out. This game was actually not so bad and only BUFFS were necessary to the bottom guys (Hakan, Makoto, Gen, Dan, Guy, Dee Jay)…The top guys didn’t need anything, nerfs or few tweaks here/there, but this is getting ridiculous. Why nerf mid-tier characters?

Cuz Gamerbee made Adon look good doesn’t mean that Adon’s quick wake up deserved a fkin’ nerf.

At least add a command normal for that Cl.St.HK and give us a real overhead that doesn’t take 10 seconds to pull off…WTF

Definitely add these two to my list. They are a must. What is the point in having an OH you can only combo after if their standing? lol