High risk high reward ...Is it worth the risk with ol' shellhead?

The more and more i play with Iron Man I notice that when I actually land a hit i’m soo happy that I just take the bbcs relaunch bbcs instead of the higher execution stuff. I really dont want to use doom LOL … tony is my favorite character in the game but this is really getting to me … Please let me know what you guys think!

Strictly speaking no, his roles are filled better by other characters, but I think the character has some semblance of a chance of winning on the right team if you are playing against people who don’t know the match up. Plus as you said, Iron man is the most fun.

at this point smart people are still using doom or mags in IM’s place, but with the help of players like yourself, joker, danke, DJ when he gets some experience, IM seems on the come up. and yeah, hes got the most swag and is … well, FUN. shit i stopped playing this game just to win along time ago. not that i dont play to win, but if thats all i wanted to do i’d be playing like wesker zro sent or not playing the game at all.

so i say if you like IM and can make him work out decently for yourself then you have no reason to drop him.

beating marlinpie with him is what some people would consider good from what i hear :tup:
right now his movement is more important than landing krispy… after all krispy with no assist extenders does about 690k whereas lmhs mmh D+h s super does 620… krispy is simply a better confirm and builds more meter.

better to krispy, but in the event that you go for the easy shit i wouldnt lose sleep over it.
this game is more about not getting hit than it is about hitting as flokker and chris morrigan team have proven.


Firstly I’m really glad you came out and made this topic to let the forum people know you out there. Really like what you did with the whole team really. People still don’t know how to fight Super Skrull (I still don’t I know that much) for shit and I think you really showed how hard it is to challenge Iron Man’s normals even if you aren’t getting a ground bounce every time they land like Sentinel.

I don’t think it would be so bad of a difference if Doom didn’t get that damned hard knockdown on the S dive. He honestly needed it because he was literally just air throw bait in Vanilla because of having to jump to wave dash all the time. Unfortunately it also fixed like 5 other problems he had on top of that. LOL. I don’t like his soft knockdown on the beam assist or the picky DHC’s with him so I just went to Iron Man. With my team I’d literally be having to fish for TAC’s all day between Dante and Doom to not have to worry about DHC issues and that’s not hot for me. I feel like I can create enough synergy between Iron Man and Dante where things can work out.

As far as you playing Iron Man…shit you don’t got worry about that much. You got the east coast standard call Wesker BBCS. As far as not dropping a combo after a hit confirm you’re pretty gold cuz Wesker assist holds your hand with that shit. As long as that’s what you’re comfortable with then just stick with it. That’s why people put Wesker on their team so they don’t have to worry about the middle of the combo. LOL. You doing good there. Especially since it makes sure Iron Man can confirm much more easily off air throws.

The main thing you need to work on for sure for sure is getting off that ABCS for confirms. The biggest issue about Iron Man isn’t the middle of combo execution so much as it is the confirms. You are really stepping on hot coals with Iron Man going for Wesker style hit confirms. That shit is negative death on block/whiff and has the hit confirm range of like a little bit outside of his s.L range. I don’t wanna see you on stream and that S goes whiffing and you lose Iron Man. Cuz that shit WILL happen. It honestly IMO shows a tremendous amount of skill to consistently confirm such a short ranged string that is totally death on whiff or block.

It’s just despite the skill it’s a dead man’s walking hit confirm whereas Krispy Kreme allows you to act like a weaker Magneto and stay safe on hit/block/whiff etc. If you whiff just fly cancel into more shit and if you hit within range go for the full combo. Since you got Wesker you can BBCS gun BBCS land super whatever. Long as you keep your spacing tight and learn at least the krispy kreme confirm you’ll be good to go. The range you can land combos from with Krispy Kreme confirm is WAY too important to not get down.

You gotta get it down like imperative if you want your Iron Man to be scary from outside of s.L range.

**Other than that just play to Iron Man’s strengths and stop worrying about who does what better than Iron Man. **He still provides a better beam assist IMO than Doom (outside of needing a bit more knowledge of how to call it since he appears next to you), a really slept on assist with repulsor blast, and although Doom is for sure easier to use there’s a lot of little things I like about Iron Man over Doom. Little things that I think can add up in the future once people get more comfortable with his ground, jump height and super jump height hit confirms. Having an attack cancellable dash period is a step up above Doom ground movement wise any way.

Overall I prefer his pressure game at close range completely over Doom’s and his movement. If it wasn’t for S dive being an answer to like almost everything in the game I would like him completely better over Doom. Just play to the strengths and the rest will come. You’re not going to get any better with Iron Man bitching up about his potential.

Whenever Iron Man comes in the match he says “No problem, I got this”. Why does Iron Man have more confidence than the people playing him? LOL. If you gonna play him ACT LIKE YOU GOT THIS!

Go in.

I think no, although there are certain teams that can get more out of the Uni-beam than other projectile assist, but there are also characters that does similar things to IM but better and without the problem IM has. I believe Uni-beam is the best assist for Wesker though and the team hyper with IM hurts a lot more than other characters.

The thing with iron man is, I notice the lamer you play the better you learn about his movement and normal. Air smart bombs xx flight more bombs (4-5) land repulsar blast or C.H is very annoying to deal with also Krispy Kreme combo is easier than throwing out random launcher. C.H can also be flight xx Krispy Kreme or repulsar blast for anti air if you opponent jump/teleport e.g C.H to repulsar blast xx cannon, C.H xx Lv3, C.H is also a command normal which assist like drones and missiles can be called.

If he’s your favorite char in the game then never drop him and you’ll do well…see llnd.
Keep rocking, doesn’t seem like your a person who likes to grind in training mode but it really will help your ironman be even better.

Not to mention he’s one of the best all purpose beam assists in the game.

Don’t drop your originality and keep representing bro.

For a while I was questioning whether or not it’s worth it. I just picked up Tony for Ultimate, and along with all the other new characters I’m trying to work with, he is proving among the most difficult, but I gotta be honest, after I saw you beat MarlinPie, my faith in the Shell Head has been restored. I think that’s what I need really. Actually seeing Iron Man in action to help me learn more about him. You may have just done BBC relaunch the whole match, but every time you did, it was hype.

You should stick with him! You were converting well off people getting hit as they came in at you.

And from there just keep working on landing the real combos in casuals and it’ll translate eventually. I’d put him on point for a while to get more playtime in with him when you’re just running long sets with friends.

I’m glad someone created this thread because I’m debating this very topic myself. To show you how glad I am I just joined a few minutes ago to voice my opinion lol. But seriously the more I practice in training mode I love IM. But when it comes to ACTUAL MATCHES I hate his @$$. Tony is all world w/ combo easiness and damage in training mode. But when I get to the game online his practical application of moves is ridiculous. All of his normals are decent but his supers and hyper combos are deemed worthless. Perfect example: I’m playing against Frank West and I throw out a Proton Canon and Frank’s CAMERA SHOT CANCELED MY PROTON CANON!!! WTF is that!!! Jarvis can figure out the force that is equivalent to Hulk’s strength in the Tony’s Hulk Buster armor but when he goes up against a camera he doesn’t know WTF is going on?!?!? I mean c’mon man or c’mon son (which ever you choose to use) Capcom made Tony useless IMO. They gave him no advantages for a guy that has one of the highest intelligent ratings on the power grid. And that’s what I think is the frustrating part. Stark Industries is suppose to be top notch in terms of tech but when your supers and hyper combos are weak then its really frustrating.

Well you probably got hit out of Proton Cannon because IM is vulnerable the entire time, and there’s a huge delay between when he brings the gun out (where the hell does it come from anyway?) and when the beam actually comes out. Frank’s camera has absurd range, as well as very little startup, so it can stop many a thing in its tracks.
I totally feel you on the training mode thing though. If I could do even half the shit I do in the danger room in an actual match I’d be so happy lol. Guess it just comes down to practice practice practice. As Tony says, “You can’t improve on perfection,” and practice makes perfect, or something, so… idk just roll with it

I think what we can learn from watching these Iron Man players is that the character is very strong mid range and playing defensively. As much as people just want to rush down with Tony, its not what the character is built for.

Joker runs an extremely strong “rushdown” Stark. He rarely actually zones or plays a strong midrange game. Ofc he’s using drones… But he beats Canada’s top players, puttin in work with the Avenger.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. I’m very much a defensive player though, so I like this version of Iron Man better than vanilla’s. I play Guile as a secondary in SSF4, and Iron Man in this game very much reminds me of Guile: midscreen character with good space control.

You should still learn the KK combo. Not because it does more damage, but because it’s actually more stable and lets you confirm from a greater distance.

There lies a huge problem because you can’t get a true gauge of when to throw out your hyper combos because you can and more than likely will get countered very often and sadly very easily. At the very least Tony’s lvl 3 hyper should be invincible at start up to give the player some type of an advantage of using Iron Man. It’s not that much too ask for, I mean its a lvl 3. Tony has the all the tools to be top tier in this game but Capcom won’t even allow him to be in the B category of tier in this game. Where’s Seth at we need to holla at him to give Tony a buff on his lvl 3 hyper at the very least.

Proton Cannon isn’t really a move you should be throwing out though. Especially if they’re not going to get hit by the 3 (I think it’s 3) frame startup on the gun. Best option is DHC into it from a really quick hyper for near instant, fullscreen punish. And I believe his level 3 does has startup invinciblity, and it lasts about halfway through his dash. I’ve used it raw and with Xfactor guard cancel, and I’ve never been hit out of it except if when I misjudge the distance between IM and the opponent

You are not supposed to do random hypers anyway, and his level 3 doe have invincible start-up. IM does not have enough tools and cheapness to be top tier, but he does have enough with the right team set-up to avoid low tier and be a happy mid tier.

If anything Capcom should have gave IM a move that shoots beam out of his palm like he does in the films and comics (he never had a proton cannon from what I know in the comics, but he shoot beams out of his hand all the time…). And I want his War Destroyer hyper back, so I can have a safe DHC

That’s more so because you’re not playing to the strength of Tony’s supers. Tony’s level 1 supers are not random throw out supers. For the exception of one frame DHCing into them or using them at close range (that I’ll get into later). Iron Man is designed to fight without the use of his supers for the exception of bullying with them in specific situations. This is why it’s imperative to build a strong neutral assist around him on point because even though a character like Taskmaster is also very limited for mix up without an assist, he still can mash on f+H all day into air throws and does have the mash super for instant profit stuff that Tony doesn’t have.

Even then there are some solid uses of Tony’s supers. The biggest being a typical 1 frame whiff punish DHC so you can get Tony in with an assist when you need to and free up whatever shit was on the screen at that time.

**The funny thing about his proton cannon and angled proton supers is that while they are one of the slowest supers in the game…in actuality at close range they are THE FASTEST supers in the game (fastest in the game period). ** What some people don’t realize about the super is that at close range when Iron Man whips the gun out…the gun is basically a 3 frame start up poke that is has the hit box size of his j.S. It’s basically like having a Mexican Uppercut or Guile’s/Geese’s c.HP as a super at close range. If you know they’re going ot do any type of attack that isn’t invincible anywhere near you and it’s in front of you, whip out the super and you can blow them up for 300+k damage and get back to your optimal zoning range. Although Tony ultimately can’t kill people unless he gets in it’s just ANOTHER option Tony has in his myriad of options with assists especially to keep people from rushing him down.

If you have a safe DHC behind Tony if it gets blocked you can take care of the unsafe on block issue associated with the super. So if you know Dr.Doom or Wolverine is going to come down with ONE MORE DIVE KICK at close enough range you can whip out your 3 frame c.HP for super and blow them up. If you have another super to DHC into and they were already close to death from all of the ranged damage they took…they lose their character.

In general the Mexican Uppercut trait of his proton cannon supers is very much underutilized to back up his pressure if people try to invade his space with obvious stuff too often. In general being able to effectively zone and pressure people gives you more space to use the super to whiff punish in the first place. ** The mexican uppercut unlike the beam portion of the super can’t be ducked under by small characters either**. It will take care of anything above you or near the ground easily.

His Iron Avenger Level 3 Super is 10+3 frame start up and is invincible from frame 1 until frame 21 (invincible as soon as you complete the motion) so it’s definitely solid as far as blowing through other attacks and supers.

Also…Iron Man is not a character you should be using online. It’s hard enough to play the characters that are EASY to play online. I drop basic ass bnbs with Doom online like I can’t play the character. Iron Man especially IMO is way too timing sensitive (in a game where you have to be doing fast inputs all the time regardless of character) where you’re going to have anything other than frustration online. I don’t play this game online in general because it just moves too fast and it’s impossible to react to the stuff you can just barely react to offline when playing online.

Um, Iron Avenger is REALLY good, it blows through pretty much any beam or beam hyper in the game. Sure your opponent can X-Factor sometimes, but then you can just use your X-Factor after them and combo them into oblivion.

Iron Avenger is really good and shuts down a lot of options your opponent has. Don’t sleep on it. Also you can follow up afterwards with a L Smart Bomb xx Proton Cannon for more damage.