Hi I ask a simple request

Hi GD, long time no see.

I am currently searching for a sex friend.

You heard me. It’s my birthday and I’m looking for a sex friend. No I am not drunk (yet, but you can make me) and no, I’m not influenced by anything (again, yet.)

Many sites have failed me, and I’m just going back to school so I’ve been unable to meet anyone (since I just sit at home spewing my hot thick cum into tissue paper jerking off to various things). You know, when you’ve been in shit luck and have been unable to get sex for a long time, you start to develop crazy fetishes. For the longest time I never really understood feet, but a foot job has started to sound good right now. Another weird fetish of mine I’ve also started to get off on is the thought of cumming on a girls sexy back and force her to eat the thick goo off her back. The thought of her straining and saying “I can’t” just gets me fucking hot as shit. I always wanted to do a full on kumite, kind of like that “Daigo takes on 50 men” kumite, but more like a “I take on 50 girls trying to lick their backs” cumite. I probably wouldn’t even need to fuck and I would cum so hard.

Wow, holy shit I just noticed I went off on a tangent. But if anyone is interested, or wants some of this uber kawaii guy hit me up, my pm box is empty, just like my sex life at the moment and could be filled up just like you!


This is a family orientated website sir.

Good day.

So like this?
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/256/mizfet.jpg/ (my MSPaint interpretation)

Go find a hooker

Superman that ho.

What if the girl is so fat, the cum seeps into all the nooks on her backside like water on cracked asphalt. Then the cum dries up, and she gets ‘back dandruff’.

Would you still hit dat?

Hey Rsigley guess what…


BTW Mizuki we need to have a real ST MM at EVO!

Jesus Christ. I don’t know what’s worse, that you posted that shit, or that I actually read the entire post…

I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed to say I’ve met this person IRL.

Mizuki, I never thought I’d find someone exactly like me on the internet, and I never thought it’d be here!

Yes, man, cumming by yourself into tissues to interracial interspecies futa hentai does weird things to you in regards to understanding fetishes.
Recently i’ve been into slot fucking. It’s when you cram your penis into f.ex an SNES cartridge port and fuck it till your dick+balls change shape.

Then you turn it on and pretend you’re playing a game and go “oh shit” or “yesss I made it” with your junk still in the cartridge port until you shoot off. Remember to pull out though!

Hope to meet you soon for fetish exchange! I’d love to see you do 50 girls cumite!!!

I was part of Daigo’s cumite, true story

my fetish is posting on internet forums

Didn’t you already have a harem of lolis? Or was it one of those random internet rumors?

It’s really comforting to know that there’s other people like me out there in the world, I thought I was the only one with an interracial interspecies futa hentai fetish! Of course, me being ever the pragmatist, I also enjoy many other fetishes like female bicep-jobs, armpit sniffing, sucking snot out of noses, being shot to death, and having homosexual relations with creatures such as lizardmen, minotaurs, cacodemons, and facehuggers. I hope one day we could all meet up and discuss our fetishes and experiences in detail.

Is it being streamed?

700 bucks, a trip to Japan and pix first pl0x



Those tits remind me of this:[details=Spoiler]


I got a boner and I’m hungry