Hey T.Hawk players

Remember when I said T.Hawk sucked in that video? And you guys were like Marn doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about blahblahblah. Damn my fat ass was definitely right.



Eh, still fat.

Still wrong too.

Really Marn?

way to set the example. i guess the troll virus is spreading like crazy across srk.

This is street fighter… not the NBA.

And we aren’t 11 year olds. Don’t exactly need an example set.

Having said that, there are a lot of crust SRK members who won’t be too happy bout such a “pointless thread” :slight_smile:

Marns salty because using t.hawk doesnt equate to a free win. Sorry bro, gotta use some footsies and out think your opponent! Because of that and the terrible idea that “holding up” and “mashing backdash” beats t.hawk entirely make people think he sucks as a character. Hilarious.

does marn even play dudley?
i find it odd he wears a dudley avatar if he doesn’t

Yeah he mains Dudley, he’s a pretty sick Dudley too.


I was at the norcal regionals and saw your 3 on 3 match against that Ken player.

It was one of the most EPIC fights I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never seen a fight where dizzied characters weren’t punished because of failed taunts in a tournament setting, this is the fight to see.

Marn does play a mean dudley but I don’t think he plays him in tournaments… Still sticking with viper and rufus?

If marn needs to beat anyone Really good I think he would still be tempted to fall back to his viper. His c viper is good but not wolfcrone good. I bet I could get marn with 3 rbg’s just kidding marns c. Vipers really nasty. Marns just talking shit don’t worry about it spend your time working on your game. Also Marn and I got the same place 9th at MWC and I used hawk a bit in that tourney so how bad could hawk be.

It’s Marn, guys, he ALWAYS talks shit. ALWAYS. It wouldn’t be Marn if he didn’t. Though he is a nice guy, from the little bit I got to chat with him at MWC. I’ll bring the Hawk pain to ya one day, buddy.

lol, u forgot to add that cause marn was trying to show up his opponent by taunting he fucked up the match and lost. thereby causing his team to lose. it’s bad enough to act a fool and cost yourself a win but to screw your two other teammates too? they were one of the favorites to win the team tourney too so he potentially cost them the title. who knows how far they could’ve gone. btw, the team was marn, gootecks, and buktooth. damn good team there.

There are a lot of things I could say here, but I won’t. T. Hawk is an excellent character if you take the time to learn him. However I would like to point out that Marn here is in violation of the TOS of these boards.

  1. No Taunting or Flame baiting allowed. This means slight name calling to provoke flame posts after you post. An example of this would be posting on how “Zangief is way better than Sagat, and anyone who thinks otherwise, is a jackass.” That is not allowed.

Just saying.

i purposely left this out to see how marn would respond but he sure is quiet now. btw, i completely agree with you. =)

Yeah, because i’ve seen this marn dude play before and if there’s anything that’s clear it’s that he can’t play and his execution sucks.

Oh wait.

Marn’s fat ass FTW. You’ve all been had.

ya know i rarely see marn post on here
why is that?

Regardless of how good marn is at street fighter, Hes still a tremendous tool.