He's perfectly fine, please shut up

Today’s tourney at the break, netted Me, Noel Brown, Josh Wong, Damian, and a few others all in top 10 using Sentinel.

The nerf didn’t affect much, outside of him dying faster. But good Sent players aren’t really trying to get hit a lot, anyway. They space their moves well, don’t spam super armor bullshit, and make sure to do the same stupid damage we’ve been doing since Feb10th.

All in all, the character works, and plays the same. You don’t have to play any more campy than you have been, (unless turtling is your strat) just make sure you’re not playing like an idiot, and you’ll be fine.

And what’s great, is all those idiots out there who cried and cried and cried about sent, who are now rejoicing, are STILL gonna get their teeth kicked down their throat. See you guys in about a month, when he’s nerfed again. :smiley:

Hey, someone smart!

To me it seems that the nerf was more to just stem the tide of Sent bandwagoners without changing that much about him and possibly screwing him over.

no he’s not…
for guys like me who used him as backup to compensate for lower health characters on point
we can’t do anything with him now unless we use him on point…and if he dies then what?
in my case I’d be left with jill and arthur to fend off dante ryu wesker akuma and the other popular chars you usually find

He still can be used as an Anchor, high hp =/= anchor char.

if you can’t use him as an assist without him dying instantly
then what’s the use?

Jill won’t be able to get in without a good assist to distract the opponent and prevent them from wailing on jill before she gets in range

he’s better than ever

Honestly you have to learn to cover your assists better if he’s constantly getting killed instantly when he’s called out.

Low health didn’t stop Amaterasu from being one of the best assists in the game.

Have you tried covering your assists and not calling them recklessly?

Dunno, it hasn’t been two months yet and Capcom nerfed him, an dhe became way more beatable in the weeks after launch when he felt like a monster. I think the guys in the 10 ten still are forced to respect sentinels damage and have to go to these tournaments today without a whole lot of time to adjust and swap in someone better.

usually i need an assist to get things started for jill
one slip up and she’s dead

how can you cover his assist with the team i have?(in sig)

I play X23-b on point, Dante-a and Sent-a as anchor.

In casuals (and don’t take this as bragging, I’m just showing the character is fine) I went 3-0 against DR Chaos, 2-0 over Sanford, 2-1 against Josh Wong, lost 3-2 to yipes, and won 2-0 against vince. In tourney, I lost to a phoenix player, in which sent’s HP had no bearing, since she would have killed me either way, and to Damian, who was playing Akuma/Dante/Sent.

Sent, in none of my sets today, was a burden. Get off the internet, and learn to play the game properly.

Honestly, that HP nerf, if you are playing mainly online, isn’t gonna affect you really, since a guy having to do one more unblockable lag teleport won’t truly change the outcome. If you’re losing to online tactics now, you were losing to them before. The only reason you might lose a few more here and there is because you’re relying on lvl xfactor sent, who could take two big combos, three or four if you’re playing bad kids.

Also, seeing your team of Arthur, Jill, and Sent, makes no sense to me. Why have Jill on a team, that has keep away? I mean, some people have a high damage character in secondary, so he can use DHCs, and aerial exchanges, but Jill’s damage in those situations is crap.

No offense, guy, but from what I’ve seen of your defense, and the team I can’t make sense of, I have to assume you’re kind of talking out of your ass. :frowning:

Also, if you’re calling in an assist, and that assist is getting punished, one of two things happened:

  1. Your opponent made a hard ass read, and you deserve to lose a character for playing predictably.

  2. You called your assist out stupidly, and got punished. In this case, you AGAIN deserve to lose a character.

Step your game up. People beat top players who used sent before, and people have beaten top players by using sent, without going below 500k. The HP doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t be getting hit.


Edit: As for your question on assists, maybe that team you’ve built isn’t good enough for what you’re trying to do. If you have to call drones to get jill in, maybe you should think of either dropping sent for a beam assist which is FAR less punishable, or dropping jill since she’s apparently not capable of being good without back up.

I’m with you there diemme.

That explains why no one ever uses Akuma assist.

I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t seen an Akuma assist today. :smiley:

Everyone at the tourney playing sent were all in agreement that they weren’t dropping him. Infact, it’s better, since you don’t have the bad sents taking up two combos worht of tourney time, they’re on the She-hulk wolvie bandwagons, and dying in a DHC trick combo :smiley:

Akuma’s assist is so good. When I used akuma I abused the hell out of it, and it only gotten punished when it was just a bad assist call.

well i was using a keep away team and someone suggested a speedy character
once i got the dlc characters

i tossed in jill and went with that for awhile(did okay with her but her assists aren’t as good as shuma’s mystic ray)

now that sentinel’s health has been nerfed
i might have to overhaul the team and make it a straight up all keep away team if i want to continue using sentinel

I’ve even tried using wolverine/akuma for the speed on my team
and honestly it’s probably best to make it an entirely keep away based team
since the speed isn’t gonna mean much in the end

If you’re playing keep away, I’d say Noel’s team works the best. Dormammu as anchor with those orbs, man. ugh.

And then Sent on point with doom rockets. Dude does half of his damage in chip, it’s nuts.

But, Sent doesn’t have to be played like that. Josh Wong uses him on point, and you only see me spit to counter back dashing, and falling, and even then I cancel itto fly most to the time and rush down. You need to LEARN THE CHARACTER, and not rely on gimmicks. Especially gimmicks everyone in the world knows how to fight, lol

Also, Shuma sucks at keep away, besides his assist, and he gets camped SO HARD.