"Heroes for Hire" Iron Fist's Team Building thread

Anyone think Arthur’s Daggar assist will help Iron Fist out? they’re pretty durable and I can dash behind them to keep Iron Fist safe when approaching.

Has Arthur been proven any better?

I’m sure he’s better than his vanilla counterpart lol. He got more health, jumping S drops faster, and supposedly there’s startup invincibility on his Heavenly Slash.

Yeah, basically the only things I’ve used are lockdown assists.
IF/Task for me as far as lockdown goes, but I fool around with Nova’s B assist too since it can be used for an overhead/ cross up shennanigans.

Copy Paste from Nova Thread
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Newcomer’s Team Assessment Questionnaire

Had to edit into a spoiler because my post was an eye-sore.

[details=Spoiler] 1. Who characters and teams will you use (in order of selection)?

A: I used Iron Fist on Point (Dragon Fang Y)/ Hawkeye as Second (Triple Shot A/Scatter Shot Y)/ Nova is on point (Centurion Arts B)

  1. What type of game-play strategy are you pursuing with this team? (Explain)

A: An evolution of a few teams, I combined Nova into my New Avengers team and I really liked the result. Fond of the play-style of all three characters, with Hawkeye able to pin down runaways with either of the two assists and Nova’s CA able to extend Iron Fist’s combos and create a solid mix-up and even time to cover Iron Fist after a third rekka option to dash back in and try for another mix-up if the first isn’t successful. Iron Fist also builds hella meter, and can do so much damage without the use of a bar, allowing you to stock up for Nova and especially for Hawkeye who’s such a credit to the line-up.

Hawkeye himself is a great character all around, and while on point has an advantage in the simple game plan of pressuring the opponent with his arrows and his forward M until they slip up in slid range and get punished by a BnB. He also can take advantage of the Centurion Art and Dragon Fang assist, both of which can cause bounces and, in and of themselves, can be alternated to give your opponent even more angles to worry about when blocking.

Finally Nova himself is great on point or as anchor, but I prefer to have him as the latter simply because Iron Fist is a weaker choice for last slot. Nova can use meter better, he can have a full Grav Pulse stock, and I don’t have to worry about accidentally losing half of my red-life because of bad habits. He’s also got a mean Lvl 3 X-Factor with a simple air-combo into Nova Force and then Nova Force again can end a good amount of characters. Of course, like all characters, he takes advantage from his two assists. Dragon Fang makes for ground bounces after his forward H and then into Nova Force/Blaster, and Hawkeye’s Scattershot assist can pin down characters so you can zone with Javelin and Grav.

  1. What advantages does your point (first selected) character have?

A: As I said, IF can do huge amount of damage for little to no meter and has a solid 1 Mil Health that can soak up a good deal. He’s great at building meter, can finish enemies with relative ease and his two assists aid in allowing him to not only get in, but stay in.

What disadvantages does your point character have?

A: Iron Fist on his own can have a good amount of trouble against a large number of the cast, and without assists he falls apart and can get zoned fairly easily (especially with teleporters). Besides that, sometimes his moves can be a little on the unsafe side, but nothing that’s too much of a problem. With Iron Fist, you have to be ready to play footsies and stop getting in their faces in exchange for not getting blown up on the approach. I find that playing IF counter-intuitive to his usual point style when he’s against bad match-ups can actually aid his game a great deal, staying patient with good blocking and your Defensive Chi to survive enough to punish the eventual mistakes everyone makes.

What maneuverability options does your point character have?

A: A GREAT wave dash. Seriously, the thing is amazing. Other than that, his forward H is jump cancel-able for some instant overhead opportunities, and his ability to Kara Cancel M and H help increase his range. Unfortunately other than that, he’s got very little in how he can move.

  1. What advantages does your secondary character have?

A: A great slide, an amazing keep away pressure, and the ability to make use of the meter built by Iron Fist have convinced me that Hawkeye is worthy of the pressure of a secondary character. He can attack from so many angles of direction, and the assists of both Nova and Iron Fist allow you to cover the awkward diagonal angles you might not be able to get to all at once. People usually sleep on Hawkeye’s ability to relaunch, and get decent damage once in side, as you pressure them into foolishly getting close to stop you from zoning only to hit them with Vanilla She-Hulk speed lows. Net Arrow, Piercing Arrow and Exploding Arrow are all amazing zoning tools, and they shut down flight modes, projectiles and mean sweep distant characters like Hulk, Sent and Nem. Also, his forward M is fantastic for screwing up anyone trying to get in on you from the air.

What disadvantages does your secondary character have?

A: Some of the worst recovery on low normals that I have ever seen in a character. Hawkeye needs to take advantage of either his slide or his jumping H/S in order to properly do damage at close range, because the rest of his normals are terribad. Other than that, as long as you have meter, you can protect yourself in most cases but by the same coin, without meter, Hawkeye has that much more work to put in. His ground mobility is also lacking as his wave dash is pretty weak.

What maneuverability options does your secondary character have?

A: Hawkeye’s wave dash, as I’ve said before, isn’t very strong and neither is his walk speed. He can cover his jumps just fine, and the trick shots help him cover ground, but don’t expect him to take advantage of any kind of rush down (not that you would). Obviously neither of my first two characters can hold a candle to our anchor…

  1. What advantages does your last character have?

A: Nova’s a great achor because he’s got so many tools, and a great deal of maneuverability with his amazingly fast flight mode. He can deal with most situations, and the EJ and GP allow him to zone if need be even if all he can truly do is perform set ups for getting in. His crouching M is great, but mostly you’ll be coming in from the air with Hawkeye assist keeping them grounding if IF’s hasn’t already put them in wall bounce. His normals have some STUPID range, with crouching H and launcher covering hella range. Nova’s specials are also all very helpful, with GP, Centurion Arts A and C taking top spots. GP is self explanatory as it works like an even bigger flame carpet, and just controls a good chunk of area. Meanwhile Cen Art A is a great OTG that leads into big damage from just about anything, while Cen Art C is good for punishing single projectiles or even slow normals as it’s 1 point of armor lets Nova get in for a launcher. Nova’s air grab and grab in general and the opportunity for Wesker-like resets are also great, and lead into full combos without using any meter (something I dig).

Nova has solid enough health, a multitude of tools, and some very, very, very damaging combos. Also, once you get used to the start up on Human Rocket, you can punish a number of moves (projectile or otherwise) with that hyper.

What disadvantages does your last character have?

A: Two Words: Red. Health. Red health and how easy it is to become brainless and waste half of the life you could have recovered either by DHCing out or by X-Factor by doing a stupid GP or Hyper at the wrong time is just debilitating. Nova’s normals are pretty unsafe, and for that matter so are his special moves. You’ll be using his human rocket moves rarely outside of combos unless they’re full screen or you’re punishing a fuck up, because they can all be punished by most of the cast. His centurion arts are also easily punishable and the little pause he does just screams, “Please Feed me your Beam Hypers”.

What maneuverability options does your last character have?

A: Jesus, where do I start? A nice walk speed, a great air dash, and a fantastic flight activation time allow him to be everywhere. Even Nova’s Air S can be a huge surprise for people when they’re not looking for it, and it hits fast enough across the screen to be relatively viable at mid screen or farther (if you’re gutsy enough). He’s probably the fastest character in the air on my team… Scratch that, he’s head over heels the best thing in the air my team has. On the ground Iron Fist beats him out, but Nova’s no slouch and an unexpected CA can close a gap your opponent was feeling mighty comfy in.

  1. What kind of Delayed Hyper Combo opportunities do you think your team will have?

A: DHC combos are what my team is all about. Both of Iron Fists hypers are easy to DHC out of (especially considering Hawk is the second and is equipped with his 0-Frame hyper), and DHCing into them is even easier than that. Nova is even easier than that, with both Nova Force and Nova Blaster making for easy DHCs both in the corner and out of it. One of my favorite DHC’s right now is flight combo BnB into relaunch xx Nova Force and then tagging into Hawkeye’s Rain of Arrow’s hyper, which can hit for almost 40% on She-Hulk if not more and leave them floating for super jump air-grab funnies with Nova. Ironically, while Hawkeye is great to DHC into, none of his hypers besides the Gimlet are that great, with the exception of an in the corner Rain of Arrows which can do a single hit but relaunches the opponent to eat a full Hyper from either Iron Fist or Nova (Preferably Nova Force for the latter).

  1. What type of impact will your Team Hyper Combo have on your opponent (Explain)?

A: THC combos aren’t exactly tough to combo into with my team, with the exception of Nova himself who has to X-Factor to get one in sans a crumple opportunity. Iron Fist is probably the next character in terms of effectiveness as his rekka into crumple state can allow for an easy THC opportunity. The great thing about this team is that the THC hypers are all straight, which means that Nova and Hawkeye’s projectiles keep the opponent(s) steady as Iron Fists FoF hyper digs in for a deeper damage pool. Speaking of Hawkeye, he’s probably the best in terms of THC combo potential as not only does his instant-super tag anyone, but with his Ice Arrow relaunch, he can easily turn a slide or air-grab into a full THC punish.

  1. What are some of the weaknesses of your team?

A: The team can cover each other’s weaknesses pretty well, but Iron Fist suffers pretty badly against characters like Morrigan and Zero who can jab him out of his rekka set-ups. Nova has a similar flaw although his mobility and grav pulse help greatly, but even then both characters need Hawkeye to support them either as an assist or as a sweeper for those pesky rushdown characters.

  1. After filling out this questionnaire, are you still comfortable with your team?

A: I’m not going to be changing anytime soon, I keep getting new tech, and this is still early on. I think this was a team designed for my playstyle and I’m glad I stumbled upon it. [/details]

I wasn’t the only one who thought of IF/Doom/Strider? Damn XD. I haven’t given it a lot of effort yet, but i intended on running IF rising fang, doom rocks (you don’t need missiles with striders vajra, and you can wavedash in behind doomrocks whereas beam limits your combo after since it picks them up) and strider vajra. but right now i’m running him with doom and trish, and debating on which assist to give to iron fist on that. Using crescent heel gives me an unblockable off of a round harvest setup, so I’m leaning towards that, and using low voltage and missiles. I can wavedash in beihnd a low voltage, and missiles are missiles. theres a lot of DHC possibility here, too, i just like it.

That team sounds good, but I would consider switching strange and captain around. I don’t think strange makes a very good anchor by himself. plus with strange on second you get to make use of nice dhc options into strange as well as the use of fists and captains great assists. Honestly though it’s preference, but I feel captain would work better solo

Right now my team is fist/strider/Spencer and it’s working great for me. Valjra really helps iron fists’ anti air game, and can really make the opponent scared to go airborne. The hard knockdown it causes allows for a bit of damage to be tacked on to the end of it as well. Iron fists assist allows strider a much safer wallbounce option to add to his combo potential. And Spencer works well for both Iron fist and strider. Honestly I don’t get how people though fist was going to be terrible.I still feel like his pros balance out his cons at this point

well it’s easy to think he’s terrible, he has no reliable low which is kind of unheard of for a marvel game so opening up people he’s already at a disadvantage to every other character there. he doesn’t really have anything to stop someone coming in from the air at him 5h is ok but i don’t even try it out of fear right now also a2a he isn’t very good either, his launcher is probably the worst in the game… he has no real air mobility again in marvel not a good sign, at a glance he doesn’t seem like he has safe ways to pressure and because it’s so easy to block his stuff not being able to be safe just seems bad, i know there are ways to make his pressure safer which is why i said at a glance.

there’s plenty of reason to think he’d suck

I love this character design though if he was female he’d be my perfect character :slight_smile:

also doom assist maybe the best thing for if, sure striders is similar but i think the fact that dooms hits multiple times allows you to get in if it is blocked

I can’t get Iron Fist to work at all… unless I have golden Hsien-Ko, then he’s a beast.

Hsien-Ko (Pendulum) / Ryu (Tatsu) / Iron Fist (Dragon Kick)
(gold and get out, so actually) Iron Fist / Ryu / Hsien-Ko

It’s so easy to trap people in Hsien’s assist. If they block this in air, wavedash under them and continue pressure. If blocked on ground: party time. Overhead hits can be converted to wallbounce resets, low rekka can be converted to QCF M to BnB for ridiculous damage with 2/3 meters (Spirit Dragon -> upwards Shinkuu, or Fury-Fury-Shinkuu). So fun. Even when damage gets scaled because Hsien hits, his BnB do great, great damage and builds lot of meter. Ryu can chip off anything that is still alive.
Ryu benefits the dragon kick assist really well, so easy to link of it starting with s.M. BnB ending with air Shinkuu and Spirit Dragon if you want IF back or if it kills.
Hsien Ko is not the best anchor, so try to kill with XF Ryu. But still, XF3 Hsien is not as terrible as in vanilla due to speed boost. Of course, if your fighting Wesker/Magneto, it’s all over.

I have a LOT of experience of spamming her in Vanilla, so just look out for the usual baits like Hailstorm/Sodium Force/Read a Book/etc and watch her health (damn you new HUB)

BONUS: Iron Fist red/yellow alt, Ryu Ken alt, Golden Hsien color 6 = perfect colour coordination :):):slight_smile:

i actually use if and lei lei as well and i actually rarely use armored assist
i just haven’t needed it yet, i’m fine with just blocking it out and waiting for my chance to get in
and i’m affraid of beam hypers(especially hawkeye’s gimlet :|)
but i really like them together pendulum keeps them in place so i can get close
and rising i swear that thing has invincibility or something it just plows through things then after the ground bounce you can go into lei lei’s jump loop or air gong loop if you want to

Beam Supers are free to Pendulum (just don’t do it full screen o_O) They get hit out of it, wasting a bar and if you’re blocking even in midscreen, you can start your BnB with s.H. She may take like 1/3 damage, but recovers pretty quickly anyway.

Gimlet is another Hyper to watch out for yes, but only fought like 2 Hawkeyes. Wonder how much damage she takes for it. Watch for people able to DHC into above listed hypers, or worse, Team Hyper :frowning:

Definitely power her up if you got the meter/time! Blocking is so hard in Marvel

would IF and Jean have any synergy or IF and Dorm?

I’m in love with Iron Fist, no homo. I can actually put my three favorite characters in the game on one team and it turns out to be a really solid team.

Iron Fist (purple) (Rising Fang) / Taskmaster (black) (Horizontal) / Spencer (black) (Slant Shot)

Slant Shot is so good for Iron Fist… Iron Fist’s big weakness is people who just jump back and shoot stuff, Slant Shot just puts them right in your face ready to get pummeled, plus opens up a really easy relaunch combo. Taskmaster’s arrows leave the opponent standing, it’s a pretty safe to use assist and doesn’t scale damage much.

Very surprising but Iron Fist turned out to be one of, if not my favorite character in the whole roster.

This is probably old stuff for you, but after Fists of Fury you can DHC in Vergil with Spiral Swords and get a free combo because the swords will juggle the character allowing you to continue the combo for at least 975k damage with Vergil depending how much meter you want to spend, for 1-2 bars that is very decent damage but as of yet I suspect you can do way more with the right special moves. Also Vergils gamma assist is excellent horizontal lockdown for Iron Fist. And Rising Dragon kick assist goes with any team.

Bear in mind that 975k is my very early and tired fingers set up after Iron Fist’s BnB combo into Fists of Fury -> DHC Vergil w / Spiral swords…

Edit : Properly timed you can get full hits from Fists and still have Vergil do his stuff…

But can you combo after his gamma assist hits or it pops the opponent too high in the air?

Hey guys! I’m new to the whole MvC scene. New to the SRK forums as well :slight_smile:

Iron Fist got my attention, I really love Bruce Lee inspired characters, so that’s why I’m gonna play this game.
So teambuilding right? Wow, picking up one character is hard enough, but 3. Damn! My “team” by now is Chun and IF. I’m trying to find that 3rd character, any suggestions?

I like She-Hulk, but I cant really find that last character.

Any help would be appreciated!

At least if it hits them on the ground. After Vergil’s gamma hits when they are grounded you can do Crescent Heel and then what ever, remember though that the launcher wont hit since they are in the air but you can do Crescent Heel x Surging Fist x Wall of K’un Lun into hyper of your choice you just have to recognize when to do the crescent heel at the right time.

I started to practice with Frank West, but I’m not sure if it would be better to start West, get lvl 4 and then tag him out or make sure I’ll have the assist and leave him as an anchor from the start.

I was too thinking of using West because of his shopping cart assist. I would use him 2nd and try to get Lvl 2 or 3 for him to start.

Also, I have a team with IF/Frank/? So can anyone tell me which character and assist would be good for this team and why?

Doom missiles, Dante Jam Session, Strider Vajira would all be good choices because they can prevent the opponent from just super jumping and spamming beams all day.