"Heroes for Hire" Iron Fist's Team Building thread

I was going to put IF on my main team (due to being a fan of Power man & Iron Fist comics) but Due to low air mobility I changed my mind, however I still want to play him. So he’s on point for my Secondary team. I was thinking of;

IF | Task | Spenser
IF | ??? | Doom

What do you guys think he should have? My original team was going to be IF | ghost Rider | Rocket Raccoon.

I think he really benefits of a lockdown assist, an anti air assist and Spencer’s assist. The lockdown one would be better if kept the opponent on the ground like Shopping Cart, but he can also do great damage from anti air combos, it will just be a little bit harder.

His assist is also great, so if you think some other team member would benefit from his assist more than he would from theirs, don’t hesitate to use him second or even third. He’s better on point, sure, but even Haggar is better on point covered with good assists.

I have him last with Viper and Dante, and point with Dante and Wesker. My team could benefit from changing Wesker for Strider because Vajira is so good for him (and any other character lol) but I’m kinda loyal to Wesker, so yeah.

Hawkeye/Taskmaster arrows are really good for him, since they keep people grounded for his full combos

Doom is good for the doom loops after crumple, and also for his beam and missiles assists

Missiles are great, but his beam hits them off the ground so IF can’t get maximum damage off of a hit confirm sadly :confused:

Lockdown assists are going to be pretty much a necessity if you want to use Iron Fist viably. Task/Hawk arrows, Doom’s missiles, Sent’s drones, Shopping Cart, Iron Man unibeam. What else is there? I have to be missing quite a few… Right now I’m running Mags/Iron Fist/Sentinel. Mags is a battery while IF tries to benefit from a DHC after hypergrav loop into tempest for a bunch of damage.

If I have 3 meters it’s Tempest -> DHC into Fists of Fury -> Combo into either Spirit of the Dragon or catch them on the way down with QCF M into another Fists of Fury.

Anyone finding some sort of good synergy with IF on their team? Is there any other assist that can help him extend an otg OCB M after the air launcher? I know Spencer’s grapple can but anything else?

I’m also finding his resets into air throws or ground dash under crossups are pretty reliable… but it’s day three IF so who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

I extend my combos after a regular air series with Samurai Edge -> QCB H, QCF H -> QCB M, QCF H, Power up Chi -> Dante assist (still not sure if I’m going with Weasel Shot or Jam Session) -> QCB M, QCF H(or QCB L if I use Jam Session) and then Fists of Fury -> Spirit of the Dragon

If I do the corner combo I just skip the Wesker part.

been messin with IF/ Doom (beam)/Task (parabola arrows). Still losing a lot with Iron Fist, but he’s a really fun character and I don’t want to give up on him just yet.
Kinda frustrating though…

If you could pair him with just one other character, who would it be? I like running him second to utilize his assist, and allow him to crumple into my anchor.

Task benefits from IF and vice versa. DHC’ing into task is easy whereas going the other way around is a bit more involved.
Strider is also a good asset to IF. Vajra will either give you a breif gap to move in or a free OTG combo if they press buttons in the air.

So far my team is Iron Fist on point and Morrigan as my anchor. I want someone that can benefit Iron Fist and also works well with Morrigan. I was thinking of using Hawkeye with his triple arrow assist. Anyone have any suggestions?

I want to use Morrigan for the sake of character loyalty, and Iron Fist’s combos do enough damage on their own as long as he has enough meter to do so which is why I’m using Morrigan’s meter assist. So please don’t tell me to get rid of her. Believe me I know that she “sucks”, I don’t care.

Iron fist is really good at dealing massive damage with his combos, so he benefits the most from assists that give him the opportunity to start his pressure. Right now I’m finding strider’s teleport kick assist to be really good for him since it’s a tracking his and it causes hard knockdown in the air. The team also works the other way around, iron fists assist can be used in striders teleport shenanigans, and you can use it to land a combo off of a slide. Plus the dhc from legion into Fists of fury works pretty well too. Right now my team composition is IF strider Spencer.

actually i think morrigan is really good (not being bias because i used her in vanilla) however i think you’re crippling yourself because you’ll need like a super assist to help you get in lockdown and have a bit of defensive properties for iron fist because morrigans does nothing for you. i understand why you’d use harmonizer because you can get a lot of meter fast especially if you ever use green chi as well but i don’t know how you would get in, or lock them down?
i would suggest having two separate teams but it’s still early so they make end up working well together i just can’t see it right now especially with d.harmonizer

Frank’s shopping cart assist does wonders, omg. :sunglasses:

It really does, but I’m trying to make him work with Dante and Wesker because I love those 2. But if it’s not possible, I won’t hesitate. Danny comes first, no matter what.

Im trying to work an Iron Fist/Strider/Doom team, at the moment I am not sure if I should go for beam or missiles with Doom. Could any of you guys provide some pros and cons for me? Would I be able to use beam for support and Vajira to act as “missiles?”

I think you should use Beam or Rocks if you have Strider on the team. Vajira would make up for missiles IMO.

I would go with rocks just to stay true to the Stridoom shit lol

I want to play that team as well, but I’m not good enough to learn 2 characters at the same time, so Danny first and then I’ll start to work on Stridoom

Thanks for the quick answer, ill give rocks a try :slight_smile:

Yeah you might be right on that one. I haven’t fought any real people with my team yet but just going by some training mode stuff, Iron Fist and Morrigan can’t DHC with each other very well.

For a really good lockdown assist I may try the Frank West shopping cart. I’m not sure how useful it would be in the long run by I’ve watched a few videos of JWong’s IF+Frank team and the assist looks REALLY good for Iron Fist.

well you may be able to make them work together it just doesn’t seem likely
but in terms of dhc from IF to morrigan if you do iron rage you can dhc into shadow servant for all her hits or astral for a potential reset/mixup with the clone. from morgs to IF if you finish your combos with a hard knockdown you can shadow servant into iron rage then volcanic roar if you want or if you finish your morgs combos with the air finishing shower you can dhc into volcanic roar not much hits but you can power up your chi and get a dark harmonizer call for some meter

if i were going to put them on a team together though i’d probably play morgs/if/?? just because i think dhcing is better in this order and she has an easier time getting started but i also just couldn’t see myself putting IF anywhere but first so lol yeah

I’m loving shopping cart, but I don’t know how I feel about frank in general.

I’m thinking IF/IronMan/??? I used to play Wesker, but… ya… want to try something else.

Maybe IF/IronMan/Strider? Xfactor lvl3 Stri is out of control.

I was trying IF/Captain America - (shield assist)/Dr.Strange (homing rings assist); it seems to work well.

Also, one way to get in and for mix-ups is call Captain America assist to lock down then do Lotus Whip - Dragon Tail - Dragon Kick (the flying kick). You must make sure the shield hits first or IF is unsafe after flying kick. Another way would be to do wall of kun instead of the flying kick to get benefit of armor frames and if blocked cancel to blue chi for parry…

I read this from the guide and it seemed to work but I am no marvel pro so I just wanted your feed back on this teams synergy. What do you guys think about this team?