Help With UFB mod on HORI RAP VX-SA (Xbox 360)

Hello, its my first time opening this stick up and modding, I have tried putting only a Universal Fighting Board into this stick so I can play on different consoles, so far I’ve connected all the buttons/joystick wires using a 20pin connector I bought… but I’m confused on how to handle connecting the upper panel containing the Xbox home/back button & turbo LEDs as there isn’t a slot to plug them into the UFB.

I cut off the connector on what I thought was the ribbon wire for the home/back button, then I attempted to crimp them carefully with scissors and insert them into the UFB screw terminals labeled Select & PS/XBOX. It isn’t working. There are many wires on these two ribbon wires idk which exactly you’d insert.

Can I have some help/advice in this regard?

Hope the above thread helps since it sounds like you have a VX SA non Kai stick.

I’ve got a similar stick (V3 SA) that @Vicko installed a UFB for me a few years ago, will try to dig it up, and post pics of how he wired it, if the above link doesn’t help.

you can unscrew all screws holding that PCB and so you can get to know which line is the common ground for those buttons.

if you have problems just upload a high res pic of the pcb here and we can trace them :slight_smile:

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Here are some pics. I tried inserting single wires from the small ribbon cable into the UFB screw terminals as you can see.

You are right it’s not the Kai version its the model before that. I’ve watched Vicko’s vid on putting in a Brook UFB but I couldn’t replicate. Seeing pics of what he did for your stick would be cool if you could upload that.

try testing this 3 points


@Torta was faster than me, I took too long to photoshop this out.

Follow the traces and you can see where things go.
Red = Home
Blue = Back
Black = GND


hahah your diagram is way better :slight_smile:


You both did good.

I would say if you have a Multimeter, keep that handy.
Test out and confirm the test points

Make sure you got continuity going from the button pads to the UFB terminals.
Even if you do your wiring correctly, it could be down the line a wire gets a break or something could happen.

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Thank you guys it worked. I updated the firmware and the stick is ready to use.


I don’t have a multimeter, but I did hold down the buttons for more than 10 secs in and I see no issues with the currents. Thank you for the advice.