Help opening people up?

This is my usual strategy for Nova, but the big problem I’m having is getting past people’s defenses. Since he doesn’t have an easy teleport/crossup game, I have to go for high/low mixups. Only problem is, slide is easily telegraphed and people somehow know that overheads can be blocked by blocking high. Which one you told them about that?

Is there something else I can be doing to get in on people who can outzone my energy javelins/drones? Square jump H whiffs more often than not, and I’m not really sure what else to do. I’m using Nova (Centurion Rush)/Sentinel (Sentinel Force Charge)/Wesker (Samurai Edge Lower Shot).

Maybe call the Sentinel drones and do a :h: Centurion Rush. It’s unsafe on block, but it does have super armor some time through, and the drones should do good to cover you. If it’s still too much, I’d DHC out into someone else. In spite of how forward pushing Nova is, he does lose to superior zoning. Having a team built around him does do well to cover that up, but against certain match ups, it does still show.

That flow chart does do well to show all of Nova’s options, but just to reiterate them, his anti zoning moves are as follows:
Pulse + Javelin
Assist + :h: Centurion Rush
cr :m:
High Speed Tackle
and to some extent, Gravimetric Blaster

You gotta be careful to know your spacing and timing. It’s the worst feeling in the world to be trying to counter someone’s zoning, and get knocked out of your start up.

Nice chart! Use Nova’s instant overhead. Condition them to blocking low, then do his slide+call assist and use his j.L instant overhead to break their defense. I’d recommend switching Wesker for Spencer, as Spencer really hooks up Nova with some reset potential. I don’t feel Wesker adds anything to your team, besides a Dark Wesker comeback.

As far as breaking people’s defenses. DJ pretty much said it. Nova’s box dash j.H is an incredible normal that beats out a ton of moves and throws him across the screen. Call Sent and stay in dat ass. If you’re getting outzoned, be patient and block, then slowly get in range for his cr.M. It’s relatively safe and it lets you setup the overhead. Also, you can combo from High Speed Tackle. Practice it in training mode and use it.

I was considering dropping Wesker, since all I ever use his assist for is an easy Sentinel relaunch, which he doesn’t really need that bad. Spencer never really clicked with me though. Not entirely sure why, maybe I just like characters that have a mix of zoning and rushdown. You think Morrigan might be a decent substitute too? Everyone loves being fed free meter and I hear she can be a nightmare with Xfactor level 3.

Morrigan doesn’t provide anything for your team. If you like M.O.D.O.K, try him on point with Nova second and Sentinel anchor. Might be nice. Try finding a character that can take advantage of drones and dhc’s well into either Nova or Sentinel.

It status: brought

Made my day so much.

What would you do if you have Nova anchor? How would you go about opening them up?

Pretty much the same general formula, except you gotta be a lot more careful. Good luck if you’re fighting a solid zoning character. The speed boost he gets in X-factor helps out with that, but it’s only temporary.

Just an opinion from everyone. Which is faster for his instant overhead L. Super jump or normal jump? I’ve seen both being used by people like TA Moon and Infrit. Personally I do normal jump L overhead after being pushed block. When I’m getting in I go for the super Jump L. So I just want people opinion which is faster? Super jump looks the fastest in my opinion but normal jump is easier.

For characters with an air dash, there is a certain height they have to reach before they can do it. You get to that height by jumping. Super jumping is–like the name says–a super jump. As such, it’ll get you to that height for an air dash faster than a normal jump will. If you want a faster instant over head, that’s the jump you want to be using.

The absolute fastest way, which I mentioned in the general thread, is to input very quickly, down, up, down + L. It’s a shortcut that lets you instant overhead incredibly quickly since the game inputs a dash without actually imputing a dash.

Thanks for the information Marvel, greatly appreciate it.

Also thank you LegendaryDJ to confirm my question.

Definitely will practice this way before Evo (which is in a few weeks >.<)

For what it’s worth, I still primarily rely on is crossup Tri-Jump jA for opening people up.

Nova’s B assist is actually a great relauncher if you do a rocket punch right after calling the assist.
Try out doctor strange, the bolts are a great way to approach your opponent and can easily work as a hit confirm for combos

Im a new nova player as well and have always wondered in general when ppl have drone or coldstar or some awesome assist why dont ppl specially nova players rush up and grab? Is it risky/not possible to grab while someone is blocking drones or other assist?

No, you can’t grab someone out of blockstun, if you want a grab mixup you have to wait until they stop blocking the assist.

although this is true 99.9% of the time, there was a video posted a while ago with some tech showing Viper grabbing someone out of blockstun

Can anyone elaborate what that means?

it means nova “brought it”. If you need more elaboration than that then you’re in the wrong forum.

Diddy bop!