Help Marn pick his Viper color!

Going with Alternate 4 - Peach as it’s called in Japan. LET’S RIDE!

I use ALT 6.

I noticed some of them don’t even stick to the same color all the time. Dashio…I’ve seen him use Alt 1, 3, and 4. Uryo from what I can tell uses Alt 3. So I’d say your Alt 7 pick is a pretty good choice.

Almost everyone uses Alt 1 and 3 at some point.

4! thats the only colour for me.
Or you could be badass I dont care and use original 1:smokin:
full time viper now marn?

Doesnt matter what color you use you aint gon be #1

Her alt looks like shit, use the original costume #9 or as I call it, CRIMSON Crimson Viper

Alt 9. ehy marn, you still in hawaii or what? when you leaving?

Uryo is the dark blue one. That lighter blue purple thing sucks though :(.

I think alt 2 should be good for you, no top player has gone with the black yet.

I was gonna say alt 4 purple but I started to use it xD.

Red is nice but it’s pretty common in the states.

My favorite is still alt 10 with the sand camou. Seismos look extra piff in it :cool: and it looks like she’s wearing Gambit’s coat.

alt 2, all black= badass

Alt 1 or 3 + Diner stage = crack.

Whenever I rock out in Alt 3 I make sure to Feint like crazy for no reason, just 'cause how sexy she looks doing it.

I’ll start off the match with 4 Seismo feints, just 'cause, while I stare at my opponent, I don’t care if I eat a combo, it’s worth it.

Have yet to see a Japan Viper or any Pro Viper rocking Alt 10. Be the one.

Occasionally I’ll use Alt 1, but it’s Alt 6 all the way for me. All of the other colors just aren’t what I imagined them being. For instance I prefer the regular white over the alt white, it seems to have more of a greyish tint to me. All of the others do that as well, but Alt 6 looks completely bad ass in my opinion.

Hmm, so right now it’s a tossup between Alt 7, Alt 10, or Alt 2.

We still have like 2 days to decide guys, while I beef up my new card to get enough zeny to get the costume in Japan!

And MagnetoManiac, Alt 7 is sexy as fuck, and see what I mean by needing High quality pictures? Alt 4 on Eventhubs looks like it’s pink and shit not purple.

EDIT: Added a poll for good measure.

so what you think about the ho’s in hawaii? :sweat:

gambit, imo.

gotta yell ROYAL FLUSH when you smoke niggas

make it happen marn

sexy purple ftw

Oh shit, I wish I had gotten one of those cards while I was in Japan. It would’ve been so bad ass for when I went to the arcades :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately I didn’t speak enough to know how to ask where to get one

i vote that you choose original #2 :]

but in seriousness, the alt light blue one is pretty slick.

Trinity Viper FTW.

Leave my Alt 10 Viper alone, thank you very much.

ughhhhh '09ers and their stupid threads. Lock please.

Oh and people are sleeping on Foxy Brown Alternate 8. Chocolate Viper is delicious.

Well he isn’t really an 09er. Plus we haven’t had a color thread yet. I’ll let him slide since he’s a high level Viper and he just needs dat right color.