Help defeating nova and hes weaknesses

This is for anyone who has ANY tips on how to deal with nova’s gay ass shenanigans. I feel he is so unbelievably overpowered its insane. He is incredibly fast in his movement and combos. He has like 3 overheads, cant be punished on almost all his moves weather he wiffs them, i block them, or advance guard them. I get punished every time i even try. His air throw seems to have priority over all my guys air throws every time. His centurian rush seems invinsible and can reach and OTG from any length of the screen. Human rocket punch also hits screen length and causes a crumble which leads to heavy combo. He has that air attack that he finishes air combos off that hits u like 5 times and drags u to the ground perfectly to continue combos. It also hits behind u if u try to dash under it. He has i think its crouching M that slides and hits half screen to start combos. His combos cause MASSIVE damage and he has average health at 900. Put him together with a good assist and he can pretty much just come in and have his way in SO MANY ways. I think he is the most unbalanced character in the game with no weaknesses. Common broken characters like phoenix have her low health she dies in 1 combo, virgils cheap but u can punish almost every move AND standard attack he has when he misses it specially if there not good at canceling. And hes slow 4 the most part. Stryders cheap but very low health to compensate. Doom has foot dive but its the ONLY cheap thing he has.
My team is skrull point, frank middle and sent anchor just so u guys no. Not for tips on how THOSE guys deal with nova but just for anyone whos wondering. Thanks ahead of time for any pointers.

Come on, Vergil is worse than Nova

You can push block his cr. M and punish accordingly. It’s also unsafe when whiffed.
His dive attack, j.S, is super unsafe. If your opponent loves doing that, get on him when he lands and beat him up.
Human Rocket Punch and Cent Rushes are unsafe. Just throw him.

Most of these can be fixed with a beam assist. In that case, you’ll need to attack the beam assist.

Nice!!! I never even put it together to throw him after ceturian and human rocket punch. Its just always a habit to advance guard on EVERY attack he does cause im just trying to get him away from me at all costs. And it seems like every time i try to punish him he hits me with something else into combo. So im always leery to even try now

His only usable overhead is j.L, the f+H ground pound move is unsafe and easily blockable on reaction. None of his Cent Rushes or Rocket Punches are invincible, all have slow start up and are punishable unless perfectly spaced. His damage is average.

Generally fighting a low level Nova (which no offence, but based on your posts i’m assuming you’re not playing at a high level) you want to Pushblock a lot, bad Nova’s don’t really know how to react to PB and Nova has a harder time dealing with it than most. But recognise the unsafe moves and don’t pushblock accordingly for the punish. His airdash approach is succeptable to an air throw, dash towards him and jump up under and airthrow, he wont be pressing H yet since you’ve moved forward from where he was aiming.

If he EVER does j.S outside of a combo, it’s a free kill, that move is insanely punishable.

Thanks. That was a big help

Wait until you have to start fighting truly broken teams, you’re going to want to kill yourself.

Look up frame data on his moves. You’ll easily find out what’s punishable.

Thanks i will.

Nova? OP Never thought I’d see the day.

Nova’s good but really besides cr m there is no reason to block low against, his health feels a bit low, but it could be me, and you can zone him out with the right set up, however he can get through with meter, yeah solid character, a bit too team specific though.

As a nova player myself I know a lot of nova players like to jump air dash and do jump fierce at the start of the match with an assist covering them try to just knock em down with a good anti air and control the top half of the screen and try to force him to the ground, on the ground his only real option is that crouching medium slide which isn’t that hard to stop once you expect it. So use stuff like vajra or hidden missiles to keep on the ground and mix him up. Oh and that light instant overhead is dangerous and probably his most effective strategy just remember that most times you’ll want to block high with the rare exception of the slide. Or at least that’s how I get boddied.

People forget about the slide. What you need is an assist that makes it hard to see where Nova is, like Cold Star. Then use the slide and mix it up with fly cancel into j.LH unfly glitch H, etc.

What you’re all forgetting about is Cent Rush L, which with assists or from the right range is a safe and extremely long-ranged low that catches people off guard. Like the slide, if blocked it just leads into more mixups. The difference being the range and the speed it travels after startup frames.

Yea, my whole problem is that. I dont have any assist that controls the air. Im using skrull point, with frank carrage, and sent drones. The nova i play uses nova with drone assist. He covers the ground with drones and always flys in with overheads. I almost cant do anything to stop him accept block. And hes so fast he can even hit sents assist as he flys over the drones on 1 side of the screen and STILL get my skrull on the other side as i meteor smash and recover on the other side with a human rocket punch. Its crazy how fast he is and how many cancels he has. Such a problem.

Damn son. You have Rolling Hook and Drones at your disposal. Back up at the start of the round, do that, there you go. Will at least train your friend to stop air-dashing blindly, and it’s safe if Nova blocks it.
Alternately, don’t put yourself in a position where you’re going to be blocking Drones on the ground. Stay airborne until the call is over, then Skrull has a lot of ways to beat air dash H. Fully charged j.S. Rolling Hook. Anti-air command grab. Orbital Grudge/Fatal Buster. Meteor Smash isn’t good in the matchup because Nova has too many ways to get around it and then punish it even if you super cancel.

back when people still played sent in my area I loved to target his big ass robot head with air-dash dolphin kicks, that being said you have options against him. if you don’t have a assist that controls normal jump height then your going to want to meet nova in the air and try to throw his airdash before/after he commits to H, even if he techs you still are keeping him from hitting sent.

as a side note; i tried to make nova/frank/sent work for a very very long time, i really think you should think about replacing sent on that team as his synergy with frank is lacking imo.

Yea, i was forced to try someone else and was using phoenix for a while cause even after the 2 hypers with skrull to level frank, frank gets to level 5 hyper with no problem. My biggest problem with that was 1 frank with meters for ending his combos at leveled up was ruthless and u cant use that, 2 phoenix just sucks cause she handycaps your team in so many ways, and 3 u just cant play skrull without a really good assist to cover him as he does shit. So it actually made my best guy worse. And i cant use doom so no missles.
I spent hours and days trying to make sent work with frank incase i lose skrull early. The best i came up with was to do sent B&B into plasma, mash the hell out of it to 40 something hits, THC to frank blue lightning for the rest, X factor into snapshot to just make level 4 if done right. Your only option.

Doom would be a perfect fit just like apology man"s team. I really just cant get that character down even with everyone saying hes so easy to learn.

Thanks man. Ill try to put that all together and use it.

Doom’s not really all that easy to learn, he’s pretty unconventional. Even the way he moves around is unique.

Nova destroys all of this with ease. Nova vs. Skrull is something absurd like 8 to 2 it’s a horrific match up for Skrull and basically free for Nova.

Rolling Hook=death from one of the best lows in the game–crouching medium. The range and priority on that move is unreal and it stuffs all of Skrull’s ground attacks, but especially rolling hook. Fully charged jump S is suicidal against a Nova who can get an unscaled combo off of air throws. Because Nova WILL land an air throw every time you do a fully charged air S with Skrull. Anti air command grab is basically playing Russian roulette with Skrull’s life. It’s a very picky command grab that requires you to be able to predict where your opponent will be. If you miss it’s game over vs. a character like Nova. Skrull is a very high risk high reward character.

Thats exactly the kind of shit i was talking about. Sounds like youve had a lot of experience with that matchup. Its like WTF!!