Help against tick throwers

I’m a total noob to this game. I started playing Guile just because I’ve always enjoyed him. Anyway, after playing some matches online and getting a feel for the game, the biggest problem that I’m having is against people that constantly tick throw. Just a small example, Honda bearhug into cross up jump Hk (I think) into bearhug into cross up… ad infinitum.

What am I supposed to do against this? I’ve reversal flashkick and reversal super and both go the opposite way of where Honda is after the cross up. Mashing jab or short doesn’t seem to help either.

Am I supposed to jump when I think I’m about to get tick thrown? Any advise would be much appreciated.

First, ST is all about tick throws, so depending on the matchup you might have a hard time reversing throws.

As far as your example, you can try to reverse throw when he tries to bear hug you the second time.

Usually reversal special move like an uppercut is the way to go when trying to reverse tick throws.

Slightly unrelated but is there a way to make charging reversals go the correct way against crossups? Like the f,df,d,db+p motion for shotos.

If your character has a quick jab or short you can use that to stuff regular throw attempts.

I would figure that LK flash kick would stuff the crossup…since it hits kind of directly above Guile. You could always run away with the roundhouse version. That’s what I used to do with dictator to run away from jump ins until I got confident in my AA. You know, except with fierce Psycho Crusher.

i use rh flash kick to get a trade and since its horizontal travel distance is HUGE, it really helps you get out of really tight spots and resets the match if it wiffs. plus, if it crosses under and gets the hit, the opponent will fly one way, while you fly the other. try it. i think that is the most important function of the new flashkick, IMO

reversal throw? As my friend said… “try not to overthink it.” Best advice I’ve gotten so far.

This is soooo not reliable in ST and I would 100% recommend not even going for this.

You can take the jump in attack just to keep your flash kick charged, then flash kick after the jump in attack.

You can also try to counter the throw with your own throw - I recommend doing the ‘piano’ method - mash on Strong then Fierce over and over (since you are using guile - he has no kick throw). Or double tap the same button with 2 different fingers really quickly.

Even if you flash kick the wrong way and it doesn’t hit honda - getting away from him and resetting the match is good enough. just go back to throwing sonic booms and zoning him out. The matchup goes: guile keeps honda out with sonic booms, honda spends the whole match trying to get in - once he gets in, he goes for throws to make up all the damage. So just keep him out more and you’ll be fine.

Derek Daniels

Guile can’t block an overhead jump in and maintain his charge.

Good point about throwing a thrower though. What a lot of people don’t realize is that in a lot of cases where they tick throw you, you can just throw them. The only way you won’t be able to throw them is if they have a greater throw range than you and they are outside your throw range, and of course you can’t out-throw a spinning piledriver or cyclone.

EDIT: Oh, my mistake. You said to take the jump in hit.

There’s a lot of good advice in this thread about how to get out of tick throws, but I’m going to give you the best advice yet: Don’t let yourself get put into a situation where they can tick throw you to begin with.

Once they’re in, sure, do whatever last ditch effort works best. But at this point, you should consider it a bonus if you manage to get out of it. I know it isn’t practical to never be in range against a lot of characters. But if you keep this in mind, it will still help you a lot.

Another trick I use a lot:

It’s risky, but if you’re getting pressured non stop, try to take the hit and then throw to reset the situation.

^^Yep. Another way to think of it is to pressure your opponent with tick throws. Let HIM try to figure out how to get out of YOUR throw traps.

<-------Tick Throwah.

Get ready.

Man I do that with Honda all day if I can get it, although the down+forward splash is more reliable for him as a safe jump. So, fierce grab, immediate toward jumping down+forward, crouching short/jab, fierce grab again, etc. The thing with this is that the jumping splash usually crosses up but not always so Honda can’t be sure which way to block in case you do a flashkick, so if you do a reversal flash kick every time, eventually you’re probably gonna hit Honda out of this. Doing a reversal every time is hard and it guarantees that Honda will get the next fierce grab, but then regardless of what you do, if Honda safe jumps and blocks and correctly here, you’re going to take some kind of damage anyway.

But yeah, best defense against this? Don’t let Honda grab you midscreen, because this only works midscreen (ie, if you’re not in the corner). If you notice, every good Guile player almost immediately backs himself into the corner against Honda. I’m not sure if this is a conscious decision they make in order to avoid the possibility of eating this throw loop, but the result is still that they avoid it.

Actually, I’m just talking from ST knowledge. Does roundhouse flash kick maybe escape this trap entirely even midscreen? Gotta test this.

Buy a controller with a turbo switch.

Is there a small window in ST when you enter block stun or hit stun where you can’t be thrown, like in 3s? I’m watching online match videos and it looks like there are no such “safe” windows.

There is, it’s just much smaller. So against a properly done tick throw you either have to reversal throw or reversal invincible move, sometimes due to throw ranges you’re stuckt with having to do an invincible move. But you can still try to throw too early and have a normal come out, happens all the time to me. I think WW had no such window, someone correct me if i’m wrong.

Have you got a hard-on for controllers with the turbo function…Second thread mentioning something along the lines of buy a turbo controller :confused:

Bad advice regardless, learning tournament standard controller setup is best.

Learn to throw when you expect a throw you will either beat them out and throw first or you will tech which is always good (puts guile back at good range for booms, backfist, flashkick turtling too). Eating the hit they attempt to tick with is also helpful every once in a while to break tick throw rhythm and get the pace of the match back in your favour.

You know I’m almost 100% positive this was proven to do absolutely nothing.

So is it possible to reversal Gief’s tick SPDs?! I swear, I’ve tried to shoryu so many times and don’t get it.