Hell's Kitchen: Season 7

Oh shit…next Tuesday Ramsay returns for a 7th season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Fox’s HK site with new contestants. Last season was pretty good IMO with Dave taking the win.

Fucking yes!

oh shit son!

no trailer yet??

I know man…I saw a promo during Kichen Nightmares, but I can’t find it online.

Can’t wait.

Last season was my first for this show. The LOLs were limitless.

Yeah…jean phillipe K-Groove was a highlight.

I hope this season’s at least as good as the last. :smiley:

Only one cute girl this time (the black chick).

Dr. B and Jecht are honored to share their pedestal with K-Groove Ramsay. I will be watching.

What kind of chaos was in the promo?

I only saw the ending of it.
Just some fat chick showong Ramsay some ugly looking dish…and he made this face of dejection.

If I remember cleary, season 5 was actually shot in 2007 and 6 shot in early 2008. i hope this season is recent.

i have yet to buy a season on dvd :frowning:

Ramsay screaming and people crying is good television. Can’t wait for this to start.

Oh shit I’m so pumped! Who was that clown from last year that wanted to fight Ramsay again?

I expect Ramsay to be way over the cliff with his own businesses not doing well

Show is awesome can’t wait!

Fox’s editing is fucking bizarre, do people in the US have severely short attention spans, you can sometimes tell they have sliced two different scenarios together just to create more drama :confused:

I’m pretty sure no one cares about Fox’s editing. All we care about is Ramsay going full R4 K-Groove on some snooty bitches.

was last season witht hat black woman that thought she owned everything?

Yay. More retarded dramatic music. This week on Hell’s Kitchen! BOOM BOM BOOOM BOM BAA BOOMB DOOO DOO DAA BOOOM!!!
Hate that shit. Silly Americans and their need for this kind of shit.