Hello Fellow Makoto Players

Hello friends. Ryan here (non-white boy). Looks like I’ve decided to main Makoto for now. My character history goes like this: Urien (6+years?)…Chun (3 years). I realized I love to attack. Obviously Urien has a hard time doing this without aegis stocked and same with Chun and Hoyoukosen. I love the mixup choices Makoto has. Rock Paper Scissors. I’ve heard from a few Japanese players that Makoto is “Janken” lol

I want to discuss more about matchups and choice of super. Obviously, there are tons of threads like this here that are severely outdated.

Ill start out at the top of the alphabet… ALEX!

What do you guys think about Makoto/Alex? Personally, I haven’t decided yet if Seichusen or Abare is the correct super. I’m leaning towards Abare just so Alex has to be a little wary of corner pressure. Also, Seichu doesn’t hurt that bad for buff Alex. This match feels very RPSesque. Not as much as Dudley but theres quite a bit of guesses on both ends.

So lets talk about Makoto/Alex!!

SA2 for corner escape sometimes imo (y)
+its a hard counter to the fearsome stun gun headbutt

personally, i feel corner escape abare is such a waste. at least if i super jump out i can parry on the way up.

stun gun… hmmm. never played anyone decent who uses stun gun. but off the top of my head im pretty sure you can just dash forward to beat stun gun.

i do enjoy the fact that ex oroshi hits alex from pretty far. can make punishing pretty hard even if he parries.

change 'approved" looking fwd to see some Makoto matches.

I pretty much use sa1 exclusively for all matches, I feel limited by sa2 for various reasons.


Please do SA1 so you can Tsurugi land Dash punch him in the neck, not poor Ryu all the time there. :sad:



Whoops, that was fancier than I remembered. :cybot:

And just in general can Makoto take care of the air against Alex, even with Tsurugi?
Even if he parries, done low enough she’ll just land anyway before MPxEX kneedrop air throw or whatever.
No recovery from Axe Kick here, Trip Guard, she can block now?

Sorry newb stuff and not the SA1 choice discussion.

Makoto has huge advantages over Alex, as you already know. Mobility, she kills him, being able to approach from all angles. Alex has such a stupid hitbox that he gets hit by a lot of stuff. If you really wanted to zone him, s.forward is always stupidly good (hits him even when crouching, AFAIK!). Be wary of having a Hayate blocked (EX is safe but non-EX can be reversed by s.strong/forward into EX Flash, or my personal favorite, headbutt). Also, of note, Alex can backdash after a successful non-EX Hayate to escape Hayate (is he airborne? I forget).

Personally, it’s up to playstyle as to whether you want SA1 or SA2 for this match-up. I usually see SA2 due to EX meter, and as well, if Alex gets Makoto cornered, he has to be more wary. Even if he has a strong okizeme game, he doesn’t have too much damage coming out of anything low (beyond cr.short XX super) so you can place your eggs in the high attack or throw basket. SA1 is equally as good, though, since you have a super threat (and a veritable wake-up option) from anywhere on the screen.

I’ve always felt that Alex is a Diet Makoto. Both have more options on the offensive side, tons of stun, but Makoto’s mobility and stronger options (Karakusa being EONS ahead of Power Bomb) definitely make this a threatening match for Alex. Alex can take the hits but, er, well… Makoto just hits way too much.

Also I’m still a huge scrub and nothing I write should be taken into accord.

Good points from the outsiders mind…

Can be baited but st/cr short Hayate is good on wakeup to beat PowerBombs.

The fact that Alex is so easy to ground crossUp kinda screws with me.

Alex low strong is really good against maks st mk and low rh

from what i can tell makoto cannot hit alex’s far mk with her cr.mp unless she is basically hitting his standing leg. alex’s kicking leg goes right over cr.mp and will hit her arm, head, shoulder, whatever.

Yeah mak vs Alex is IMO is one of her most annoying matches

I haven’t found one SA to be better then the other in this match-up

It is very much a play your opponent more so then there character match up.

standing strong buffer fp hayate is fairly useful in the mid range

Max range alex sweep if free hayate on block (thank you Alex’s fat cr hitbox) although it leaves you well outside of karakusa range and like most sweeps if free dash in karakusa on parry.

you can st strong link jab-> short chain on him crouching which does count for style points.

Ex fuki is solid in this match up as an anti air along with the standard shit. I have started to play around with st fpx fp hayate buffer (cancel on hit
let go on parry to get away haven’t fully explored if it is really useful in this match up yet…

post ex hayate (assuming quick rise) you can very the timing of dash cr jab dash to decide how close you want to end up next to him. Early as possible leaves you outside of st strong range, delay leaves you right next to him.

Post ex hayate you can fp hayate ->dash for meaty timing (assuming quick rise) instead of dash cr jab dash. You can also dash cr jab dash against him although if you do it early as possible it leaves you outside of st strong range, you can delay one of the dashes to end up close enough to karakusa.

*Due to Alex’s quick rise speed you can greatly very your spacing post knockdown when he quick rises by varying the timing of your dash. (this works on other characters as well)

For example post sweep knock down (quick rise) dashing as early as possible leaves you at about max rh karakusa range outside of Alex’s kara throw range(your dash will end before while Alex is still rolling back from quick rise) If you delay the dash slightly you will end up much closer also I believe how quickly they quick rise can also effect this.

From the right range you could probably whiff punish Alex st mk with hp ex Hayate?? Something to let him know he can’t just stick it out anytime he wants.

Most ppl forget you can reversal the sweep with hp Hayate.

Can you whiff punish cr mp easily with Hayate? Never tried.

Yep on the fpx ex hayate

cr mp is 7-2-13 so it looks like it is possible if your are looking for it… although cr jab looks very similar

St strong stuffs Alex st mk. So just buffer hayate into that normal if they like using st mk. If you parry it you can do st fierce hayate even from max distance, which makes me believe that you can parry then fukiage it from mad far.

I miss training mode. :frowning:

We need a topic for that.

[]Testing stuff, when you currently can’t
]Other people will know more about something, having already tried it
[*]Always new things to explore, left out there to find possibly
So we never see this again:

Ah haha, shit nevermind, he also asked for Arcade testing. mame:mulators I guess.

I’d say Japan arcade mode was more then a fair trade

Surprisingly nope you have to be fairly close, while you can strong fuki he bounces funny so you usually cannot even follow up with even a hayate

Yes you are right. Come visit. I think everyone could use some Japanese 3rd strike in their life.

It would be nice and I do have a passport I have never used… maybe some time next year after I have stacked some more cash.

Although am thinking about trying to be the best in Mongolia first although laggy lcd’s suck.