Heihachi Video Thread

Drop some knowledge through video here.


me using a combination Guile / Heihachi at Super Arcade’s SFxT singles tournament

i come on at the 4:30:00 mark

dat pressure!

Relentless with that high-low pressure, good stuff.

Sorry for the bad quality, first match of the day, I will try and put more up. [media=youtube]9oAHUuE8euI[/media]

Very nice combo page, I like the instructive feel of everything. Thanks for the hype fellas!


Wasn’t sure if this belonged in the Video or Combo thread. Hadn’t seen it shared before.


From ssf4evo’s channel: Rufus x Chun-Li vs Rufus x Heihachi


I think I may be retarded but this vid is only 2:00:00 long for me. Checked 00:04:30, 00:40:30 and 00:43:00 and couldn’t find any Heihachi.

Nice vid Black-Toof! i enjoyed it so i watched the other videos on your channel. Now i want to pick up Gouken in ssfIV!

Thanks Man! Gouken is also a great choice, he’s so Fun!
If you decide to pick him up, let me know. You can add me on PSN (if you have it) @ Black-Toof

Preview of what may happen when everyone learns to block Heihachi’s obvious overhead :frowning:

Not a lot new here, but does include using Ex Hell Axle tag-cancel and a Cross Art combo which I’m always keen to see.

Never go for the overhead target combo. Always go for the low hit to condition them to block down or don’t follow it up with anything to confuse them. Once you condition them properly make sure you capitalize when you score that overhead ground bounce. Don’t just do some weak combo. Do as many low hits and sweeps as possible throughout the match to get them to block low. Remember this isn’t SF4 where you can focus attack a sweep. They’re safer in this game

Some okay spacing, frame traps and string pressure with Hei.

[media=youtube]BmmYlX0zrW4[/media] [URL=‘http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmmYlX0zrW4&feature=channel’]
Good example of Hei performing well as an Anchor

That’s some really good stuff man, especially since I run the same team. I hit a mean wall after reaching 5000 BP, but I’m gonnahave to steal some things. Mainly cr.mk xx Medium Raijin and then the b.lk to bait a normal. Some really good spacing there. Upload more whenever, I’d be glad to see it.

Oh, thanks.

I’m having a bit of trouble with the team. Akuma has really, really bad health. You are going to lose 1/2 life if you get touched. You really have to keep away and wait for the advantage. It sucks when I’m at 50% and just 1 small limb touches me… and converts into a full extended combo/juggle and I’m dead.
I use to play Ryu on point instead of Akuma. I did waaaaay better. I only switched Ryu out because I began to see heaps of Ryu’s online (I hate using popular characters).

And Hei. He’s really difficult to use. I’m not very sure if I want to keep him. I know two other Hei players who are WAAAAAAAAY better than myself. And they have already dropped him. He has got some pretty bad match-ups, so far. EG. Rufus.
And when Hei gets knocked down… OMFG does he get raped.

Anyways. Here’s a few more matches.

Extended and heavily scaled damage… to time waste. Funny ending.


Sigh at Akuma’s health


Some more matches. Would be nice to get some feedback.
Don’t worry about execution errors. More as in match-up strategies, tactics, etc.


Some high level Hei!


dat end combo…