Head-to-Head cabinets at MGL?

Slash plz!

Yea I mentioned Slash to them already, I’ll try to push them into ordering it as much as I can. We really need a good GG at MGL, I understand we are hurting in that area. But yea I’ll see what I can do.

i vote yes, i guess.

ps - we should get Fist of the North Star!

So… what’s the outcome? Is MGL going to try out the head2head cabs?

We’ve already taken out one of the 3rd Strikes from a big screen and replaced it with Jojo’s. That 3rd Strike went into a 27" cab and will be set up for H2H soon. I’ll see if I can get them all set up H2H at once thanks to the votes above. Keep those votes coming and youll see H2H at MGL sooner than you think.


Your joking right?

That brings up agood point though…how would that work exactly?

And yes I vote H2H…along with new sticks, this would make the drive to Milpitas worthwhile.

H2h Ftw!!!

I’d say you can just treat it as 1 machine, but they need to put the quarter rack one side or so. Or you CAN put the quarter on either side, but if it’s a pro on a 20+ streak on one side, it’ll pretty much be the same idea as the first.

Once you guys get head to head, I’m definetely heading down there during the summer.


Leave it cuz it koo that way.:lovin:


Hmm, yeah, there’s probably gonna be a problem with the ‘I-was-next-but-you-got-to-the-other-machine-first’ bs… will there also be a 3rd screen on the H2J? :XX

If the rack is under the third screen I’m sure civilized peeps can follow some kind of order. I think that h2h will actually be benifical by having peeps react to whats happening on the screen and not eyeballing your hands.

who cares, just put the H2H machines in

Shut up huy =]



Confuzion loves that brokeback shit, don’t worry bout it.

you just like vietnamese in your mouth:looney:

Imagine an arcade with 10 h2h cabinets lined up in a row. Lets say your waiting for a game (CvS2) in the middle of this row (1p side) and your coin is the only one up on this side. Now on the other side of the row (2p side) there is two more people with there coins up waiting to play. Ok, lets say 2p loses… you dont walk around to the other side and try to say you were next. By the time you get to the other side someone will of started playing already. You just wait on whatever side you put you coin up on.

But… since MGL only has 1 h2h setup right now (3s) it could be done however the masses want. There isn’t 10 h2h cabinets to walk around just to get to 1p or 2p side.

3rd Strike Goes H2H!

3rd Strike has been set up H2H and is playable as of yesterday. The cabinets are in testing and are not in final form. New sticks and buttons will be added later and the golf arcade will be re-arranged to add the H2H section. CVS2 and MVC2 will join the H2H section in the next few weeks with a possible Puzzle Fighter H2H set up as well. Once again 3rd Strike is H2H and is in its playable testing stages, everything will be finalised in the next few weeks. We encourage you to stop by MGL and give it a test run from now until the finalisations.