Head-to-Head cabinets at MGL?

How would you feel about having head to head cabinets at MGL for:

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
Capcom VS. SNK 2
Marvel VS. Capcom 2

Please vote.


I vote no, I like to sit next to my fellow brethen and duel it out for the most space.

I would like to see Mgl be the first to have Head to head cabs. Mgl has lots of space , so it would make sense if you guys decided to have it.

It would be fun to see (player one) get his ass owned by (player two) and wondered, “who the fuck is on the other side?”. Hahahah :lol:

Is it one of the other? Have showcase cabs and head2head…

Since we have 2 of each game, we are looking at keeping 1 of each game on a showcase and 1 in a head to head set up. So if you don’t like head to head or if you dont like showcase, you’d have the option to pick what style you want to play on.

h2h make it happen joe!!

h2h would be so siiiiiick. <333 joe if this becomes a reality.

h2h ftw

head to head sucks… f*ck that shit i like playing next to dudes (joe le) oh!!! :lovin: i mean girls.:sweat:

what kind of sticks for the h2h cabs? I vote japanese sticks =p

I voted H2H. So how about those ranbats?

Is there a picture of what the H2H cabs would look like? I’m curious as to the design of the cabs… Is it just 2 cabs that sit next to each other, are they stuck together…are they opposite of each other… how big are they, US style, Jap style…what?

If everything goes as plan… the h2h will be 2 US style cab set back-2-back making the players stand on the opposite side of each other… there will be only one set of sticks and buttons on a cab… so when your waiting for your turn… you better put up your coin on the right side 'cause that player might not lose… lol

H2H sounds cool.

hey joe can you install some head-giving cabinets instead?

sure np… lol actually thats the last step in finalizing h2h at MGL.:tup:

YES FOR H2H! I wonder if we’ll get tournament players because of it… don’t flame me!!

head giving cabinets?


OK…This is what’s up. The first game to be set up H2H is going to be 3rd Strike. Since this is new to managment, they want to try it out on one game to see how it looks and how people respond to it. If it does well then we will add CVS2 and MVC2 as well. We will still keep one of each on a showcase cabinet so that MGL will have both styles to choose from.

We are most likely going to install JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in one of the three empty showcases, which leaves us with two more. I was thinking of getting Tekken Tag in one and some of the other games we already have like possibly Puzzle Fighter or Vampire Savior in the others but we’ll see what happens. Maybe you can help us decide. What would you like to see in the other two showcases? Post away…


Yay h2h, good shit!

Slash in one of the empty showcases.