He Loves You - The secret invasion of the Super Skrull thread

Any one of us could be a Skrull but at least we know which one is definitely a Skrull.

I’d have prefer to have some of the actual Fantastic Four but this is okay too. Maybe even better because the Fantastic Four only have one power each, which while good enough in the comics, may not be appropriate enough for a fighting game.

Orbital Grudge: QCF+A
Tenderizer: (mash A rapidly)
Elastic Slam (grab): QCB+A
Meteod Smash: DP+A

Skrull Torch: QCF+2A
Inferno: QCB+2A

I am Skrull.

I noticed that his advancing guard/pushblock is invisible woman’s sheild bubble thing! Pretty dope detail!

That Thing/Mr Fantastic ground pound move hits OTG? Hells yeah!

Not to mention, his Hyper Combos look straight out of DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Super Explosive Wave, and a fiery version of Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado. Fun times.

Not gonna lie Skrull’s whole concept in this game so far is insanely good!

He looks the tits, most interesting character yet

Super Skrull looks really awesome. I love all those little details like saying “He loves you” right before the Super Nova attack, or Sue Richards’ bubble for his Advancing Guard.

“Are you having fun yet!?”

Interesting, the stage Super Skrull is revealed in seems to be RE themed I can see a Tyrant and some Lickers.

This character is looking nasty <3

Super skrull is turning out nice. Looks like he’ll do well against zoners.

“he loves you”

That combo he does on Chun Li at the beginning of the new Gameplay vid does about 80% life for just one bar of meter. That’s a little ridiculous.

I’m sure i’m not the only one that noticed the damage off that combo againest chunli seemed to do around 70 to 80% with just one super bar, is that avoidable?
by some sort of ground tech after the aerial rave?

haha you beat me to it ^^^

wolverine could do the same with a air combo into super… Remember if your a female you’ll have low stam, felica and morrgain took hits really bad in the EVO build.

Aesthetically, he was horrible…He looked so dorky…I also though he was the Green Goblin at first.
Him and Dr. Doom definitely need more work on their character models…

He is causing insane amounts of damage and from what ive seen he has a lot of stamina himself. Other than push block i was waiting to see more invisible woman based moves.

yeah, his damage seems a little extreme at the moment… other than that, he looks awesome. i’ll definitely be trying him out

the only reason he looks like he’s hitting really hard is because he’s prob fighting a bunch of low stam characters. Dante def has slightly below average health.

even if the characters have low stam, he completely destroyed chun with just one meter. maybe i’m just used to ssf4 and lower overall damage though

man skrull looks amazing…his supers were awesome…they put in a great amount of detail to him…