HD Remix Strategy Guide and Move Listing


Fei Long is the latest character to have his HD Remix guide on EventHubs.com heavily revised.


Also has the usual individual character match up strategies you can check out here.


Kisses you on the lips :lovin:

Great stuff man. I’m new to the scene of Street Fighter, and I’ve been working on maining Balrog. This guide definitely helps out a lot, keep up the good work!

I like the bolded purple, can’t miss the s character matchups now, and it looks good, nice job

Very very nice Faqs, But you can do lot more combos if you are faster, then I suppose most of them are to hard to do with a DPAD,

Hope you read the comment I posted in the sagat section and after fake slide you can go into headstomp or devil reversal instead of going for a throw.

Cool guide.

Hey, again. Your guide had a great update since the last time I checked it. Cool.

I noticed you changed the hadouken information, but it is still not perfect. The correct quote would be like

I would suggest that you check T. Akiba’s SF2 Frame Data, which shows the frame data for all Ryu’s attacks. It is a great site for one to bookmark. There you can check that Ryu’s red fireball (Shakunetsu Hadouken) has the same frame data (if you wanna add that too).

I would also add the cr.fierce (meaty), cr.fierce combo for Fei. It is a simple and effective combo that many good Fei players use.


Ahh, good catch. I needed to say it was recovery time and not start up, thank you.

I added in credit for you at the bottom of the Ryu guide.

Also Fei combo had already been posted.

But that link has some sweet information, thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks man.

Just wanted to comment about the combo listings for the characters. I tried not to include every possible combo because it would take up a ton of space, and be a bit repetitive.

Basically just tried to do the most effective stuff people should know.

Dhalsim has had his HD Remix strategy guide on EventHubs.com redone.


There’s also a page up with individual character strategies.


But for those of you who prefer a little more general advice on the game, we’ve also added in a few new sections.

Reversal Moves and Techniques: http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2009/jan/14/reversals-super-street-fighter-2-turbo-hd-remix/
Throwing, Ticks & Counters: http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2009/jan/14/throwing-ticks-reversals-super-street-fighter-2-turbo-hd-remix/
And a basic gameplay details: http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2009/jan/12/basic-gameplay-details-super-street-fighter-2-turbo-hd-remix/

Sorry, wasn’t sure where to ask this…but, is it possible to map PPP or KKK to a button?

Inquiring Zangief pad players want to know…

EDIT: Nevermind. I just remembered it’s P/K to do lariats now.

Looks good so far. Skimmed a few characters, only have a few comments for Balrog:

Balrog has two versions of Rush Upper, and only one is listed. Back to forward + kick is different than back to down-forward + kick. The latter is better: it knocks down (back to forward doesn’t), it still works as distant anti-air like the back to forward version, and most importantly it lets you keep down charge for headbutt. This gives Balrog a mixup between whiff back to down-forward + kick into either immediate throw or headbutt to stuff throw reversal attempts. Balrog’s section should also note that he can keep rush charged while using headbutts (use down-back to up-back for headbutt, never release back) and vice-versa (do rush with down-back to down-forward, never releasing down). Worth noting this lets him do whiffed headbutt into super. Not the same principle but another super trick, he can do a short rush into super by making it all one motion (back to forward + short, back to forward + piano punches, all very quickly, and here is where you actually want back to forward + kick rush over back to down-forward so you don’t knock them down accidentally and then waste the super).

Thanks for the notes here. I added them into this guide.


I also gave you credit down on the bottom.

The Balrog guide still needs beefing up, but it’s better than it was.

thank you very muhc. this should be at the top of the fourm. excellent stuff.

Thanks, I appreciated it. However, pretty much everything I have said is well known, so it is not needed. I have learned it from other users’ posts, such as fatboy, NKI and NH2, who have either posted such things or provided those ST website links in the ST section of SRK. Thus, I think a link to NKI’s translation of T. Akiba’s SF2 frame data would be enough, as that’s where I got the information. I’ve just cared to read the whole guide and point out what was still not right.

We’ve made heavy revisions to Dee Jay’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix strategy guide on EventHubs.com.


Inside you’ll find detailed instructions on how to use Dee Jay’s moves, combo listings and strategies.

There’s also a page devoted to specific match ups against characters.


Thanks a lot bro , this is great for newbs like myself .:lovin:

^ Same with me.

Thanks for the link. It’s very helpful, especially for a noob like me. lol

catalyst_nc. PLZ make a character matchup section for gief. there isnt much out there (besides the gief thread) on his matchups. ino its just spd all the time but i need help knowing his matchups and what works (ex. jump ins or lariat) agaisnt certain opponents. i would greatly appreciate it