HD Remix Strategy Guide and Move Listing


This link contains a strategy guide and move listing for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

Inside you’ll find some pretty solid character guides and a few other things, but please note this is not yet finished, as some of the characters need to be fleshed out.

This guide probably won’t help really high level players, as most of this stuff will be common knowledge to you, but if you’re trying to learn a new character or you’d just like some general advice, I think it will be helpful.

And I’ll be continuing to update these guides on a regular basis until they’re complete.

Also if you have anything you’d like to add, please feel to leave a comment here. I try my best to give credit to everyone who contributes to the guides.


Good shit, man! :smile:

This should 100% be stickied.

Awesome job. Keep it up.

‘‘Cheap son of a gun’’


Haha, I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on that.

For the record, I love Balrog. He’s been one of my favorite characters since Super SF2, BUT, man can he be dirty. :wgrin:

The cammy section is a little thin… Take a look at the first post in the Cammy thread on here to see what we’ve all been putting in :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the Hooligan throw isnt right, the command shown is for just the roll. It’s <- or -> and kick when your close to throw, or v ^ and kick to cancel mid roll.

Nice guide. I only checked the Ryu section, so far. As for suggestions, I’d rather read SF notation (jab, strong, etc) rather than crossup notation (light punch, etc). As fo content suggestions, it is always nice to include information about recovery on the projectiles. Unless kara-canceling is used, Ryu’s projectiles get 1 extra recovery frame if one uses strong and another extra frame of recovery if one uses the fierce version. Might sound negligible at first, but one learns to consider it as he/she eats jumping roundhouses from Guiles and Dee Jays over time.

There is no information about the tatsus. New players should learn that they knock down with a single hit, travel over sonic booms and yoga fires and the stronger the kick one uses, the faster and longer he advances forward.

Again, nice guide.

Yeah, I just started working on the Cammy section today, so it’s still really basic, but I’m hoping to have it up to snuff by the end of the week.

I clarified the Hooligan Throw and added in credit to you down at the bottom. I appreciate the heads up.

Thanks for the notes here and compliments.

I went with things like “Light Punch” instead of “Jab” because it’s more n00b friendly. Veteran SF players know right off what I mean when I saw Jab, but too many new players were like, “Huh?”

I’ve been trying to keep as much of the hardcore terminology out as I could, because when I first started the SF3 guide, I got quite a few emails from people asking for clarification.

Anyway, kudos for the notes on kara-canceling and hurricane kicks. I’m going to work these into the Shoto guides when I go back and revise those sections again.

Not to be an arse or anything, I’d say her Spinning Backfist was her main way to get out of fireball traps, not the hooligan roll :stuck_out_tongue:

The Deejay part needs the cu.MK - cr.lp - cr.FP xx MGU combo because it’s his most damaging non-super combo (I think)

sick stuff dude, repped. :woot:


sick this help me out alot i would have given you rep if the scale popped up

The Cammy guide on EventHubs.com has been heavily revised.


This is also the first character we’ve added individual match up notes to:


This will be a running theme on the website, as all of the guides should have individual match up information added with time.

Also, the Cammy guide still needs some work, but it’s in a pretty decent state right now.


Very nice… Thanks.

Good stuff, you beat me to it ^^ doing a guide for my site too (it’ll be in french though, at least until i finish my translation system which means for a long time cause it’s a hella lotta work).

Guile’s HD Remix strategy guide has been updated on EventHubs.com.


This guide is in pretty good shape right now, although there some areas that still need to be expanded on a bit.

Also continuing with the previous theme, there’s a page up that contains individual character vs. strategies for Guile.


Waiting for those Fei Long strats.

No reason to start on the high tier guys.

Help the low tier ones first. :slight_smile:

You might want to make the vs character strategies a little bit more noticable, or maybe linking it from the main page or something.

Maybe it’s just cause I’m hung over, but it can be easy to miss

Hrm, you bring up a good point… Let me see what I can do with those…