HD Remix Match Play Videos Thread

Uploading 67 day-1 matches between myself, Sabre, LeRaldo, AngryLobster, and TooTall. Enjoy!

sweet. it was nice playing you this morning, although later on in the day, your room was always full when i tried entering. :frowning:

nice rep’ing cammy. :smiley:

Thanks! You too. I wish Id have hooked up the direct capture setup earlier in the day, but at the same time, it wasnt until later that people were really getting the hang of things.

We need to play some time Keits. Good lookin out for us.

If only I had the hookups to do this with my 360, I’d put up some beastly Cammy vids.

Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it

Nice upload man. But I didnt see any Gief love.

how did you capture the matches ?

Nice, thanks for capturing those Keits. We need to play some more some time

Wow, leraldo was whupping you guys with akuma.

He was landing demons off EVERYTHING.

Aaah good shit man! :lovin:


You didn’t record the match when I fought you…good…

I use a USB 2.0 Video Capture Device, and a Y splitter for the Video RCA input from the game hardware. You lose some brightness doing this on your TV, but its important that you have the game going on your TV and capturing on your PC at the same time. It will lag disturbingly much on the PC, so you cannot play off of this.

I do not feed game audio into the capture device the same way. I simply put the laptop being used for this close-ish to the TV and tell the capture software I use (CyberLinK Power Director) to capture audio from the Laptop’s built in mic. I then turn up the TV. This way, you get the game noises AND the background elements, such as speech and buttons. People seem to enjoy this. I certainly do.

After you are set up, its just a matter of remembering to hit STOP -> RECORD between each match. You’ll see a few near the end where I was getting lazy and putting two matches in one file (there is nothing wrong with this, as long as your file doesnt go over 10 minutes, as youtube wont take it).

To everyone else: Nice playing you all, thank you, and you are welcome. :lovin:

Update: 75 Turkey-day matches are now uploading, featuring myself, Sabre, WildKitty, MrWizard, Kai, BlazingEmperor, Xirtam, and UNV Rasta.


Nice Nice.

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Thanks for the matches! Been waiting to see some for a minute. I think i’m gonna go out and get a router for my 360 so I can get on soon!

70 matches from this afternoon at my house (11-27-08):

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Nice Keits, I should get off my lazy ass and do the same thing. My USB Capture card has just been gathering dust since I gave up Brawl.

Here is the playlist link for the Turkey Day matches: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=67A5CF11EE9F63AF

you dont know me, youre not my family! some nice cammy action you got there

I watched all your matches Keits. Awesome stuff. Actually found them on youtube before you posted this. They are the best match vids of HDR on tube so far. The background chatter makes them superb. The Turkey-day matches lack much of the chatter sadly, but the different people playing from the first day brought in some characters we didnt see the first day.

Props for the cammy play. Always Cannon spike at the start of every round because only a scrub doesnt jump at you right way :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything these vids prove Cammy is no longer bottom tier.

My only complaint is I didnt see people really making use of the new moves and such. Didnt see any fake slides with Bison really or fake Hadoukens, and the guy using Gief seemed to not know the new motion for the Green Glove. He looked like in his first fight he tried the old motion alot then just gave up. I love the “Jab headbutt eats fireballs”, and the guy still tried to just jump them all the time. Obvious learning curve for the new stuff it seems.