Hawai'i Video Gaming League


My name is Jeff and I am the comissioner of the HVGL. We are a Non Profit Organization that is committed to bringing the islands gamers together to make us a nationally recognized part of gaming culture and to detour negative stereotypes in our local community. For more info please visit Http://cgoh.20.forumer.com/look under the local groups category.

If that link is down, which happens often you can also find us in the kawaii-kon forums under gaming.


We hold tournaments for most games, and sad to say our fighting games department has been lacking any real competition. Call Of Duty 4 is the hottest game so people neglect our fighting set up. I love to play any and all fighting games personally and play GGPO fanatically. (name: Neko X)

I have heard of the many tournaments held at HBB’s. And i took part in the Champion Edition tourney at dave and busters last year.

So I am looking to rally the 808 fighting game community and hold 2 fighting game tourneys a month.

On March 16th, if enough people show up for a fighting game tourney we will have one. In either CVS 2 or MVC 2 for PS2. I know its frowned upon but I have a X arcade Dual tankstick that i purchased. Its tweaked a bit so its solid. (theres only so much you can do with HAPP parts).

If you havve any questions or are intersted you can check the forum link or contact me at hawaiivideogamingleague@yahoo.com

MVC2 for PS2 is a big no no.

I wish i could help that fact but its the only one i can get my hands on. I am in the process of getting the naomi version, but then i have to order an adaptor for my sticks which unfortunately would not be in by tourney time. I honestly HATE the PS2 version. After playing the original you cant play the watered bland graphic garbage that is the ps2.

Are you the guys responsible for the fighting game tournaments held at those anime con?

Strange, I’ve never seen any Neko X on ggpo. I have played one dude from Oahu who goes by the name “Psyck” (maybe that’s just outside of games though); and he seems to always be playing just Alpha. What’s more he says he’s never stepped foot inside HBB, nor does he bother posting on SRK, and that he’s one of the “Kailua boys.” Wonders never cease.

Well… playing the PS2 version isn’t really bad because of the graphics, it’s bad because the gameplay dynamics are different.

timing is way off on the ps2 version.

ahem… anyway

get at me if you need help running tournaments. it’s great that you guys are going to run fighting game tournaments. but if you want to be successful, you need to model them after the EVO series. fighting games is a very particular form of gaming and can’t be half assed.

ask me, psx, or pretzels if you need help running shit. the reason we don’t do it is because we’re busy mofos.

Honestly IMO fighting games are something that should be played at a arcade not console.

I’m not trying to be ass here and have nothing against console gamers but this is what usually happens when it comes to players that play fighters on console: (Note: This is assuming that the player has NOT ever been exposed to arcade competition)

  1. Player plays fighting games at home, usually alone or with friends.
  2. Player thinks hes decent and decides to go down the arcade that he heard has the game.
  3. Player then plays and loses a lot and cant win, which results in a lost of self confidence.
  4. Player doesn’t go back to the arcade.

Result: Player never gets to know what and how fun the reality of the fighting game scene is.

Why?: Playing at home with the no or limited competition = lack of fundamentals.

Here’s my suggestion: Get all the people you know and start going down to the local arcade, ( I suggest Brian’s to play games) All you need to bring your competition and positive attitude. It would not only improve the fighting game scene but it will improve you and your attitude towards gaming.

If you suck, don’t worry about that, we all did at one point. As long as your willing to put your effort into improving then you’ll get better. Easiest way to get better is to interact with the community, by asking higher level players questions, reading up on info, watching match videos, and most importantly practice (execution mostly).

Just make sure your attitude is always positive, we don’t anymore scrubs at Brians.(I.E people who don’t know their place and pick on lower level players cause they cant beat higher level players). And don’t let the current asshats at Brians bother you (unless your a angry person like me).

For the tournaments you could run them at Brian’s, people will enter and i would be willing to advertise it by putting up flyers. Just feel free to contact me on aim or a private message here.

I noticed that in the PS2 version that the framerate drops from time to time. So yea the timing is off alright. lol. But yes I am going to try and set one up maybe in April. I was thinking either 3rd strike or Champion Edition. Are you guys HBB’s regulars or do you work there?

And as for my abilities, I am a decent player i wouldnt say im good but I know im not bad, I use Xbox live alot and play some beastly players, but every loss is a learning experience. And have gotten tons better. and love playing those better than me. I have read the wiki thoroughly from here and watched countless vids. I was actually thinking about holding tourneys to find the best in hawai’i and have the league sponsor him or her along with me at EVO this year. As you all know that Vegas is cheap for us to get to. Does this sound good to you guys?

I personally prefer arcade more than console but it?s because of the platform and position of the controls. I still think console has a lot of things going for it. I like that consoles give players the option of what type of sticks they want to use. Not everyone likes Perfect 360s, some people prefer Japanese style sticks, switch sticks, etc. Console also allows everyone the option to compete with their desired controller and eliminates the excuse of ?I lost because the arcade stick / button don’t work?. It also brings in a lot of casual players that may not have considered entering the tournament along with online play.

This could also apply to some arcade players at HBB who have no clue where there skill level is because they have yet to go to Evolution and demonstrate their skills there. This is not a fair label to apply to console gamers.

I think his goal is to run console tournaments. I don’t see anything wrong with what he is doing. It?s good to see someone with some initiative to do something. I viewed there website and it seems like they got sponsorship. I like a lot of the ideas he has and overall I don’t think the arcade community should be forcing this to become an arcade vs. console issue.

Currently our scene is so split up and divided. The major of our scene just quit and don’t play anymore. I would like to think of his console tournament idea as another alternative to zones. Zones is to small for any thing over 8 players and it?s a headache to organize etc. I see that they got TVs, consoles and everything setup for their game tournaments. It would save a lot of us headaches etc seeing there all provided.

Instead of alienating there crowd I think its better to educate and explain some of the differences in setup etc. A good way to chase away potential players is to become an elitist.

where will it be held? wat about 3s, and is it gonna be money tourney? yo matt, wang u guys down to play friday or sat? hit me up

Will there be otaku cosplayers? Will they provide Pocky? NO ONE WILL GO WITHOUT POCKY.

NekoX should be able to fill you in on the dates, locations etc. But from what I read its a cash prize for the other tournaments. Im going to head down when I know the concrete date for them.

I should be there Fri night and Sat night to play Vampire Savior. I will play some CVS2 also. You going to EVO this year? Dates are up on evo2k.com .

Nah these guys are not like that. Thats the anime convention crowd. I do plan to go to the convention if there CVS2 … then leave asap after the CVS2 to avoid the random CLOUD cosplayers.

nekox: come friday night to check out the competition.

I totally agree with you there Matt, thats why i really want to go Evo this year, and expand my horizons. I believe the more exposure that one gets the btter they can become.

I dont have anything against the console people or Neko X here trying to run console tournies. Im sure there are alot of people that prefer console for games rather than arcade, and im sure both arcade and console have its downsides and upsides.

I was just trying to see if some of the people that play at home would like to come down to the arcade and play, just like Neko X, who wants to see if the arcade gamers are willing to play in console sessions.

I agree with you here also Matt, being elitist is probably the 2nd thing i dislike next to people who are delusional (IE: Moneyman), probably due to the fact that the IIDX community is full of people like that and makes the good players look like asses. Then again i shouldent associate that crowd with this crowd because this crowd is 400% smarter.

Sorry if i caused any kind of problem here.

Ok guys, I have decided that I will use 3rd strike from A.C. on the Xbox. The tournament details are still being worked on but i will post them tonight as I have to run it by the rest of the league officers. (not that it’ll change my mind. lol) So look for that post in the tourney thread later on tonight.

As for Friday I am celebrating me and my girls 6 year anniversary so I will have to wait until saturday the 15th to go down there. And the date for the tourney would be the 16th seeing as thats the same day as our COD 4 tourney and yes we do cash and prizes the last tourney the winners got 30 bucks and advance screening passes to 10,000 BC.

do they sell Pocky at CostCo? LMAO We are hosted by the kawaii-kon because the gaming director is interested in our league and we made a deal that if he sends us people we send him people. We got a few Otaku in our league, but nothing too horendous.

Me= SF Otaku

Oh yeah and you guys can add me to your Xbox live friends list, I usually only play turbo or AC.


Neko X-good to see some people trying to organize the gaming community! great idea

i’m pretty much a Mvc2 person, but i do have a brand new DC, and orig Mcv2 for sale if you need one for your place. I can even do sticks for mvc2 (dc only version)

btw- mvc2 can only be played on standard crt 480i tv’s, no lcds or high def becuase of drastic lag factors

anyways if you need help, let me know and i’ll see what i can do :bgrin:

REALLY? Just PM me with a price and about the sticks as well. I always wanted to play a DC with sticks, i was going to order an adaptor for my X-arcade. And I had no idea about the 480i only, thats really good to know! I am glad that 3rd strike runs in HD though. although its a little pixely. I kinda prefer it in 480i. LOL Nevermind my babbling…lol

HVGL? How come ive never heard of you?

Don’t run 3s in HD. Run it at its native resolution on a CRT (4:3) or you’ll have latency problems.