Having trouble with my links

I play with ryu and Ibuki. Ryu for example, I’m having trouble consistently doing cr.jab,cr.jab,cr hp, tatsu…I’m an ST player so im used to hearing the sound in sync with the buttons im tapping. It feels like there is a delay, and I cannot use the sound to link my combos, like the timings off. I’ve had a bit of success looking at the characters animation instead of the sound, but it feels like im doing it all wrong.

Its just practice, pretty much. If the c.HP is coming out then you’re pressing it too slow, and if the c.HP isn’t coming out at all then you’re pressing it too fast. I think some people use visual cues or sound…I just use muscle memory for my links, but use whatever works.
Also, theres a technique in sf4 called “plinking” which will help you make hard links and I highly recommend learning if you plan on spending much time with the game.

What kind of tv/screen are you using?

Watching the animation from the previous move to finish is the best way to know when to hit it.

After that memory is the best.

Learning to Plink

Sony trinitron 32 inch crt tv…

Use a sound marker that you can control, like an electronic metronome on the computer. Adjust the tempo up and down as you feel until you start hitting the combo. I started at about 210 BPM for that combo using Weird Metronome. It’s easier to have the computer keep track of timing while you work on muscle memory.

Plink dat shit

I have these problems as well, most of the time is a timing issue. I was mostly having trouble with it with Juri though. Things got a little better but I still gotta practice, but yea…timing is the key…its hard >.<

Heres a good video on Basic links:

Link to guide:
SF4 Link combo timing tutorial

I’m a Juri player as well - and I wanted to make a thread. This saves me the trouble.

I wanted to know how vets got so good at combos. Right now, I cannot do her BnB combos with any consistency. The timing is too anal; I have been spoilt by the magic series that is much more forgiving.

Training is so goddamn boring. It’s difficult to do for more than 30 minutes when you feel like you’ve learned nothing. You do a combo, you’re too fast/too slow but you really don’t know. You do it right - but you don’t know why and how you did it right - only to do it too fast/slow the next time. sigh

How long does it take for this magical ‘muscle memory’ to kick in? How long did it take for some of you to get really good and consistent?

This game feel as though it has a huge learning curve. There is this move where I am supposed to let my Fuhajin fireball out, FADC, dash and Ultra 2. I have hands and wrists just like the lot of you. And the fireball seems to take 1/2-1/4 second from release to dissipation. And I’m like, “WHAT!? I needa do all of this in THAT time?”

Sorry for the saltiness - I had a really bad session online tonight. I’ll just go back to my model building after being repeatedly told by players (indirectly) never to touch a joystick again.

Two more videos that help with links. This one has Piano Roll backups, not to be confused with pliking.

Piano Roll Backups

Landwand… it takes time. You WILL lose a lot. Juri’s also a pretty technically difficult character to start on as well so be prepared for a steeper learning curve as compared to picking up Ryu or the like. Watch videos and practice combos that way. Find a combo that you want to learn and then watch the 5 or so seconds it takes and them pause it, then match it. I’m in the same situation you’re in too, and you just have to get creative.

Landwand, it’s tough. All I can really say is to keep practicing.

Also, it sucks for Juri because some of her BnBs are one-frame links, like s.LP > cr.MK, or s.LP > cr.MP, both are one-frame links. If you want to link her cr.LK for her cr.LK > cr.LK > cr.LK xx Pinwheel BnB, the one you have to link has two frames to link.

Generally speaking, I’d say Juri is a pretty difficult character to learn from an execution standpoint, especially because of the unconventional way you have to keep your hand over your buttons if you want to hold Fuhajin charge.

It may be helpful for you to read up on the difference between chaining and linking normals, because it might help for your execution of certain combos. I would try to explain but I don’t think I would be able to do it properly.

Of course you do.

Practice, practice, practice. Also look at the character specific threads and shit for tips.

Replies in bold.

I’ll break down a difficult combo I actually know how to execute for you:

Chun-Li – Cr. HP xx HK Lightning Legs. (The first hit of crouching HP canceled into HK Legs)

In order to execute HK Legs, Chun Li needs to hit 5 kick buttons with the 5th kick being the HK button. The window to cancel the first hit of Cr. HP is VERY small, so those 5 kicks have to be inputted very rapidly or else Chun just ends up doing something stupid and embarrassing.

The first thing I had to do was figure out a pattern that my fingers had to move in order to hit 5 kick buttons ending on HK efficiently. I also had to start with a punch button, to make matters more difficult.

(Finger numbers: Thumb 1, Pointer 2, Middle 3, Ring 4, Pinky 5)

I chose HP(3) + MK(2) , HK(4) , MK(3) , LK(2) , HK(4). That seemed like the most comfortable way my fingers would be allowed to move while moving from a punch button.

Now, the first time I tried it, I was wayy too slow to actually cancel. But I was confident that my finger pattern was the easiest way to conceivably do it. Since my problem was that I was too slow, I only had to work on getting faster. So I started slow making sure I did everything right, and over the course of a few weeks going slow to increasingly fast (sometimes just trying it fast for the hell of it), it finally clicked and I was able to execute it consistently.

Without first intellectualizing the combo, I would have been stuck trying a bunch of random things and not knowing why the hell the combo wasn’t working right. My fingers would have been a mess, I would not be moving in an efficient pattern, and I just never would have gotten it for months and would probably cause wrist problems from the effort/stress. I might have gotten it sometimes, but probably more often I would get it wrong.

After I figured out a plan, I was able to make subtle adjustments that were necessary. It became an exercise in building a skill rather than fruitless button mashing. Even though I was NEVER able to execute it, because I knew theoretically I was doing the right thing (except too slow), it eventually got to the point where I almost NEVER messed it up.

umm i dont have much to say but cr,lp,crlp,crhp xx tatsu is more of a chain combo instead of link isnt it you got to go cancel the crhp from the crlp instead of waiting for the the full cr,lp to end so during the crlp before it ends hit cr hp. i dont know if i confused you or not but some links require you to chain the moves instead of linking them. … i suck at explaining this in text also if i give out the wrong the info i apologize ahead of time because im noticing as soon as the cr lp ended i instantly hit cr hp and it links if you are having a hard time wit consistency with links i advise learning p-linking if you use a arcade joystick it makes links alot easier.

That’s totally wrong. Crouching LP to crouching HP is a link, not a cancel/chain. If you’re having to hit crouching HP that early you’re probably playing on a really laggy TV.

i kinda said it might be wrong you adding in your two cents about it being totally wrong wasnt necessary…

It’s late, and while I intended to do some of my other hobby, I ended up playing with a fellow Juri player for quite some time. I had fun this evening.

I appreciate everyone’s verbal support. While I realize that I suck – it’s nice to know that most people begin off this way. I’m aware that I did pick a character with a big learning curve. I let go of the serious 2D fighting genre for close to 10 years, and games in general for a time. Maybe this character with her easy-to-pick-up but difficult-to-do-well-with play style is not the best way to ease myself into SSF4. But well, I have found my niche and I don’t intend to swap.

Entropy, thanks for the support, too. The videos are goddamn fast, and these guys (I watched the Midwest tourney with Floe as the Juri) seems everywhere. So mobile, so fast. I’d better find a way to record the videos off of streaming sites and play it in slow-mo. I don’t get much outta videos in their native speeds. “WTF happened?!” but I’m glad that I am not alone.


Thank you, Walnut Shrimp for breaking down your own learning experiences so well. I will try to break more complex patterns into simple and short easy-to-do motions and speed them up as I go along - and then linking them together. Mirroring your process in spirit at least. I’d like to learn how to do things right too. But it is irksome in that the engine does not tell me what to do. Too early/too late/ too slow/ wrong motion. This or that. Whatever it is. I suppose it comes down to exp. and hopefully I won’t pick up some bad habits and just work it out in the Room and hope to Gord that I don’t make some bad habits.

I remember trying to learn trial 28 or something. j. hk, cr. hp, fuhajin release, FA lvl 2 > Kaisendankairaku (Ultra 2) and I saw this and said, “LOoooooooL ya rite, Ima get in dis.” (Ha ha ha). I tried breaking it up just to FA lvl 2 >> U2 but that alone was difficult. But maybe you’re right. I should walk before I learn to run (or Ultra 2).

Hello,** SnakeAes**.

I read somewhere that some one said that, “Oh yeah, Juri’s not hard to learn at all. She’s pretty easy to pick up and her BnB’s are easy to do.” I’m glad to know that I’m not retarded and that her combos are genuinely difficult to link. Maybe that person just had lots of SSF4 experience. I was wondering, “Goddamn, this is supposed to be a BnB combo – I’m struggling at doing the most BASIC thing!” (That, and I still can’t do QC motions as well as I’d like to). From what I remember, chaining is the act of cancelling a move mid-animation into another, and linking is hitting the following move right after the animation of the last move ends, in perfect succession to connect with the stunned targer – right? Which is why links are so damned difficult, and something something about SF not allowing chains-after-links or some-such.