Having trouble with Alex player's random tactics?

I seem to be a little trouble playing against my friends Alex. His mxups are pretty good. Sometimes I don’t when to parry n’ punish. Any advice?

do dudley’s infinite combo and if you don’t know what that is then be patient.

i didnt wanna give this out but…just parry high…



oh shoot i just learned a good tactic against alex parry high… then super!

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Dude stop posting when you’re drunk


Best way to play Dudley is actually with Rocket Uppercut Super Art. Also, spam throws into corner then uppercut when they try to jump out.


I am talking about Dudley vs Alex only.

Come on, people!! A drunken post and nobody quotes for truth? :confused::wgrin:

For Alex players that like to poke. Just spam standing RH + EX MGB. (do BOTH moves, the EX MGB wont go out unless you hit the RH.)

If you get knocked down dont get tricked. Your mix ups > his mixups. End of story.

still…no :shake:

Everyone has a set thing…or a habit. Be patient and learn…also dont try to punish until an opening. Dont force anything

I am a veteran Alex player myself, and i’ll gladly give out some tips for your asskicking pleasure :slight_smile:

If your cornered against a random Alex, he’ll more than likely either do:

  1. Stomp
  2. Random hyper bomb
  3. Regular LP+LK
  4. DDT if he thinks that your not turtling anymore.
  5. Standing HP (hits crouching characters for good damage)
  6. Flashing Knee or EX Flashing Knee if you jump back too much.

Learn to control your movement, be a bit sporatic on your attacks. A --> HK will hit the turtling Alex’s alot…also you can chain the SAIII along with that for decent damage. Be wary for the EX Flashing chop, he’ll creep up on you fast.

But it mostly depends on how you punish Alex on when he fucks up…it’ll change the game around, making him duck for cover :slight_smile:

Random alex players are nothing. Its the GOOD alex players that are more annoying. Just bait Alex into doing stupid shit and punish if the alex aint that good.

Block high when you wake up, and punish =P

bad tip.

give a good tip then