Have you played against an akuma scrub

Bless their little hearts! I’m not calling all akuma fans scrubs because that would be dumb. I’m only talking about the scrubs I’ve played against on hd remix! his air fb is kinda weird. It only takes a few hits to kill them. Its easy to beat them when they don’t know how to play sf2. Random air fb spammers get their face munched on by blanka! Has anyone played against a good akuma online?

The Akuma’s I’ve played so far have not thrown any Air Fireballs in a match.

I played one Akuma last night who had some really cool tricks… when the game had only been out for thirty minutes! That dude must’ve been playing some serious theory fighter in his head before release, hahah.

Just off the top of my head…

  • During a straight up jump, he used the bounce-up from his air fb to avoid my (normal, horizontal) fb

  • He also nabbed me with a neat raging demon setup. At least, I thought it was neat. Granted I was just surprised to see a raging demon in SF2. :rofl:

I don’t even remember his username but he was really impressive. I mean, I’m definitely no expert but I know I’m not a pushover and I had sort of just assumed that all the Akumas at that point would be 100% scrub, or at best an experienced player still trying to figure out his offense.

I played Akuma and I’m hella scrubby although I don’t abuse the air fireballs. I tried to pick other characters but I keep going back to my dawg.

I was wondering this last night is Akuma tourny legal?

I played against a scrubby Akuma. I picked Sagat and just kept spamming fireballs and tiger uppercuts. They can’t handle it.

Played three or four Akumas last night, all of them complete scrubs. Got a double perfect against one of them.

Isn’t that equally as “scrub?”

Akuma has been balanced in remix mode, so he’s fair play IMO. I only used him a couple of times last night becuase I know the guy on the other side of the screen was complaining. Matter of fact, people dropped after they saw him (I’m assuming, connection was lost).

The first time I discovered/used him I got a “GG” message after the game though, so I’m assuming I wasn’t scrubbing. :wgrin:

I think I didn’t fight too many akuma scrubs only because half them couldn’t even find him in character select.

“how do i pick akuma??” was a common hearing last night.

I played one, those short hurricane kicks did take a little getting used too.

I don’t know for sure but I believe Akuma eats tons of damage,
Barlog mopped the floor with Mr.Clean against human Akuma

People use the term wrong all the time.

Scrub is someone who either doesn’t try to get better, or uses arbitrary rules.

If you can win with tiger shots and uppercuts, then why do anything else?

lol, we were talking about this last night this morning). We ran into so many of em. Its so funny that they dies in three hits :smiley:

Akuma is weird in this one…he has some good offense if you can get it going. You can do some nice Demon set ups off of j. HK for instance. He takes an assload of damage however, and when someone doesn’t know how to play…well, he’s just going to get raped. For instance, Sagat’s j.HK>s.HK>tiger shot does decent damage, but dizzies. You do that to Akuma, and it does about 40%. You can follow up with j.HK>s.HK>tiger knee x2. That’s a Touch of Death on Akuma. Even the easiest of jump in combos really hurt him.

Also, I always found it kind of funny that the acronym for Touch of Death(TOD) is the German word for “Death”.

I did. I used Zangief against them. Just lariet through their fireballs. They try to jump in and air fireball i lariet that and hit them with the fist. It was all good times.

The only time I run into scrub Akumas is when I’m playing a room with T. Hawk.

The mind of the scrub, "T. Hawk his slow! I"ll just throw fire balls. He’ll never get close."
One DP > cross-up j.Dhp > 360 later…
“What the eff just happened?!?!”:rofl:

I just went on like a 30 game win streak with Akuma against all sorts of characters. I’m not sure they nerfed him enough. Raging demon? That thing is sooo good.

I’m not really sure what Zangief does to get out of a corner air fireball trap.

s.MP? Hop?
Normally whenever I find myself in a fb trap I just wait it out. Ive never played someone who will continue the trap past 00:10 or so.

I haven’t played as Gief vs an Akuma player, I’ve just used my Akuma against Gief. I neutral jump into air fireball at a range where the fireball just hits his feet; if he does green hand, he can beat the fireball, but I recover before he does and I can combo him. If he does lariat, air fireball beats lariat. If he does any normal or jumps or anything, air fireball beats that. A few rounds ago I cornered a Gief player and did this, and after trying everything he could think of, he just sat there and took the chip damage until he died.

Hmmm…??? heads off to Gief thread

Is your tag Ultraaaa? I may have been one of your victims. :frowning: