Have you played against an akuma scrub

Haha yessir, good game/sorry!

Yeppers. All the akumas I played so far can’t even use him right. In fact it gotten so annoying I decided to be a douche to this Akuma player and sent him a hate message after I ochio throwed his ass. 1st hate message of which might be a 1000 if I keep seeing Akumas. NOT looking forward to a good Akuma player ugh :X.

Shoryus own air fireballs. lol. I’ve face so many Akuma players who do air fireballs at me and I just shoryu through it and hit them.

i stabbed an akuma player to death with vega. damn it was fun

Yeah I did last night but I destory him with headbutts with Honda. Everytime he landed from throwing a air fireball.

What’s your GT? I remember getting a win with Akuma that involved Raging Demon setups and overall sneakery. I think it was against Balrog though, so it probably wasn’t you. I don’t know what I think of New Akuma.

i have a couple of times, one did nothing but spam air fireballs :smiley:

Played against one a few minutes ago. Nothing but full screen hurricane kicks and random air fireballs. Wait. Block. df+HP. lather. rinse. repeat.

I’ve played against a bunch of Akumas, but only maybe good one. Too many think the air fireball is good… it’s really really not. And some of them get excited about Raging Demon so you watch them start to try to mash it and simply get ready. =)

Played a bunch of Akuma scrubs, but played 1 amazing one. I couldn’t really do anything as E. Honda, his fireball has priority over headbutt… and his fireball goes through the jab headbutt. It was a tough match for me.

i’ve played quite a few akuma scrubs. none of them knew what they were doing. i messed around with him today, and his air fireball is not terrible at all. it’s still very good, and you can still do cross ups with it when the opponent is grounded for overall imba-ness. not to mention raging demon seems really overpowered to me.

i thought akuma was fun to play as. sort of like a “new” charachter. i never selected him …not even once in ST. i havent faced any good Akumas yet tho, probably gonna take a while for people to get good with him.

Played a good Akuma. DarksydePhil on XBL. Infact, I haven’t played a bad one yet. Now KEN scrubs is another story.