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So the old thread has flatlined thanks to the powers that be sitting idly by…New thread same ol thang.
there are MONTHLY tournaments on every 3rd friday Friday of the month in Baton Rouge.
Location is *GAMEWARE on College Dr. *
5$ mvc sf kof

Every FRIDAY there are ranking battle nights at Dibbz Lan Cafe on Verterans blvd in NOLA.
These are a great place to get games in with most of south La and get your chops and also get seeded for the Final Round tournament in Atlanta Georgia in 2012.

The Lafayette tournaments happen at their Local game store on 2668 Johnston Street Ste A3.

Shrevport contact ranmasama or** CamRac**
Wednesday Night Fights @ the Fox Creek Apartments Community Center, 1100 West 70th st. – Starts at 7PM, ends at 12AM. All people and games are welcome, no alcohol, and bringing your own setup is always encouraged. There are upwards of 25-30 people showing up regularly now, with games being played ranging from AE2012 to KoF13 to

Lake Charles contact cities
Monroe contact triox
The Battle for the South tournament page is:

^this has player SNs for everyone, big tourney info stream links and the alt forum when srk is down. visit.
the IRC channel on efnet is #lashittalkin


Man SRK ftl. Hopefully we can get back to the old thread at some point to finish our goal of a million views but I don’t know if it will happen.

Mike don’t forget to post a link to the old thread in the first post. I’ll see if I can get cities to edit his last post and put a link to this one in there.

I had fun Friday night guys! It was good to see some of you again. Irvin, next time we fight, I wont be so bad! lol BTW, what happened to the old thread anyways?

This is incorrect. About a month ago, Play-n-Trade (where Lafayette hosts it’s tournaments) moved. They are now at 2668 Johnston Street Ste A3.
Just wanted to clarify that so no one goes to Arnould expecting to play and they see an empty room lol.

its over the new cap that this forum uses, im pretty sure it was over the cap from the day they switched =[

well thats pretty shitty

Imagine if we still had the OG thread…

i cant even imagine what year it was made maybe 2001-2002?

well at least we can finally post again. Obligatory “new srk sucks” comment, cause its simply the truth.

Mike you left and ‘a’ out in Louisiana on the thread title fyi.

Posting works again. Main things that matters. Title looks fine to me.

Gotta uphold the tradition of making this thread hard to find for newcomers.

Last night at PZ a cosplay girl got excited because she thought I was the Evil Merchant from Assassin’s Creed 2 XD.

because you are…

Jakob, you should have removed the mask and said “does vega have to slap a bitch?!?” lol

I almost feel as though the entire first post should just be this link:

Hopefully they fix it so we can at least get to a million views though.

Sad to see the old thread go

Honestly, who actually would want to see a Shaq security cam sex tape?

how do i do the irc thing

*pours liquor out for “whatchu really know” thread

#lashittalkin for the irc monsers

Are you sure it’s not glitching? I can view the topic just fine, let me check if I can actually post on the old thread.

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