Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep

do you read shit or just skim through it?

Just skim. Shoot first ask questions later mentality.

Blah Whatever.

Like Vu said, at least we can post again. The old thread can still reach 1 mil views. Even if we don’t post there anymore. Assuming they don’t delete it. Anyway, thanks for the mention of the alternate forum on BFTS, Mike. If enough people start going over there I can put annoying ads and change everything and break stuff just like SRK. :clown:

typo in the new title

not a good look

I edited my last post on the other thread, apparently people can still post in it though

You know, I’m beginning to think it depends on how many post you have in the thread. Stan didn’t post a lot back in the day and neither did Winchester so that may be why they can still get in. Can one of the new school cats who doesn’t post much take a crack at posting in there?

done ;o

Lmao, nice post. Yeah looks like my hypothesis is right. Maybe the memory error is based on how much memory is allotted to the thread through your own post or something. Blah I wish I knew how this website coding stuff works.

gg srk…

dibbz tonight!

Old thread couldn’t handle the White Girl Mob takeover.

MK is apparently patched on xbox now. I think the netcode is fixed as well. Time to start playing again!

I had to try about 5 times last time to post in the old thread. I think it’s just random, or it’s the SRK Rapture and only Stan was a good enough person to be chosen for posting.

NorCal MvC3 Grand finals was about as disgusting as this scene was years ago… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8An4T3uHhs

Lol at the last rant

lol what goes around comes around… I’m glad to see tiers taking over all games again. People where starting to feel themselves to much.

its just random irvn, none of that stuff matters. talk to wizard directly

not even, I’m almost 100% positive that patch is referring to the fact that the guy in winners side of the bracket got beat 6-0, that’s just pitiful.

Jakob did the same thing to that arkansas guy at Cinderslam in SSF4. It happens. People get downloaded. AKA Exposed.

that’s not the same, random MS tourney is not comparable to an EVO sponosored major with multiple top players in the country. that’s just sad.

The lesser player can randomly win 2 in a row sometimes. It happens. Especially in Mahvel. Looks like that’s what happened here. Then Justin came back with more knowledge and won. Seems pretty standard. I understand your point though. It makes for less exciting finals. The Tokido vs Justin was better.