Has Venom's suit taken over other Marvel heros or villians

he had potential period. even though he was the ‘dark spidey’ you cant deny that the things he did to get to spidey were down right villianous. turning him into a hero wasnt bad since he was still brutal but they didnt try to give him any villians worth warranting him being a hero. he just went up against spidey and a few other named heros or villians from someone elses line.

that was the carnage symbiote not a clone.

RE Venom being a hero:

He did things for the right reasons, just went about things in a villainous manner which usually no one really agreed with. But who would disagree with venom? really?

I thought it was random as fuck when he was with the t-bolts. I haven’t followed comics in forever though.

i dont remember venom being with t-bolts unless you talkin bout mac gargan who (despite having the symbiote) is not venom.

on another note though thats what made venom as a hero unique if you ask me. yeah we can see a lot of heroes doing the right but venom did it in his own way. :tup: give that man some damn villians.

Yeah, I was referring to mac gargan.

Venom was basically a one-dimensional Spiderman stalker.

As a hero, he was basically Punisher-Spidey. At first, he killed anyone then they made it…he didn’t kill “innocents.” Then…he had a wife…and she convince him to stop chasing after Spiderman and fight crime (which is what led us to the first Venom miniseries by Micheline).

Eh…I just didn’t think…he was a crazy like Joker or stone-cold like the Captain (of said Rogue’s gallery). It just seems like they overused him, as he popped up every year. And his popularity begot Carnage…which led to the ill-fated Maximum Carnage. The 90s were a mess for poor Peter Parker.

And Mac Gargan is Venom now. I like his character more than the Eddie Brock Venom.

I miss Carnage. :frowning:

carnage too had potential but as far as mac gargan goes hes just as one dimensional as venom. all he wants to do is kill spidey or j jonah.

No…he also wants to eat people…

And there’s the whole thing about him being overwhelmed by the venom symbiote…

Brock Venom was the same…he wanted to kill Carnage and Spiderman…

But yeah…getting possessed by the symbiote makes you a one-dimensional character…

It’s crazy how the symbiote doesn’t remember Peter Parker is Spiderman.

Does Mephisto’s spell work on the symbiote? I guess it does. Maybe the sym doesn’t tell Mac cuz it wants to keep Aunt may safe.

hollow we need to play :lol: i missed my chance at final round and you couldnt make it to sb3 so yeah :tup:

anyways bad writing makes one dimensional characters. venom wanting to kill carnage went wrong after they teamed up. i never heard of mac gargan wanting to eat people but hey it spices his already boring self up.

given the two characters venom has scorps beat.

venom stood for ‘justice’ in a warped sort of way and portrayed that in every righteous act displayed. scorpion…uh :confused: just wanted to kill jonah or spidey and only wants to kill spidey cuz of jonah. he had no motives after that at least venom did.

so it hasnt taken over juggernaut, hulk or thor then ?

Yeah after Mephisto’s spell, no one in the entire world knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. This includes the symbiote. Everyone knew back then, they just forgot because of the spell.

New Ways To Die showed how Eddie Brock’s memories were altered. He remembers harassing Peter Parker and his family because Peter was the one who took pictures of Spider-Man, not because he knew he was Spider-Man.

After googling a bit, it’s seeming a little like out in Europe or Mexico, there was a series where Venom went hopped on some other heroes, because there are some foreign sites with pics of a Venom’d-out Thor.

There was apparently a Venom vs Hulk mini in the 90s, and a fight between Juggs and Venom in Venom’s solo series.

Edit: Wait, there was a “What if…” issue where Venom kills Spidey, then takes over Hulk and Thor.

No but it would kick butt if it took over a Marvel Zombie…

The Hulk vs. Venom was a one-shot by Peter David. Not one of his best works…

It takes place in San Francisco…where these unexplained earthquakes occur… Venom hunts down the culprit… Hulk hunts down the culprit… They run into each other… Fight… then realize they’re on the same side… They go on tv and tell some jokes to get the Earthquake man out of hiding… It turns out he’s a fake…and a loony… The END.

And in the What If… the symbiote takes over Spiderman then Hulk and finally Thor. The symbiote kills Peter Parker and cures the Hulk of his gamma radiation.

After the Cosmic Carnage ordeal and before being torn in half in New Avengers, Carnage did appear in the Toxin mini series (Carnage gave birth to the Toxin symbiote) which takes place some time in between. They never explained how Carnage got out of the silver shell the Surfer placed him in where he was supposed to spend the rest of his life.

Probably just busted out of it over time if I were to take a guess. Or managed to revert the spell. The Carnage symbiote was strong enough to take over the Silver Surfer for a time afterall.

So yeah, symbiotes are strong enough to take over even Cosmic Beings, so Web of Shadows really isn’t stretching things. The story for Web of Shadows was written by Brian Reed of Ms. Marvel fame and he’s a great writer IMHO, so no worries. Everything in that game can happen, sit back and enjoy! And say no to spending the night with Black Cat or us Spidey and MJ fans will cry… :rofl:

or would the Zombie condition take over the symbiote? :looney:

Ah yeah, you are right. That never happened in the comics did it (the Monster Oct thing)

Outside of chomping off Steel Spiders arm, Mac Gargan Venom hasn’t really done it for me. I mean he’s consistently gotten his ass kicked by multiple heroes. Hell, a recent Moon Knight issue as him kicking Venom’s ass.

To be fair, he’s only been beaten by three.

Swordsman’s not really supposed to be a pushover. Antivenom is hax cuz his power is to beat Venom (seriously bad matchup there). And Moon Knight…dunno. Never read it.