Has Venom's suit taken over other Marvel heros or villians

I just played Spider web of shadows on PS3, in there venom’s suit takes over certain characters and it makes them even cooler, esp against Wolverine

Has it done against peeps like Juggernaut, Hulk or even the mighty Thor

In an old school What If story called “What if Spider-man never separated from the symbiote?”, they show what happens to other heroes.

IIRC in Venom’s Tsunami series the symbiote takes over Wolvie for a bit.

there were what if comics back in the day that had the symbiote attach to other people i think hulk ended up getting it last cant remember.

officially though i know venoms wife was one, wolverine, some mob guys son and scorpion have all had it. i believe theres a few more but i cant seem to remember them for the life of me. i believe they tried to bring venom back again (after the attempted suicide in the hospital) but i cant remember if they did or not i just hope scoprion still doesnt have the suit. god that was awful :shake:

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In What If? Vol.2 #44, the punisher combined with the vemon symbiote.


I forgot all about that :rofl:


New Avengers #35, I’ve never read it, but theres wolvie+symbiote

The Symbiote has taken over various heroes in some stories, not necessarily in What If stories.
For example, the 2nd Mighty Avenegers story arc has numerous heroes get possessed by the Symbiote.

outside spidey wolverine is always the number one candidate to get the symbiote. counting this new avengers one, the venom/wolverine arc, WoS, a few other moments he had it you would think marvel would try to find a new host :lol:

but he said venoms symbiote

Scorpion still has the symbiote and is the current Venom, now a member of Thunderbolts. Eddie Brock has become Anti-Venom recently. Anti-Venom is pretty cool IMHO. :tup:

Sure, Venom fought against nearly every major character in the MU.

Juggernaut - Venom: The Madness 1-3 (1993)
Hulk - Incredible Hulk vs. Venom Special Edition (1994)
Thor - What If v2 #4 (1989)
Wolverine - Venom v1 #9 (2004)


Not Venom himself but Deadpool was also covered in a Symbiote

in the new War Journal they make a synthetic version of the venom suit for the punisher to wear while fighting the warbound.

There was also Venom 2099 who was one of the better takes on the character in my opinion.

Then again, I think I’m one of the few people who loved the Marvel 2099 stuff.

anti venom? lord i miss marvel of years old.

New Ways to Die was good. Don’t be hatin’.

But yeah, there was the Venom bomb a while ago in New Avengers (and Cable and Deadpool) that got most of the Mighty Avengers, New Avengers and Deadpool all briefly venomified (only ones who didn’t get Venomed up were Luke Cage, Ares, Sentry, Iron Man and Wonder-Man).

I think Carnage ended up merged with the Silver Surfer at some point…

that was carnages last appearance before they tore him apart if i remember right

Yup. Long ass time ago. Like, when I was still in Jr. high probably. He called himself Comsic Carnage. He looked pretty bad ass.

Also, I read most of Symbiote vs. Wolverine. That was some stupid ass shit.
Fucking symbiote lost to a fucking cell phone.

well since we talkin venom ill say he was one of those characters that over the years got screwed badly

I don’t think he got screwed badly. I think he was like a one-trick villian, specifically made for issue 300 but due to his popularity kept coming back annually. Dark characters were the thing back in those days…eventually they made him into a hero (wtf)…

I do like Ellis’ Venom, a complete and raging psychopath…a human completely overwhelmed by the symbiote.

Although this may be a bit off topic, don’t forget the first Spider-man on the Playstation that came out on Playstation 1. At the end a clone of the carnage symboite bonds with Doc Oct and creates “Monster Oct” which you must run away from. I don’t know if this ever happened in the real comic or not but it did in the game.