Has Vega ever won a tournament?

I’m an exclusive Vega(claw) fighter and lately I’ve been watching some videos of pretty epic claw fighters… but I can’t find a single tournament where someone has actually won the finals using Vega!

Has it ever been done? If so, please link me as I’d love to see it ! :slight_smile:

I remember hearing back a ways that Jozhear won a tournament. And I’m sure that there’s been plenty of local tourneys he’s won at. But as far as a Major? Never happened as far as I know

I’ve won a local tournament with Vega.

I guess to win a major Vega needs to be bumped up a tier or so…

i’ve won more ranbats than i have blood cells in my body, and i’ve won at least 3 big local tournaments for cash / prizes

however, i’ve never won a tourney bigger than a provincial one. i did get top 8 at CC2k10 and murked on europe in the intn’l 5v5 but that’s all i’ve maanged to accomplish

Man I think I’m good but I’ve only won a couple of locals and you’ve won literally trillions, I feel like an asshole

yes, every second of my waking life I am WINNING!!!

If I had to guess a more accurate figure… I would probably go for about 60. I won every ranbat I attended last year which was about 30 or so… and then the 2 years before that I would assume add up to 30 more.

I still wanna match with you

Here comes a new challenger!!!


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I wonder if i had a offline/local place near me to play SF i think i would at least be a good vega player too.:oops:

it is too easy to capitalize off of one of vegas mistakes for the character to win a full major which is why you dont see him winning big majors.
There are some who play very well with vega however when you watch the videos you can see the match turns pretty quickly if they make even 1 mistake.

I still have faith that Joz is gonna win a major soon, hopefully Tastu will too.

Atleast we have dedicated high level players here though that willingly disseminate useful information. Big reason why I’ve stuck with Vega personally, the community on this board is S-tier.

Congrats to Jozhear for another tourney win in Edmonton! :slight_smile:

I enjoyed our match Joz, I learned alot from playing/watching your Vega.

Nice there’s video footage of this tourney? i wanna see.

Tatsu is back:

So I hope he will be in Top 8 at least in Evo2012

Tatsu is amazing. :slight_smile:

IIRC Darksidephil won evo a few years back playing Vega.

i think they are referring to SF4 series