Has this forum died or something?

people rarely post in here now a days
it’s quite a tragedy to see how all the srk hawk players have forgotten him and left this place to collect dust
but i guess it’s because he’s not that complicated of a character to use or fight

he has a spd much like zangief(MT)
a anti-air(TB)
a get in move(CD)
and a forward rush move(CS)

he’s tied for the most health in the game and can dish out some heavy damage in a short amount of time
so why he’s getting ignored is a mystery to me
sure he’s not exactly like zangief
but that’s what makes him special
he’s not like zangief

he has his own way of getting in quickly and unlike the red cyclone
his light version throw puts him right next to his opponent
so that should be a big plus for The Thunder Foot Giant
because when your a grappler
you always need to be right next to them

one would assume there would be a lot of hawk fans
but no we have more whiners then actual players here
they just won’t stop saying oooh hawk’s a shitty character
just use zangief!!!
lawls he’s so terrible…
good god…it’s no wonder this forum’s in the shape it is

Dude…there’s not been one “he’s a shitty char” in quite a while. There has been a lot of positive discussion in the last few days about U2, TB, O-S and combos…have you been ignoring those threads?

people dont come on here to chat, with grapplers new info isnt found as often as a regular character so you have less people checking in every day and posting.

i understand but i was expecting some videos or something to keep it fresh

I’m still using hawk and i’m maining him for a long time cause i find t hawk much more funny and versatile than gief.

By the way hawk has many moves to do but no one of that moves are as good as the other versions.

It’s quite like spd of t hawk are not strong as gief ones.
Risng hawk are not good as shoryuken
condor spire it’s nice but’s not safe

The best things of t hawk are his normals that i find to be really good , pheraps bettween the best of the game.

The big problem with t hawk is that 50% of the matchups are really frustating and requires many many patience to get in and getting life lead.

I’m not surprised that there are so few hawk around assuming the things just written before.

If hawk could had something more solid or more easy to knock down hawk would have been more chosen and more played as achar but the way he is nowadays is not a good invitation to plòay him.

If i had to be honest i prefer this way t hawk is not going to be inflationated char as zangief was in vanilla expecially in the first times.
The only thing that can push him up is a good win from a good player (mike ross?) that can be a sponsor for all indians in the world1 :slight_smile:

Part of the perceived problem is that T. Hawk just isn’t that popular. Some characters are just destined to not be popular for whatever reason, I think it has more to do with his design than anything. This isn’t a knock against his quality as a character or his tier status, it’s just an observation. And along with a relatively low number of people playing him, there’s going to be a relatively low number of people checking his forum, posting in his forum, and working on new stategies.

And what danmishima said is true, I haven’t noticed any negative words about T. Hawl in quite a while. And I think the best thing to do to encourage more and better stuff is to produce it and get people to talk about it.

You’re mostly preaching to the choir here. I think most people remaining in the forum are legit T. Hawk fans. I don’t think this thread is needed to convince T. Hawk fans that T. Hawk is awesome.

Give it a rest already Crimson.

Not everyone is going to be positive all the time, you’ll just have to deal with it. I think this is around the third or fourth post that you’ve made about people not constantly being positive about everything, this is the internet you’ll have to get used to it.

Also, T.Hawk isn’t as amazing as you are trying to make him out to be, he isn’t an S or A tier character. He’s an slightly above average character. Yes, I love T.Hawk and despite some flaws he has I still think he is solid, however he does have flaws. While you focus only on the good things other people will focus only on the bad, it’s just something you need to get used to, making thread after thread about it isn’t going to change much.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against a positive attitude, however making negative posts about how everybody else in the forum is so horrible doesn’t help anything.

i just think hawk should be looked at as a second zangief with some differences of course
of course I’m helping the cause here
but it’s hard to help when i can’t make any videos and there’s not much about him that has not been said already

it’s a travesty really
We’ve run out of things to say
but I’ll never stop playing hawk
he’s just too fun a character to use

Im going to start playing more Hawk in the coming weeks. For me he’s a really accessible Zangief, and therefore a whole load more fun to play. Learning to standing SPD in ST is really paying dividens now. I haven’t checked around much but whats the general consensus in terms of his Ultras? 1 or 2? Personally I prefer U1 due to
j FP > cMK > U1. So much fun to catch people with.

You are not looking hard enough. This guy has some hidden depth imo. There is no way you have maxed his potential in 4 weeks.

well this forum is dead and inactive
what sort of hidden depth?

Meaning a lot of stuff to discover about T.Hawk. I haven’t seen you contribute any info beside listing the same stuff and trying to convince people about T.Hawk after seeing negative posts.

I don’t know if anyone cares for this, but it would be really great if someone with experience could write a “Basic Overview”/“FAQ” sticky for people checking out T-Hawk for the first time. Right now I feel the information available is already quite advanced. :blush:

Thats probably Because alot of us are migrating to T-Hawk From Zangeif, or adding him to our zangeif play. Most of us simply dont have the perspective of new players approaching a grappler character for the first time. Some of the stuff your considering “advanced” (tick throws / Ambiguous crossover mixups Im guessing) is stuff that alot of people here are just going to consider fundamentals of playing a grappler. When you combine that with the fact that grapplers are not very approachable to begin with… I wouldnt even know where to start.
Dont get me wrong, I think its a fantastic Idea, But its going to be a challenge.

Character specific option selects and Throw traps with spire for starters.

I have to agree with others here that you are being a little defeatist about hawk. I am 72 hours into using him and I love the opportunity to explore stuff with him that would not possible witha charge freak like Honda.

I’m sorry but I am not going to post all my findings straight away as I don’t feel it is right to dish out every last detail for everyone when people are looking for a cut and paste answer to their character. Whatever I find I will put up eventually. Sorry fella but get off you behind and contribute instead of being he Omen of death for T Hawk.

Maj mentioned it on Sonichurricane.com, and it’s the truth - Playing a grappler will improve the rest of your game. Watch the vids in the articles as well. In the first, just enjoy the pure awesomeness. In the 2nd one, Gief eats 2 D+ FP, then empty jumps the 3rd time to set up the SPD. I will tell you this to start with: Learn to throw. I’m not talking SPD’s and Ultras, I’m just talking regular throws. What’s the best time to use a throw? Knowing this also tells you when to EXPECT a throw. So as a by-product, you then learn how to counter these throws. Next, learn the ranges for SPD’s. Learn what an SPD can counter. Learn how to do a standing SPD without ticking. Learn it with a tick. Then FADC SPD. Then dash SPD. Then repeat it all with 720’s(except standing 720, of course).

Then move on to more advanced grabs like grabbing Vega out of his Rolling Crystal Flash…Dudley and Balrog out of their Dash punches, Gen out of his roll, etc. I don’t mean block and counter, I mean grab them RIGHT before you are supposed to get hit. Those types of grabs are game breakers for you. I fought a Balrog once who’s first move on the first round was a dash punch. He won the first round. On the start of the 2nd round, figuring he’d use a dash punch again, my first move was an SPD. I grabbed the next one he did as well. I never saw another one for the whole rest of the match, which I handily won.

There is nothing more satisfying than Using your ultra to grab someone out of theirs mere frames before impact. It WILL induce rage in many opponents.

Thanks for the advise, I will check the article out as well. However, was thinking more along the lines of something like this: http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=208185

I would be nice to have a thread with information about things such as which normals are the best for pokes, which are good for anti-air, U1 vs. U2. , basic strategies for getting in, throw setups, special moves information (i.e. should I use LP throw and stay near my opponent or should I use the HP version and deal more damage/ which of his other special moves are useful in what situation ?).

Like I said, you guys seem all pretty advanced :tup: so I understand if it doesn’t have high priority, but it would surely be helpful for newbie T-Hawks (along with the useful information you mentioned).

Yeah, no.

T.Hawk is a grappler. He has no ‘hidden depth’ - he is a shitty character with shitty specials (28 frame condor spire startup rofl) and no strong mixup game.

28 frame start up for spire? What game are you playing it’s 20 and theamount of times it hits an opponent does not make it shit. Plus it is a move designed to close space after mp and hp SPD as well as cross up on wake up (it’s start up frames funnily enough put you in position to hurt your opponent as they are mid wake up or you can nothing baiting a reversal). It is not a tool for getting damage. Also his lp spire is designed to end short block strings to keep pressure on, pits you at perfect range for a mix up and can only be reversaled mid string by a few moves. On the whole it sets up throw traps for EX SPD, Ultra and Super and funnily enough puts you at max range to land them.

As for depth, I have been playing him for 4-5 days and he has some good option selects I have found and I am certain has more to find with different setups, safe jumps and character specific options.

You just come across as someone who sees things on the surface and is not willing to think beyond “specials make a character good”. T Hawk is about normals, heavy punishes for errors and his SPD setups and follow up.

Please take your narrow mindedness somewhere else.