Has anyone ordered from games-asia.com? A warning

I read a lot about the site before ordering, and it seemed legit.

I ordered a HRAP3 there recently, through paypal. It sent my funds correctly, (which they have accepted and received), but once paypal redirected me back to the order confirmation on the website, I got an SQL error and my order wasn’t recognized, despite them taking my money!

So lots of emails and three days later, I finally manage to get them to add the order. I payed for EMS shipping which cost me an extra 13 in order to get it faster, due to the inconvenience of finding someone to wait in for the delivery.

A week went by and they still didn’t dispatch the stick, so I emailed them asking why there was a delay, to which they simply responded “it will be dispatched soon…”, after a couple more days I got fed up and demanded a reason for the delay, to which they responded that they were waiting for it to come from their warehouse (that takes a week??) I also asked if they’d refund my EMS shipping, since it seems pointless for me to pay 13 extra for 4-6 day delivery, if they are not going to even dispatch it for 7 days.

It’s now 2 weeks since I ordered, the site says orders usually dispatch in 24 hours. Someone emailed me regarding my EMS and told me that they would “fulfill my request to change my shipping method to free and refund me the EMS” a request I did not make, I simply asked if I would be refunded for “fast shipping” due to the delay.

I’m still waiting for my stick to be dispatched.
I’ considering contacting paypal and lodging a complaint, to get my money back.
Despite telling me that they have refunded my EMS money, they haven’t actually done it, it even says in my order history that EMS money has been refunded.

Any advice here would be great, how long should I wait before going down the paypal route, has anyone ordered here before and had a similar experience?

uhh go to play-asia.com?

owt of stawk :frowning:

i think someone is selling hrap3s on srk im not sure though


i checked playasia they have them in stock.

ugh you’re kidding, and so I went through all this for nothing!

Thanks for the info Fin.K.M. I think if they’re not dispatching by Tuesday, I’ll open a dispute.

Im selling a HRAP 3 with sanwa buttons. My post been up for weeks. havent sold yet.

you better be fast they sell out quick and i mean QUICK

I had a similar situation but with another site. Was trying to buy a grey Saulabi which they listed in stock. I even e-mailed them before buying and they said they had it. Then 2 weeks after paying they told me they never had any and were sending me another color instead. Was easy to get a refund from them though.

Next time if Play-Asia doesn’t have it and you are going to buy it from a lesser known site, you can try posting about it here before making a purchase. I’ve seen a couple threads like this before and someone is bound to have some experience. If it wasn’t for a thread like this, LizardLick wouldn’t be here :tup:

i just went on the site, it doesnt even look legit to me. to me it looks like a scam but thats what i think atleast

I dont think its an outright scam, I did some research before I started, and they have a lot of pleased customers.

If I go and order from play asia right now, how difficult will be getting a refund from paypal? I assume seeing that I haven’t received the order it should be a simple process? what do you guys think?

i dont know. ive never heard of this site until now, just stick with play-asia,srk and ebay for now

I ordered the HRAP3 from them on July 19, and they still haven’t sent it out. After reading this thread, I think I’m going to have to file a paypal claim against them.

by the way, my HRAP 3 is still for sale. Only been used for about a month.

I think the fact that 3 of us on this site have had problems getting the HRAP3 from this company is evidence enough that they are fairly shady. The thread hasn’t even been open 24 hours yet either. I just filed my dispute with paypal (referenced this thread with multiple people reporting problems), and I expect to escalate it to a claim tomorrow.

I’ve ordered from play-asia instead and am now going to demand a refund, if I don’t get it I’ll just push the matter through paypal.

I ordered my HRAP 3 8 days ago, today I filed a complaint with paypal and recieved my money within 2 hours.
games-asia is dead to me.
No customer service whatsoever, they don’t even respond to emails (or it takes them 5 days)

How did you get your money back within 2 hours? Was that from games-asia themselves refunding it? Or from paypal?

If paypal, did you escalate straight away?

Also, how does the refund process work, does paypal refund the money to your card/bank, or do you simply recieve the funds in your paypal account itself?

I got an email: Games-Asia has initiated a refund, so I’m guessing it was games-asia.
But only because of the complaint, since I asked for a refund 3 days ago and never got a reply.