Happy Birthday, Missing Person

Look, a birthday thread for you! I hope your day turns around.

…Is it even still your birthday? If not, you made it, buddy :tup:!


Happy B’day yo.

May your birthday bestow you with many lady boys to ejaculate into your preternaturally loose anus.

Many Happy Endings to you, Corey Chan!

Yep, still officially my birthday for 3 hours. But since I was born in America we’ll call it 16 hours.

Thanks guys, that was a pep up.

Wait, whose birthday is it? How long has he/she been missing for?


Kidding. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, hope you get the revenge on society that you have always been wishing for.

Happy Birthday MP!

Missing Person walked home from his birthday celebrations with his friends. As he opened the door, his harem of ladyboys struggled to scream for help, their lips sealed with duct tape and their arms bound with harshly tied rope.

“Shhhhh.” Missing Person whispered, as he approached his collection. “It’s time for me to lick the icing off the cake.”

Starting at the left side of the line, Missing Person began to take their flaccid members in his mouth, smirking as the bodies that struggled to avoid his embrace showed their true colours by throbbing in his mouth. Before the first one could even recover from the mouth rape, Missing Person had already swallowed his/her contents and moved on to the second. Before too long, Missing Person’s fellatio skills had been proven, as evidenced by the exhausted collective of transvestites.

“That was amazing. Still, I don’t feel satisfied.” Missing Person sighed. Suddenly a sharp knock came before a familiar face burst down Missing Person’s door.



Missing Person sniffed, tears forming in his eyes. “That was the most beautiful rendition of five bitches singing that I’ve ever heard.”

RadicalFluff ran up to Missing Person and gave him what he really wanted for his birthday. A fuck buddy.

Happy Birthday man, enjoy while you can :tup:

Happy birthday.

Happy birf day.

As a mid tier nigga I didn’t really bring anything amazing just good tithes and junk.

FUCK your birthday.

Kappa <3

Happy bithday. You should fly down over here for a drink (and some free time from the psycho korean missus).


A cute ladyboy for you. :smokin:

Happy birthday, may you enjoy your mooncake and tea.

Happy Birthday, enjoy your birthday sex…

Wanted to go with that one but I already used it on Rock B DX

Yo,dawg… I herd u lived another year. :tup: