Haoh Gadouken Better Then Shisso Buraiken?

i think so
not to say buraiken is horrible
but the haoh gadouken is just easier to connect
and it does decent chip damage
besides if your opponent blocks the buraiken you know what happens?

dan lands flat on his face and gets pwn’ed! -_-’'
not a pretty sight

The damage from U2 can be disappointing, but yeah, it’s probably overall better than U1. Many more combos and shenanigans into it. It’s like an inferior version of Ryu’s or Gouken’s U1/U2 respectively lol, although the reelback sometimes lets you get away with more shenaningans lol.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember Dan’s U1 having too many combos into it unless you do a Super Taunt cancel or a Focus Attack.

Yes. Next question.

I’m a PC player so I can only guess but:

  1. Can you do U2 on wake up?
  2. Does Dan have any invincibility frames on U2?

Yes (don’t see why you’d think otherwise).
Yes (surprising amount for a fireball/projectile Super/Ultra).

So, Dan’s U1 is pretty worthless now, right? I mean, U2 outclasses it most of the time.

Shame. :frowning:

Yeah, there’s no real reason to use Shissou Buraiken over Haoh Gadouken other than it looks awesome.

I USE ULTRA 1, im noob and dont combo though bhaahaha

That’s essentially it. In lower level play, you’ll probably/definitely have more success with Shissou Buraiken.

At higher levels, the comboability of Haoh Gadouken is what makes it so good.

Online, EX Gadouken FADC Ultra is a bit tight, and takes 3 bars. Haoh Gadouken’s window for error is gaping in comparison.

To add to U2>U1, you can do DP+HPxxTaunt SuperxxU2 for some nice damage.
…if for some bizarre reason you got the taunt super out by mistake or some such.

One reason to use U1 is that it deters fireball usage which can be important since Dan’s fireball game is… well, nearly non-existent.

Even better.

Focus Crumple > Taunt #09 xx HP.Koryuken xx Chouhatsu Densetsu xx Haoh Gadouken

I call it the “Saikyo Punisher”

We should really make a new Moveset discussion thread, the old one is a bit outdated. I could do one up, if you guys like.

hey guys was does xx mean when your posing combos >.> sugami does that too, does that just mean link ?

Not really, it’s not fireball immune it just has a rather large invulnerability period at the start which helps you run through fireballs at close range, no way you can really react to a fireball with it and manage to land it properly.

xx - means you cancel the last move

I’m back to Shissou Buraiken. I just like the big damage of it more. I can still land a tricky FA and use U1. ST>ultra always works :slight_smile:

idk i’m still getting the feeling of the game. super for me plays differently for most of the characters i used to play in vanilla…maybe i’ll go back to Haoh Gadouken later.

I like Haoh Gadouken because I can’t help but laugh when you pull off a KRK FADC combo with it.

Lately though I have gone back to U1 because there are still a lot of Ryu & Ken newbs out there that like to spam fireballs. As much as I like U2, for the time being I’m going to stick with U1.

I like U1 better for projectile spammers, tbh

Go for it man, I was thinking of a matchup thread myself… everyone else is doing it. Between you ans Sugami you guys got it covered.

I use ultra 2 not just for its uses, but for style points. We already have hissho buraiken super, we gotta miz up the ultra! :smiley:

Haoh gadouken can land anyway shissho can and more, any shissho combo, anti air, wake up, or vs fireballs… the damage difference is worth the pretty much ryu seal of approval that youre gonna land an ultra.

I know you have far more experience than I do with Dan, but you’re sure you can’t Ultra on reaction to fireballs? I find that hard to believe.