Hampton Roads Area

Sorry if there is already a live thread! I looked through the forums trying to find something that had been posted recently for Hampton Roads but the closest I got was two years. Anyone out here play? This is literally my first fighting game and i’m looking for some chill people to beat my ass into a decent player.


We’re playing out here.

Shiiit I live in right off Mercury Dude. What games do you play?

I assume squirl plays Ultra, although he didn’t mention it, unless you mean me?

Oh jeez my bad Idk why i didn’t see this. I live off mercury as well. Been trying to learn up ultra, also play some mk9, and been looking at some games coming out this year. If either of you guys do like a weekly meet up or anything let me know. I’d be down to check it out.

I don’t think there are any meet ups in the hampton roads area but I do know of a couple of places in VA beach and Norfolk if I remember correctly.

Know any locales or people I could get in touch with? Normally i’d just get friends into games but apparently none of my current people want to get into it.

There are tons of meetups.

We got two weeklies: One at Winner’s Sports Bar on Tuesdays and the other at That Game Store on Fridays (sometimes, people randomly meetup there during the week too).

Besides those, people host games at their cribs during the week too. Foomy usually hosts on Thursday nights in VA Beach. Blackula also hosts at his place on Fridays, sometimes Saturday too. The EDC House is The Mecca for Marvel on your side of the water.

Sweet. I’ll look into those places and people. Thanks man. My google fu was not strong enough to find these things.

Where is this place? I can’t seem to find it on google

search facebook for “sova: fighting game community”

join that facebook group

If you play Marvel, you should also join The League of Extraordinary Scrubs: Marvel Edition, or let me know who you are, and I will invite you. Disregard the name.

People usually post in there when they’re hosting for Marvel. Also, there’s currently a challenge ladder type thing to drive people practice and work on their game. If you’re interested in participating in that, don’t hesitate to post up.

Alright, i’ve always liked watching Marvel but it looks super intimidating everything move so insanely fast. Is it a hard game to pick up?

Depends on the character, but honestly speaking, it really isn’t hard to pick up and play at all. Once you learn the basics you’ll have no trouble fitting in.

It’s the easiest in the Marvel vs. series to pick up and play. I don’t even really play, but I can hold my own (until my Morrigan dies lol).

I’ll have to pick it up and give it a whirl. Getting my ass wooped in street fighter and KI I can add Marvel too lol


Are there any events I can catch before school starts up again?

There are many events. When does your school begin?