Hamilton May Thread

CFJ Team Canada final spot qualifying tourny

Date: Friday, May 20th
Location: Orbit
Time: 6pm - 7pm sign-ups, 7:30pm start.
Fee: Same as last time.

Excluded from this tourny of course are the current members of Team Canada, CFJ.

If there’s not enough entrants, Round Robin Format will be in effect.

Winner gets the 5th spot on Team CFJ Canada, and a mystery prize!

Ha, I was gonna start this thread but figured I’d give it some time to see if Darko could finally start a monthly thread. Unfortunately, Darko is way too slow…suckaaaa!

RXS, if you’re thinking about selling that Hori, my email is anant@amisource.com

Email me, or add me to msn if you’re selling. (This is Jeeebus)

Dam not only did i not make the thread this month, it wasn’t even made by a dude in hamilton.

Kin 10…Terrorists 7.

is there a T6 website?

Not that i know of but tehre is a thread stickied in the tournaments and events section.

Gerjay whats going on with ECC plans?

It’s in the works along with the full trailer.

Oh, so Darko, you’re still gonna drive? We’ll work out plans with Matt tonight if possible.

What the hell did I miss in the last 4 days. The Hamilton thread started by Kin? And most of the people posting in the thread are from GTA??? Where are all the Hamilton posters? Where the hell are all the Hamilton players? I wanna get out to some of the casuals. So just post up on the next one.

Come over tomorrow and play at my house. :tup:

Nagata lock, where do u live? obviously brampton, but whereabouts?

I wish that I could. But I got this work thing to go to. It’s a Giant Government scam, but it pays the bills.

"HERE I AM :encore: "

SAID JIM I AM :clap: :clap:

In other news:

The CFJ 5 on 5 Trailer is up:


Bigger News:

P. Mall raided.

Wait a minute. You mean all those movies that are 7 for 40$ are legitamate copies. I’m am truley shocked and outraged by this.

What the hell are certain Hamilton people going to do about getting bootleg porn now? :lol:

Hey Kin, if I said that was the best trailer ever, would that mean I’m not a jackass anymore?

no, that would mean you are a sarcastic jackass.