HALLOWEEN 3D - Los Angeles, CA - October 31st - $500 guaranteed + XBOX360

ICOMPLEX, O.V.T. Visuals, Pure Filth, Magical Properties, and Lucky Cats
join forces to bring you


5 areas of serious audio and video
38 live performances
Multiple screens of 3D visuals in every room
MvC2 and SF4 rendered in true 3D [casual play]
SF4 Tournament - $500 guaranteed + PS3 for first

SATURDAY OCTOBER 31ST - 9pm to 5am [event hours]
Registration starts at 8pm
First Matches at 9pm SHARP

Downtown Los Angeles
Map - http://tinyurl.com/HappyUSA


$10 tournament pool + event addmission [$20 door charge]
$500 minimum guaranteed payout + PS3
1st Place: 70% + PS3
2nd Place: 20%
3rd Place: 10%

**All tournament participants will be entered in a raffle to win 2 of the XBOX360 systems used for the tournament.

-XBOX360 version will be used.
-Single Elimination 2 out of 3, Finals 3 out of 5.
-Winner keeps their character / Loser can change.
-All console characters allowed.
-BYOC (Bring your own controller/stick)
-Button mapping is allowed.
-Pause results in losing that round.
-Double blind pick available upon request.

The tournament will be played on four xbox360 stations with Panasonic AX200U HD Projectors [6000:1 contrast ratio] on 108" screens
There will be podiums for all 4 stations but we’ll also have chairs available for lap players
If we have a large number of entrants, we’ll add four more setups with 28" 1080p LCDs for the first 2 rounds
Although we will have SF4 and MvC2 rendered in true stereoscopic 3D [requiring 3D glasses] for casual play, the tournament will be the standard XBOX360 version
In addition to MvC2 and** SF4**, we will also have Soul Calibur [one], Mario Kart, and one other game [to be determined] all in 3D… casual play.
Pictures of the setups along with screenshots of the games in 3D will be posted here soon.

There will be food and drinks available for everyone.
This event is 18yrs+ so bring ID.

If you have any questions, feel free to either post them here or email me: ‘whoman at icomplex dot org’

Oh yeah…

Don’t forget your costume :wink:

i am definitely NOT going to this :smile:

i’m tired of all these gimmicky ass events using street fighter as an excuse to gain a buck or two.

and why the fuck is this stickied?

turns off hater mode

ill be here drum n bass dub step and a street fighter tournament im so down

38 live music acts + a street fighter tournament is “gimmicky”? Tons of great music and street fighter all in one night…what the fuck is there to hate on?


We started throwing underground experimental electronic music events 9 years ago. For the first 3 years there was never a door charge and drinks were free… Things started to grow.

And since we have started to have to charge [to pay for location, sound, visuals, artists, performers, etc.] we’ve always done our best to keep the price far lower then anything even close to comparable.

We rarely make money and when we do, we split it evenly between the performers. We usually break even, and that is always our goal.

I personally am a software developer, and ICOMPLEX is purely my project of passion. My motivation is NOT money.

We do this because for years we wanted to go to something like this but never could find it.

For the last 9 years we’ve had casual SF2 tournaments on my Jamma board… it wasn’t until last Halloween that people from SRK started to open my eyes to the rest of the SF die hards out there. Since then we had 2 tournaments… first one was free to enter and we gave away an XBOX360 [we had 38 entrants]. Second one was free to enter and we gave away cash [we had 72 entrants]. This one we decided to go with a more typical tournament model because it seems that’s what most people would prefer.

And just so you know: I’m doing this because I think the tournament scene [as awesome as it is] definitely seems to be lacking in production value. That’s why we’re going all out to make this situation a little bit different in terms of setups. I’m not claiming this is going to be the best tournament ever, but I am working to try to build something the entire community can enjoy.

I’m a podium player. I play on a 100" screen everyday and I just want my fellow players to enjoy that experience as well.

misterbean97, If you don’t think you have a chance at winning, I’d say you’re very right not to come out ;)… but I definitely hope you have an awesome Halloween regardless.

damn whoMAN, you really outclassed me here. tbh, i thought you were just another hustler who has no idea about SF just trying to get some easy money. however, i see that you have taken time to explain your background and purpose. while, i don’t agree on everything you have said i see that in the end you are just someone who loves the game.

best of luck at your event.

The party itself sounds cool. I’m always too drunk at tournaments to play anyway…

May I suggest that you make the tournament double elimination?

Also, why are Seth and Gouken banned?

so this is sf4 and marvel only, then?


I can’t go anyway since it’s 18+ only but…seth and gouken banned? :bluu:

Will the payouts be Cash/Check in hand?
Check in the mail?

Also what are the specs of the Xbox360 ? (is it an elite?etc)

uh 9pm -5 am … kinda late :frowning:

Thank you my man. I always wonder how many thousands of dollars in quarters I threw into SF2 when I as 14 :smile:

I personally would prefer double elimination, but we decided to go with single because the event is already very late. Double elimination has the potential to make the tournament go well into the morning. We will have 4 of the 150" screen setups but I can add 4 more 28" LCD setups if there’s that many registrants.

At the same time I’m fairly new to this so I’d love some input. With a total of 8 stations, would double elimination be feasible given the hours of the event? I know that would depend on how many people play but if you guys have any thoughts about this, let me know.

The tournament itself is SF4 only.
We’re going to have a casual play area which includes SF4 and MvC2 rendered in true 3D [glasses required/provided].

I personally am a HUGE MvC2 fan, so hopefully by our next event in January, we can double the number of 108" stations and do an MvC2 tournament also. And then HDR after that.

We originally included Seth and Gouken in our first tournament, but after that I got a lot of feedback suggesting they should not be allowed.

Cash in hand…
XBOX360 PRO… it is going to be the system we use for the finals… it will be opened before the final match and will be used once for the finals, then given to the winner.

Yeah. In the future I want to start the tournament much earlier, but this event in particular is requiring a lot of setup time on the day of, making it impossible to start any earlier.

Please feel free to make suggestions or give advice if you’d like. I’m sure there’s many areas we can improve and appreciate any and all feedback.

Let me be the first to say that it is the tournament standard to let ALL characters be selectable. In SF4, the boss characters are balanced for normal play, and there’s no reason they should be banned.

If you want a good example, CaliPower (Alex Valle) used Gouken at West Coast Warzone and the House of Cicada tournaments, both of which were extremely large.

Thanks for the quick reply, I got some other questions:
Is the $500 a pot bonus ontop of the 70% for 1st place? (Ex. Say you get 20 entrees - 1st place gets $140 + $500 + Xbox360 Pro?)
Is the $500 + Xbox gauranteed no matter the # of entrees (If 10 people enter will you still award these prizes?)

Let me talk to my guys about getting that changed.

That’s what I had the hardest time deciding.
As it stands now, it’s $500 + Xbox gauranteed no matter the # of entrees…
It’d be awesome if we got 100 people in the tournament so the pot would be $1000 etc, but I want to make sure regardless of how many people play, it will be worthwhile, so that’s why we’re guaranteeing at least $500 and the xbox360.

I originally was thinking of making the tournament free to enter and just put up a pot of $500 myself but since this event will have quite a few people there just for the music, a free tournament would result in hundreds of non-SF people wanting to try their hand for the prize money. $10 pot will ensure only real SF players enter the tournament.

Also just to add, although the tournament is BYOC, the casual play 3D SF4 will have 2 madcatz SE fightsticks [sanwa modded], while the 3D MvC2 will have 2 older mass systems pro sticks [all happ].

Just to clarify, $500 is the minimum… if there’s 70 people in the tournament, the pool will be $700.

Thanks a bunch!

So is that a yes to the pot prize + xbox360 + 70% for 1st?
If no, whats the 70% for?