[H] SF4 Madcatz TE Round 2 Xbox Stick

I got this stick a few months ago (never used sticks before). And everyone has told me that I’ll get the hang of it. I mostly have but there are a few things that I just can’t do and it feels like I won’t ever learn even after trying to practice them over and over and over. It just feels wrong, so I’m thinking maybe it’s the stick setup.

I’m using the wine glass grip with my 3 fingers on the back of the ball and the thumb on the other, with the pinky below and I rest my wrist on the panel.

The issue is that I can not do super moves (playing mostly 3s), QCFx2 motions. It’s especially worse on the player 1 side and in the air even more so (playin gouki). [it feels awkward trying to PUSH the motions out as opposed to PULLING them out] Luckily my game has already been built about no relying on hit-confirming supers so it’s only slightly detrimental. and doing demons aren’t really a problem (even though I still can’t TKD after years of practice >.< and I can easily on SF4 after a few minutes LOL)

The other issues I’ve noticed is that sometimes my inputs seem to not read, which after testing I realize that the directions that click immediately in the proximity of the U, D, L, R do not register anything but those 4 directions respectively. So If I wan’t to diagnol jump I have to basically click into the corner of the square gate every time. I don’t know if this is how it is supposed to be or not but it feels wrong because the stick is directed towards and up the opponent and I just get a jump straight up.

I was thinking both of these issues may be solved by switching to an octo gate?

Furthermore, I think the spring is too loose? Sometimes when I input commands I get the reverse direction (from a slight rebound of the stick). I’ll be trying to input a hadouken or a srk and get a red fireball or backwards jump or something odd like that.

Another issue is that I can’t get moves to come out with great consistency like I use to on my dpad (well besides when it started fucking up). Many times I’ll get srk instead of hadou, a plain punch when trying to hadou, srk when trying to super, plain kick when trying to demon flip, etc.

Do you think I need a tighter spring? I’m thinking maybe twice as tight as it is now (stock spring ofc) would be enough.

TL;DR having issues with doing moves and specials and general movement control all around. Should I get an octo gate and a tighter spring?

What’s that lizard site? What kind of spring should I get? Are there any other cheaper sites? I don’t care how long things take to ship if it’s cheaper.

PS- I play on PC, mostly GGPO and win live when I play sf4. But even in cps3 emu/training mode I still have issues.

PPS- Offtopic, Why are there no arcades in Orange County? I want to play 3s Live. So sick of GGPO ugh

Is this the gate I’m looking for? Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate

or wait can I open my stick and just rotate it to 8 way? does my stick have this?
Sanwa GT-8F 4/8-Way Restrictor Plate

I saw a video where a guy just coiled another spring inside his original one, should I get this and do that too?
Sanwa JLF-SP Spring

or do I need these ones?
Sanwa GT-8N 4/8-Way Restrictor Plate
Sanwa JLF-SP Spring

What is the diff between JLF and JLW Sanwa?

You have Sanwa GT-8F. It is set to 8 way by default. GT-Y is optional. You might like the octagonal gate.

You can add in an LS-33 spring if you like. It will make the stick tighter. There are other combinations of springs you can try, but most people like LS-33 + JLF.

JLF is the standard joystick from Sanwa, and the JLW is very rare to be found in use, comparatively. You can’t easily swap the JLF for a JLW in the Madcatz fightstick, though. It doesn’t have the 5-pin connector that JLF-TP has. You have a JLF. JLW uses different microswitches, spring, it is a hugely different feel.

GT-8N is only for Sanwa JLW, do not get it.

The square gate is intended for cardinal directions to bit hit with ease, and the diagonals are also easy to be found, as you have to push the joystick out farther for a diagonal, while a cardinal is right there.

There are a lot of arcades in SoCal with SFIII: Third Strike.
Does it have to be strictly Orange County?
Come out and play with us.

yea octogonal gate is what I want. Does the stock stick have this one I linked where it can be switched between square and octo?

yes it does. The main ones I’ve heard of , Denjin, Family Fun, AI etc are all super far away. I don’t even have a car and even if I did with these gas prices its pretty big. I was just lookin on google the other day for arcades and I saw a big fat hole where a arcade would fit nicely. Right where the 605/405/22 meet. Someone get on that shit asap.

You can go to Alex’s Arcade.
It is in Santa Ana.

What about Regency Fun Center in Lakewood?
Though that is Los Angeles County, not Orange County.

They got 3s there? wasn’t aware of either of these >.<

damn Alex’s is pretty close. Def gonna check that out, maybe tomorrow

Yes, it is really close to me.
Alex’s Arcade is Harbor and Mc Fadden, I’m on Newland and Mc Fadden.

Yea my friend lives right there at mile’s square. I’m all the way by sunset though warner/ bolsa chica

problem sounds like it’s not the stick; it’s the player. just practice more and get used to the stick. use neutral a lot in 3rd strike, and be sensitive on the joystick. jap sticks don’t need a lot of force to be used effectively.

This is what I thought initially, And I’ve been working at it for the last couple months with like no results at all from practice in these departments. And like you said about not that much force is what’s causing the recoil when I release the stick and get wrong moves. So It’s probably a combo of both, I won’t know until I install the new shit and give it a go to see how much of the problem is me or the equipment.

Plus i’ve been reading that in general octo gates are better for circle characters and square is better for charge chars. I hate charge chars.

sounds like your just having trouble getting used to the jap style stick… my suggestion to make it a bit easier would be go with a GT-C round gate… smooth no problems with accidental corner catching… smaller throw than a square or octo to help in execution. A octo gate for me when I used to ride the gate a lot with my motions helped with the hadous but I had a harder time with the srk’s… it was wierd and I really was never used to the rough feel you get with octos.
as far as spring tension… get an LS-33 like Nerrage suggested… it gives good tension and combined with the stock spring you get a better feel with your motions than with just a stock spring.
a lot will tell you just to get used to the square and all but this forum is all about modding the stick to make it more to your liking so fuck em haha.
as far as the diffrence in JLW to JLF… dont worry about it… too many people think they will play better with a changeout and it doesnt do anything but burn money. your madcatz comes with a JLF and you can mod the crap out of it (even more so in the coming months) than the other sticks out there so you have a good base to work with.
my suggestion
Sanwa GT-C Round Restrictor Plate Insert
Seimitsu LS-33 Spring
under $10 and your set.
as far as the whole holding the stick like a wineglass fucking toes inverted with my thumb pointing at the screen bullshit… hold your stick the way that is most comfortable to you… dont get caught up in how others hold their sticks… they had to get used to it the same as everyone else… your input troubles can be identified in the training mode with your input monitor on… its all about comfort. thats just my opinion… but I really dont care much about it…since I’m blind…with…one arm… yea…
Good Luck on your stick mod!

I never seen you type like this.
This is how you speak.

yea, I was just mentioning my grip in case there was something inherently wrong with it. This is the most natural grip to me. When I first got it I watched a couple videos on different ways of holding sticks. No homo lol

Yo I can’t find Regency Fun Center on google, I used to live in LB right next to lakewood too that would piss me off so bad if there was one right there all along.

haha yea… had some beers tonight after work… maybe I’m still a bit buzzed… shouldnt post… might come off as rude <wink>
Spor- one day wife found me looking at some youtube vid with a person showing diffrent grips on a stick… said the same thing she looked at me a bit funny… didnt help I was in my underware… long story…

Full name is Pacific Theatres Regency Fun Center.

Regency Fun Center
2440 E. Carson
Lakewood CA, 90712
(562) 496-4407

This video?

That is why I didn’t get Text back.

J&J x BWOA x Goat Hill soon?

haha so should I start with octo and then get circle later if it’s problematic?